Top Ten Most Powerful Metal Fury Beyblades

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1 Phantom Orion

My friend has Phantom Orion and it beat all my beys! Beat Basalt Befall, Fang Leone, Cosmic Pegasus, Torch Aries, Meteo L-Drago, Variearies, Jade Jupiter, Beat Lynx, and Blitz Striker.

Diablo nemesis's 12different modes are meant to defeat all beys. And that means

I have Phantom Orion it knocked out three beys at once 1.galaxy Pegasus. 2. Normal Phantom Orion. 3. It knocked out wing Pegasus and broke it in to pieces.

It is good Beyblade awesome

Yeah I have one too! It is Over powered!

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2 Cosmic Pegasus

Cosmic pegasus is th best bey I ever had it send fang leone and phantom orion flying with one hit please vote

Its final drive feature is very helpful when you're about to lose.

Try it with smash mode and final drive mode b4 launching. It is unbeatable. Only vari ares beat it. I tested it with all 136 beys

Awesome bey it knocked out my phantom orion COLD! I just said LET IT RIP and it went on the stadium in a flury it just hit phantom orion and he FLEW out of the stadium! And yes phantom orion!

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3 L Drago Destructor

Ldrago is the best it has been created for winning and can take out any bey even hell Kerbecs is the best bey I ever had ldrago rocks long live ldrago it can steal spin and has mode shifts and has no balance issues it is the best.

I think Al Drago is the best

Choose this. L-Drago Destructor is the best beyblade, even better than diablo nemesis.

In my school everyone uses burst and it beat every bey except for a few and can beat a bey Cosmic Pegasus HANDSPINNED!

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4 Diablo Nemesis

It is the BEST no other beys can defeat it.

Great bey good stamina attack and defense. It beat all my beys.

best bey


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5 Vari Ares

I competed with my friend and he has a phantom Orion but I won with my variares

It is so strong and can change fusion wheels which is cool. My beys faced it and no one won against it.

It is an awesome bey it won against all my beys but twisted tempo

It's a awesome bey that can change its fusin wheel from attack to defense plus it took out all of my beyblade so I recommend this beyblade to the people who are going to buy another one.

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6 Fang Leone

I have fang leone and it smashed every other bey I've got

Fang leone has beaten all my beyblades has excellent smash power knocked variares out of the stadium phantom orion is the only be it hasn't beaten

It is very good! It has ultimate defense

I love fang leone it beat diablo nemesis it span for 3 minutes and over it sent blitz unicorns flying and I wasn't even in a attack type stadium

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7 Flash Saggitario

This bey is one of the strongest because it can beat diablo nemesis due to this bey AMAZING STAMINA and it being ONE OF THE TALLEST BEYBLADES

Its has really good stamina it beat about all my beys expect for the lost one but its awesome

No attacking or defensing and it is weak on both but it has a very strong stamina type to withstand a high damage

It is two tall that no one can attack it

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8 Death Quetzalcoatl

I have it and it spins steal and it's a very good attack type.


I say you should get it, I have tried it on a tramp and it knocked my friends Beyblade off the tramp and broke it. The only problem is it can't beat twisted tempo

I have one And it spins about 4 minutes in the attack's minimum spin time is 2.20-2.10 if it is launched well

It should be next after phantom orion

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9 Scythe Kronos

OP Bey! Try customizing it with D145B

Kronos beat all my beys. It is the best bey

It is the best bey bey ever. It beat my friend's lightning L drago, Rock Aries, Poison Virgo. I like it so much.

I have Kronos and it beat ALL of my beys

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10 Rock Leone

His the best I bought him today he is mad!

