Top 10 Most Powerful Ninjas In Naruto


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41 Hanzo Hanzo

Awesome summoning and is a beast with poison an past ruler of the hidden rain village!


He is stronger than most of these above him!

I love his dragon summoning

Ult is OP

42 Sai

I like his jutsu and a unique one two he should be the best shinobi... Or not

Even more strong but he is idiot

He's jutsu is unique! If he trains just a little more he would be the best shinobi

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43 Kimimaro Kimimaro

Kimimaro is very strong. He shouldn't have died

Also if he wasn't I'll, he would have killed Gaara

One of orochimaru favorite student and the best friend of jugo

Just kidding, I just like typing

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44 Sage Mode Hashirama Senju

He definitely deserves to be in Top 10

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45 Ten Tails V 1 Comment
46 Gold and Silver Brothers

Because they can control the things of the sage of the six paths

47 One Tail
48 Deva Path Deva Path

Basically Deva path isn't the strongest but top 15 maybe 10 this guy literally destroyed a village and wiped it off the map almost entirely.

49 A

Fourth Raikage. He is super fast and his lightning release is highest of all.

He beat up Sasuke pretty well, I think he should be in the top ten.

50 Third Tsuchikage
51 Han Jinchuriki V 1 Comment
52 Hidan Hidan

Hidan is like, my soulmate

This guy cannot be killed. When he comes back he would tear shikamaru apart. REVENGEE! Yes

Come on Jashin gives him the immortal part and he's still alive until now'


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53 Ino Yamanaka Ino Yamanaka

She is the best shinobi

Ino is amazing. After shikamaru's and her fathers died, she didn't shed a tear. She quickly took on her fathers place and helped contacted all shinobis in one time. She's also pretty

Ino is powerful and strong with her ninja art : main transport Justus

Prove it she is not the best ninja but all she is sesy

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54 Hiruko (Missing-Nin)

He can you forget?
Hiruko is like the best ninja out there... Stupid naruto had to kill him!

55 Fernando Uchiha
56 Indra Ōtsutsuki

The first son of the sage of the six paths and is said to be a prodigy

Indra is powerful but when sasuke recieved the power of hagoromo,indra became weak in the ranking

57 Sora V 1 Comment
58 Matatabi V 1 Comment
59 Utakata

He's not the strongest but his bubbles are like, so cool. Imagine if you could do that with just ordinary bubbles from like, party bags or washing up liquid. Floating around in a big bubble is right up my street. Also, his tailed beast is pretty cool.

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60 Minato V 1 Comment
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