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21 Indian National Army 1942

This is the first military forces of India founded by our great national hero of India, Subhash Chandra Bose. This became very powerful when the Britishers were colonizing India. During world war 2, the Britishers became little weak because the INA (Indian National Army) had attacked and won battle of Impahal, where the the Britishers were winning war. They won all the battles against those Britishers and today, it rose up as the 4th powerful army in the whole world. It can defeat many countries (except US army, Russian army and Chinese army as they are more powerful). It is more powerful than Ottoman Empire and the Mongols.

22 Prussian Army 1701-1918

The Prussian military doctrine was the best of the Napoleonic era, and its mighty spirit to fight comes directly from the times of the order of the Teutonic Knights. Late 19th century, in the Shadows of the recently created German Empire, its technological breakthrough surpasses even mighty British Empire, and in early 20th century, in the battlefields of the Great war Germany... Prussia! show the world again, its mighty and superior power.

Stood against Austria, France, Russia and Sweden During the Seven Years' War under the leadership of Frederick the Great and with its Disciplined Army. Voltaire once remarked "While most states have an army, the Prussian army has a state". Played a pivotal role during the Napoleonic wars from 1813-1815. Defeated the Austrians in 1866 and unified Germany in 1871 after decisively defeating the French during the Franco-Prussian war. Was the main force of the German Army during WW1. Prussian General Baron Von Steuben trained and drilled the US army during and after the American Revolutionary War, helping create America's first army. Even after Prussia's de jure dissolution in 1933, Hitler tried to model the Wehrmacht to the Prussian Army.

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23 Israeli Army 1948-1982

Defeated the armies of all arab countries with a country just formed and an army that was outnumbered. Then did so again during a war that was so swift it lasted for only 6 days, crushing forces that were much superio of many arab states.

24 Communist Chinese 1930-today

They wrecked the Japanese dream of taking China. At the end of ww2, they were outnumbered by the nationalists 10:1! But their guerrilla tactics and suicide training helped them to kick the nationalists out of mainland China to Taiwan. This is why the poeple's republic of China exists to this day.

25 Maurya Empire 322-187 BC
26 Grande Armée 1804-1815

Because it was the most courage and dominant in europe continent

27 Ethiopian Army 747–721 BC (25th Dynasty)

-of the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt who ruled Egypt from 747 because to c.  722 because. ruled from the city of Napa ta, located deep in Nubia, modern-day Sudan.
-most powerful militarizes Ethiopia that ruled ancient Egypt for 300 years straight.

28 The Australian Army 2014

"They wiped out everyone with their fitness but lacked in fire power but ruled every country in the northern hemisphere for one whole year!

Dominated many battles in vietnam..

29 Tay Son Dynasty of Vietnam 1753-1792 V 1 Comment
30 China Qin Dynasty Army 600BC to 200BC

Qin Army of the 1st Emperor of China.

The strongest army in history of all time!

The army that united all of China

31 Regio Esercito Italiano 1870-1946

Won against a bunch of Ethiopia

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32 Russian Army 1991-today
33 British Navy 15th - 20th Century

The navy that destroyed the might Spanish armada making it the new world power.

Was used to put many indigenous populations in its knees to make them part of its might colonial empire which made tr country as strong as it could be

Destroyed Napoleons Bonaparte whole entire naval fleet

Was feared by the might Germans during world war I and resulted in the major naval clashes between the British and the Germans during the two world wars.

34 Germanic barbarians 400-500AD V 1 Comment
35 Waasuloom Empire of Samori Toure 1870s to 1900

Produce the Greatest Resistance to European Imperialism in Africa and the first to use modern warfare, a combining both conventional and gorilla tactics against the European colonisers. This Empire under the genius Samori Toure with little capacity resisted and defeated the French for many years. An Empire covering Parts of Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Gambia, and Ivory Coast with an approximate area like France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Belgium and Holland... Morebeside producing someform of homemade Fireman.

36 Belgian Army 1870 V 1 Comment
37 Taiwan 1945-2017
38 Tang Dynasty 618 - 905

Arguably the most powerful Chinese dynasty. Funny how all these nomadic armies took so many top spots, but the Tang army defeated the Turkic and Mongols and made their land protectorates. At its peak the empire stretched all the way from Korea to the Ural sea, uncontested as the most powerful state in the world at one point.

39 Spartans 900BC-192BC

An army should be rated by how effective it was per soldier. Though the Spartans almost never outnumbered their opponent, they did kill the most amount of enemies per soldier in their army. If you had recruited a million of these guys, the world would've been yours.

Were a fearless army that never backed down, retreated or surrendered

Spartans were bred for war and bathed in combat, they may have been a small army by most standards, but hell were they mighty

Should def be top 5

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40 Frankish Empire 500 - 900 AD

Strongest nation of its time at its height.

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