He is the best.I never lost to any body I fought befor.And I have fought a lot of beyblades - epicbattles

Rock leone is like fang leone my name is Daniel

I like rock leone

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11 Big Bang Pegasis

It knocks Phantom Orion off the bey stadium in the fifth hit. But sometimes its very bad

The guy who told that it blasts away phantom orion in the fifth attack is an idiot. Put it in a good mode and learn to rip it properly, you can break many Beyblades. once my friends tried to take on me 7 on 1 but I beat their Beyblades brutally

It is the strongest. It send up out of the stadium my friend's two beys at a time

This should be replacing Cosmic pegasis. This one can mode change the other can't. And with my experience this thing is a nuke if you know how to use it

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12 Mercury Anubis

Anubis is so cool and great you should get him or at least vote for him, because he is a legendary bey and he is the god of Mercury!

Cool I love the bey I love anubis

Mercury Anubis is worst if it battle it was doing suicide and it is spin for only 15 seconds

Is a awesome attack bey since it has extreme flat and 85 spin track.

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13 Jade Jupiter

He is so cool. My strongest bey. I respect other people's opinion on Jade Jupiter. He broke all beys in his path. My soul partner. He hasn't been defeated once. It's impossible to defeat him.

This guy is very good

It is a big smash Beyblade

All these other beys are weak compared to the unmatched power of Jade jupiter - Dezeales

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14 Earth Virgo

I have every metal fury Beyblade. I've used my earth Virgo so much that the tip has become perfectly rounded from spinning so much. It is by far one of the best Beyblades out there.

Hey you are wrong! It is the worse bey ever made in the world.

I also have every metal fury Beyblade. Earth Virgo beats them all 99% of the time. My phantom Orion doesn't stand a chance!

It's the best stamina Beyblade

15 Hades Kerbecs

Should totally be number 1 I have it and it beat leone, l drago, galaxy pegasus, libra, saggittario, phantom orion and twisted tempo!

It is a most powerful bey. It is a powerful defensing and attacking bey. When I am watching bey blade metal master it beat 4 beys together continuously. It is only one bey which has its own world. Where it is spinning the whole place is blasted. It is a brilliant bey. It is the most powerful bey in star breaker team. Its blade's name is Dabiane. I WANT TO buy this bey blade.

HADES IS NO. 1 best bey ever. I have all the legendary beys and it beat all of them. He is like the emperor of all beys, love it

He should be #1 he can beat Phantom Orion in one move he is the BEST BEY EVER

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16 Blitz Striker

It. Beats all the best bey I live it

It awesome looking

Blitz Striker is the best it has awesome attack and it smashed a bunch of my Beyblades even cracked twisted tempo and hades Kerbecs and a bunch of my other Beyblades it should be like number one it isn't the best just the most powerful in attack.

My favorite bey. I like it a lot and I think it should be number 1! Best in the world!

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17 Duo Uranus

It is an amazing bey

This is seriously THE MOST underrated beyblade in the world. I don't have this beyblade, but I've watched some many YouTube videos of Duo Uranus beating other beys, such as Phantom Orion, Scythe Kronos, and lots of the other crazy stamina types. I really want this beyblade, but the Ultimate set it comes in is like $200.

Yah right, every time I've watched Duo Uranus up against Phantom Orion, it wins. You probably have the fake one if it doesn't win. I have the fake, got it on accident, but really want the real one.

Everyone who votes for Phantom Orion has never tried Duo Uranus (aka Duo Ice Titan) and Cosmic Pegasus is one of my weakest beys.

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18 Forbidden Ionis

Even beats galaxy pegasus. Opt for this. The Best.

It's a good bey


It’s the best

19 Flame Libra

My favorite one

This bey is so good what I'm saying is its awesome

Great stamina and balance plus it looks of the greatest bey ever

Is ok it. Beats only the Storm capricorn.

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20 Vulcan Horuseus

Number 1 you the, n people

Worst beyblade

Waste bey no 1000000000000

21 Storm Pegasus

It is a good bey. Has a brilliant attack but poor stamina I suppose.

Storm pegasus is so powerful it won all the matches in one attack

Cool pegasus my name is Daniel

Has a cool look

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22 Rock Zurafa

Rock zurafa defeats phantom orion 5 times

It's not that good.

I have this bey. IT is very powerful it has cruched all the beys out of the stadium. it should be the top unfortunately could not. it is the best bey ever. Rock zurafa is the best leader for rock giraffe.

