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Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Itachi is simply strong. It was obvious Tobi feared him and eventhough tobi wanted to attack Konoha, he knew Itachi would prevent him from doing that so he had to find a way of getting rid of Itachi and he knew Itachi's only weakness was Sasuke, so he easily manipulated Sasuke. Even Madara acknowledged the strength of Itachi and would not want to fight Itachi. Itachi will take down Naruto in seconds if he wants to and Sasuke is a piece of meat to him. Even Orochimaru admitted that the combination of himself and Sasuke couldn't take down Itachi. He was the only one who couldn't be controlled by Kabuto during the resurrection, even Nagato was controlled controlled. Itachi is in the same class as the sage of the six path, the first hokage and madara as he is a self-made ninja, no one had to give him power or train him. This dude was the head of ANBU at age 9, can you beat that?

Through out the entire series you will never see Itachi struggle in battle other than his terminal illness, he never puts his own needs before others to the extent where even accepts the title rogue ninja just so a war doesn't outbreak and to protect Sasuke and last but not least he is praised by every foe he challenges. would've been nice to see the fight between him and Madara... Basically the Uchiha are the greatest Shinobi clan ever all of the best shinobi have be been born under the greatest clan ever

Itachi Uchiha is one of the strongest because he only died because he wanted to. Because he wanted sasuke to be the one that kills him and even then, he basically let sasuke win. On top of that after his death during the war when all these great shinobi of the past are brought back with the reanimation justsu and being controlled by kabuto. Itachi breaks free and takes control of himself giving him a second chance to do what ever he wants. No one else has been able to do that.

Itachi is the strongest of all the characters in the anime... he destroyed the whole uchiha clan, took sasuke on when he was suffering from his health (gave him a great fight of course), became a member of the akatsuki and did not even let them touch the leaf village and in the end... No one was ever able to defeat him! Therefore he was the greatest and the stronget shinobi of all time. All these reasons can make you guys pretty sure that itachi indeed is the strongest character in the anime

Itachi is the smartest character in the anime hence he should be name the best, imagine they use the reincarnation jutsu to bring him back to life and he breaks free of the control of kabuto... Itachi reigns supreme!

There is no anyone can even touch itachi while he is at his full strength that is when he had shisui's sharingan and suffering less from disease not even madara with rinnegan can defeat him as madara is the second ultimate ninja after itachi uchiha 'the genius of eternity'.

A prodigy of his clan, he mastered the sharingan at age 8, has created at LEAST 3 overpowered moves, and even at his last moments of life he smiled... THAT IS TRUE POWER. Stuff that incurable disease!

The creator of the series said if him and madara fought, itachi would have beaten madara. He also said the reason he had sasuke kill itachi although itachi was stronger was because other wise the war arc would've been over immediately because itachi would kill madara. Enough said.

No words, just incredible the greatest anime character ever and the strongest in naruto, as far as the sasuke fans, no offense guys but sasuke would be nothing without itachi, and itachi's powers

Kishimoto himself stated that if Madara and Itachi were to fight, Itachi would definitely win thus proving that Itachi Uchiha was the strongest Uchiha ever. Since Naruto and Sasuke are proven to be equal in strength (and their strengths' are immensely amazing) and if Itachi is the strongest Uchiha, meaning he's stronger than Sasuke, then that means he's also stronger than Naruto and should be first on this list.

The creator of Naruto said Madara would easily lose to Itachi. And Naruto at the top...seriously, Naruto doesn't stand a chance to Itachi...common sense

Naruto has got powers from all the tailed beasts. He himself is the jinchuriki of Kurama. Naruto's powers are all gifts from others. Not his own powers.

Madara's powers are because of Hashirama's cells. Borrowed power like the above.

Itachi is the only one who is strong all by himself. His powers are all his own. He is definitely the strongest of all.

Itachi is the best in my opinion, he can use all the powers of the ms and is a badass, he hold his own in front of sasuke while he had a sickness which some people would probably not move. He endured a lot of pain and still pushed sasuke to the limit, he broke out of the edo tensei and technically bet nagato by himself easily. He had to die because if he didn't he would've rekt everyone and stopped madara from resummoning the ten tails, also he planned even after his death and prepared everything, he is a true legend.

He's damn cool! I Don't want him to die after all. He is such a good model for his lovely little brother, but I don't know why, sassiest could even walk down to the wrong path. So sad...

No doubt that itachi is in top 3. He is one of the top most ninja of his clan and akatsuki. He only died for his brother or otherwise no one would had kill him. And from my opinion itachi is more stronger than Naruto

His mind is his weapon. He always is calm, had he lived as long as Naruto or sasuke he would have been the greatest shine I in existence.

Well, agree that Itachi is strong, but Shisui is stronger than Itachi. Danzo declared him as the strongest of the Uchiha's

Naruto is not the strongest
He is edleast in 5 not one because he was not able to beat itachi but he beat pain and some others that where very strong but itachi is definitely stronger than naruto by like 5 points or so I don't know but he is so yeah...

This guy should win just from the awesome sacrifice he made for the greater good - His all under heaven philosophy... help save the ninja world.

Didn't need to move really at all in any of the fights other than with Sasuke, he was also extremely powerful even when sick and nearly blind

Maybe, the biggest genius in all Naruto universe. As a ninja, one of the best. But as a person, the greatest, a real sage

He risked everything to stop his own family from proceding with the coup de ta and to save sasuke his intellagence matches that of the Nara clan he was able to die an honerable death to save his village and that's why itachi rocks

The Creator even said himself that Itachi and Jiraiya are both tied at being the strongest character

Itachi is not only a Genjutsu master, but he has the amazing ability to perceive his opponents actions. Whether through emotion or through their physical power, he has the mind as well as the capability to counter any jutsu

I think that itachi is the most powerful & the smartest and his story is the best story in the anime