Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Literally speaking, Naruto is obviously the strongest since he is the main protagonist in the story line so he has to achieve his goal for Hokage and become the strongest ninja or the franchise because that is a rule the director and original creator of a anime have to follow, if it wasn't then Naruto would not have been the main protagonist or at least not the show would not have been such a success. Therefore the director/ original creator has to make the main protagonist the strongest to max the success for this anime this may not be right ( I mean the rule they have to follow cause Naruto is obviously the most powerful ninja) because I got this idea from a different comment.

Without any help, from Jiraiya he wouldn't learn his father's jutsu the rasengan. Then Kakashi, Yamato and the advise of Asuma, he would've perform the Wind Style: Rasenshuriken and surpass his father. Then the Sage Toads, he would've learn Sage Mode and surpass his Jiraiya. Finally Killer Bee, he would've master and tame his tailed beast "Kurama" and become comrades.

The Main Point is Naruto Uzumaki is Strong he will became the next Sage of the Six Paths.
That's what the other tailed beasts said.

Naruto has the strong will to never give up, even if his opponents were stronger than him. (Example:hyuga, sasuke, kabuto, Pain and etc... ) Everyone underestimates him and believes Naruto is a dumb-ass. But when he is in a tight situation he comes out with some ingenious plan to out think his rivals and leaving him thinking what just happen after they are defeated.

Naruto has the power to unite the shinobi forces and tail beasts. Even kurama, who hates humans trusts Naruto. Even many characters like Hashirama and Madara may have more raw power than Naruto but his will power and ability to make friends out of anyone is the most unpredictable and powerful attribute of the Shinobi world. Hey bought stability and peace in the Shinobi World which many ninja like before and even Sage of Six Paths have failed. That's why Uzumaki Naruto is the strongest and powerful character in the Series.

Here's my reason: to me, Naruto is the most emotional, unpredictable story I've ever liked. I like Naruto mostly because of all its multiple conflicts to be solved in the story. how team 7 turned out nearly exactly like tsunade, jiraya, and orochimaru. the complex system of fighting styles and organizations. but the thing I like the best, well two things actually. one is all the emotion expressed by the characters, it's so captivating. the other is that both good people and bad people die. this is why I despise American comics so much. they are so boring with the good guy always winning. I really love Naruto he is my best hero in my life I like him a lot. I even wear a t-shirt which his photo on. he is so cool!

An absolutely amazing characters with a strong personality to match. He never lets anything get in the way of his goals and despite being betrayed by his best friend and rejected by his love interest, he's managed to get stronger without moping about all of his hardships. Not enough love out there for Naruto in my opinion.

Hey Naruto is the best of all these subordinates and better than itachi itself if you have a doubt come and compare sasuke killed him and we know that Naruto and sasuke are little having the same power so that is deal

Naruto is the new Rikudou Sennin.
And as we know, the new generation always surpasses the previous.
Not to mention, Naruto recently bitch slapped Wood Sage Madara's Susanoo into a million pieces, like it was a porcelain doll.
Note: that same Susanoo defeated the 5-Kage with absolutely 0 effort.

Not so sure why Naruto is lower then nagato when he beat nagato. Saved the leaf how many times? He will obviously beat "tobi" and madara soon so yea. Enough said.

Duh! He started off kinda weak, but he started training and now he's beautiful! Wait.. What?! I mean.. Strong.. Yeah strong.. The entire series is called Naruto! He's the main character and so he's the strongest too

At first I thought that Naruto had an advantage since he had Kurama, but then I also saw that almost every character had some kind of advantage. Creative, hard working and loyal he has proved to be a good and powerful character, regardless of his nature before Shippuden.

He can unite the tailed beasts willingly, can influence a person's decisions through his will and ninja way, and he created a jutsu that combines Rasengan with the Wind Style, a feat that Minato Namikaze couldn't do. It cuts its opponent through sheer destructive power, attacks at the cellular level, and severs chakra lines inside the body. He mastered Sage Mode, something that even Master Jiraya, the Toad Sage couldn't do, and he controlled Kurama long enough to befriend him. Hands down best ninja ever. A ninja is not measured by the number of jutsu he can wield, but by the way he uses his/her abilites to help others. Naruto Uzumaki leaves the others in the dust.

I would say Naruto because he has the nine tailed beast in him. The most powerful creature sealed inside him. Also he hardly gives up in a fight!

Naruto is the best of the Naruto world cause he is the sage of the six paths and our greatest hokage. He's real reason was to become a hokage and all he do is much more than a hokage because he had fought tons of enemies real!

Uzumaki Naruto, a young man who started from nothing to becoming the most powerful, trustworthy, and kind person throughout the Earth. If I was him, I'd still won't be able to be like him, as power would make me lose my mind.

The anime is called Naruto so it's pretty obvious that he's important which should also make it clear that he should be strong especially #1 as the main character

He is the most powerful ninja of all he can do 9 tails fox he can defeat anything on he's way and he has the powerful team 7 the team 7 has sir kakashi sasuke and sakura.

He is the best and more powerful ninja in this cartoon and he is the hero of this cartoon like this very much

Naruto is amazing. He's been through such a ruff life and yet still he climbs to the top. He overcomes the tuffest challenges and still moves strong. He conquered the nine tails chakra completely gained the nine tails trust and took the hatred out of the nine tails heart. There's really not much to say but Naruto is just amazing. - Mray100

Uzumaki Naruto is the best because he has a power which he use to change the hearts of evil people. He is one hell of a ninja and can beat anyone that come in his way.

Um he is the tailed beast he can destroy the entire world with tailed beast bomb at full power let's he is son of minato best ninja the only person who was close of beating naruto is sasuke besides he is a sage master of the nine tailed beast and friends with it sort of and the show is name naruto for peet sake

With kurama he is unstoppable and he always has more energy and will do anything to protect his friends. He also always pulls through when you need him.

It's Naruto's pain and love for his friends that makes him a thousand times stronger than any other character in series after all it is about him right?

He's overpowered. Remember he was the one who held off both obito and madara with the hep of 4 people dude who has done that!?

Naruto is the most powerful ninja the power that make him stronger of all in naruto is because he can change people and his the man of his words