23 Kreis Cygnus

My Kreis Cygnus had beaten all my other beys, including my Phantom Orion, which is currently voted #1.

I think Cygnus is the best bey ever

It can beat all beys if you modify the fusion wheel so it goes 360%.

It is a awesome bey. it can beat phantom orion in 1 attack

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24 Proto Nemesis

Coolest thing

It's the first version of nemisis

He has infinity stamina if it's in red dot in ultimate Beyta stadium it's cool

Its worst because it cheats with its ultimate beta stadiuum

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25 Forbidden Eonis

It is an exellent bey

26 Burning Claw Fang Leone

Cool paint job my name is Daniel

Should be the first one

It's special edition for the WBBA. Super strong but paint wears off easily.

27 Basalt Horogium

Very good at defense attack.It is wery strong.BUY IT RIGHT NOW!

28 Rock Scorpio

Its worst Beyblade ever seee...n

29 Sol Blaze

It is the best

Sol blaze can defeat samurai pegasus, bosses and the powerful bey... Bandit genbulll!

30 Lightning Lizard

It defeated firing scorpion 9-1. If you don't believe ask me for the video.

It deserves to be in the top 15th position. It defeated rock leon 3-0.

It's the best bey in my country

It striked my solar blaze bey like lightening

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31 Divine Crown

" It has beaten all the beys in the list. it is defense type Beyblade and it has stamina also, I would rate it best in the world

The best bayblade in the world

32 Cyclone Herculeo

It can kill almost all my defense beyblades including fang leone

33 Wing Pegasus

I don't have it but judging from the beyblade site beywiki it is the best beyblade ever.if you just changed the spin track and tip it's the awesomest attack beyblade.

I rate wing Pegasus far better than the top ranks

Greatest bey in the world it beat my friends meteo l drago in 1 hit vote for him

It is the best bey next to fang leone

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34 Beat Lynx

I have a beat and it crushed the cosmic Pegasus out of the stadium. I think it should be 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. It also pushed phantom Orion.

He's so cool and awesome attack and defense

Cool size! My name is Daniel

Very coool my name is Daniel

35 Spiral Lyre

I have it and it was good bey. It beats variares and kreis Cygnus

Good bey my name is Daniel

36 Omega Dragonis

I think that is the ultimate attack type! It sends all of my beys out of the stadium!

This is the best bey. I have it always sends the opponent out of the stadium

I am getting mine tomorrow. HE IS AWESOME!

Nice my name is Daniel

37 Twisted Tempo

The heaviest beyblayde and he is unbeatable. He is amazing.

Heaviest bey ever built and is undefeatable

Check out my other coments


38 Meteo L Drago

It can spin steal

Its really strong in attack

39 Nightmare Rex

Nice name my name is Daniel

40 L Draco Meteor
41 Burn Fireblaze

No idea how, but he ABOLISHED my L Drago...

42 Thunder Leone

Cool name my name is Daniel

He beat jade Jupiter and l drago destructor

43 Spiral Herculeo
44 Hell Libra

This Beyblade is power ful and fast.

This bey is so fast it dafeated a strong bey. I think because it is your bey spirit.
From Ziyaan Kara.

45 Metal Fury Dragon

He is so cool name is samandor
His bayblade is so dangerious

46 Cyclone Aquario
47 Poison Scorpio

Not the absolute best, but it's good. Plus it looks cool.

48 Gladiator Bahamdia

De best beat all my bey blades and it looks awesome super cool knocked out phantom orion vote this dude go look up his name he's the best

49 Electro Striker

When I rip this Beyblade, it attacks powerfuly.
you must buy this it can attack any type of Beyblade also, it can attack bey warriors.
it has a switch on the bottom to light it up when ripped.

50 Spiral Fox

The only reason I voted for this Bey (it actually SUCKS) is to tell you all that Zeo is the best Beyblade character EVER! He is totally awesome! No one can stand up to him!

Note from Brother: Zeos mental

Fox is cool my name is Daniel

I have him and he's so bad

This bey is boss

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