Top 10 Most Powerful Ninjas In Naruto

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61 Minato


62 Kabuto Yakushi Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi is the strongest non-jinchuuriki and non-dojutsu wielder in the manga. He has a myriad of different jutsu's, including the most powerful one which is Edo Tensei, or Impure World Reincarnation. He has infinite Sage Mode, seemingly. He's incredibly intelligent. He has one of the best if not the best regenerative powers. All of those reanimated ninjas who fought in the Fourth Ninja World... Those aren't just any ninjas, they are simply his own technique, his own jutsu power, like how Itachi has Amaterasu and Nagato has Almighty Pull, Kabuto has THIS as his own jutsu; so basically, the WHOLE 5 Great Nations are fighting against only Kabuto himself! (With Tobi making the orders, but still! ) What does this bastard have in his arsenal besides Edo Tensei and Sage Mode? Let's explain... Before he absorbed Orochimaru, he was already a talented shin obi, making great use of medical ninjutsu and genjutsu such as Temple of Nirvana. He already showed really high intelligence, being ...more

I really hate to admit it, but Kabuto is the strongest ninja in the entire world. Some say the Sage of Six Paths is. However, if the Sage of Six Paths dies, then that means Kabuto will have him as a weapon via Edo Tensei. With his Edo Tensei, Kabuto is the most overpowered ninja that has ever been seen. Kabuto also has the abilities of the Sound Five, Orichimura, hydration techniques, extreme speed, ridiculous regenerating powers, medical jutsu, and extreme sensing. He has everything he needs

If his incredible intelligence isn't enough, then Snake Sage mode should be. The amount of skill he has is insane. Not to mention all the things he can do with Edo Tensei...


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63 Ay (Third Raikage)

Battle a whole army for three days and nights before dying. Fought the eight tails and tied it. The only person who was ever able to hurt him was himself.

Extremely fast and extremely strong. He is strongest out of the five current kage. He also is the master at nintaijutsu. He has fought minato several times in the past and has also fought the eight tails several times. - mcarzwashere

64 Konan Konan

Konan is awesome, she is the only girl in the akatsuki, she can give you one hell of a paper cut, and she is incredibly loyal. What's there not to love?

The partner of pein one of the ame orphans and the only girl in the akatsuki she uses her paper as a wings a weapon or a armor

Why the HELL is she below Sakura?!

She is the strongest charther in the game want proof here sasori killed a Kage that was the strongest Kage in that village everyone feared that Kage but sasori killed him in a second than orichimaru fought sasori sasori won so orichimaru said he didn't try but when Konan fought sasori she still one In less than a second witch means Konan is stronger than the Kage sasori orichimaru

And for dadaria people say he's stronger he isn't dedaria runs out of clay fast he can't make tornados Konan can fly with out wasting powers dedaria runs out of clay to fly people also say he can win because of c4 not true Konan can break a whole ocean dedaria can't and here is one more thing on deaeria you just have to worry about he bombs on Konan you have to worry about the bombs not suffocating from the paper not getting stabed her teleporting behind you her origami creations and more

People,also say she can't beat a tailed beast she can all she needs to do is throw her paper at it witch ...more - speed

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65 Konohamaru Sarutobi Konohamaru Sarutobi

Konohamaru is obviously one of the top three best in the series, he was trained by naruto, and mastered the sexy jutsu at a very young age. Top three at least.

He has great potential and will likely surpass Naruto one day

Kicks pain's ass with the rasengan, most likely gonna get the rennigan when he's older

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66 Nara Shikamaru

He was said to be the smartest shinobi in the land of fire. Shikamaru's intelligence makes him think 3 steps ahead of his opponent. Since shikamaru is one the smartest shinobi he should be able to surpass anyone

He can create blindness and other shadows

Don't you know his perfect thinking, shikamaru is the good one of shinobis ever wow I love this man

Shikamaru is a genius... Therefore he's one of the strongest

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67 Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

Rock lee should be here ichigo stole the spotlight

Plus he's not even Naruto!

What the hell? He's not even in Naruto! Save Bleacg characters for a Bleach top ten list.


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68 Kushina Uzumaki Kushina Uzumaki

I love her hair color sm much!

She is stronger than minato and with out her teaching him sealing he would probaly never become hokage

Former hostest of kurama. Naruto mother stronger than minato her hubby. Died tring to protect the village

69 Neji Hyuga Neji Hyuga

Neji, the descendant of the branch family. The byakugan was his trademark. He is able to perform the 8 trigrams rotation. Known as a genius, he learnt the 8 trigrams 64 palms himself, a jutsu that depletes an opponent's chakra entirely, that is a jutsu only the main Hyuga household can learn. What's more is that he upgraded from 64 palms to 128. Despite being a skilled taijutsu Gentle Fist user which is for close range combat, he could perform the air palm for long range advantages as well.
Neji is a powerful and my favourite character and I don't think (spoiler) he deserved to die :(

He is a genius, as it was said many times in the series. He was just like Sasuke, only he was even a better genius. Kakashi says so in the series. He had byakugan, he was a gifted taijutsu expert. They should have given him a bigger role

A loser. Laugh out loud

He's dead

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70 Teuchi Ichiraku


The most badass Naruto character ever
-he was a ryonin before he became a businessman
-has the most delicious ramen in Naruto
-he has a very hot daughter named Ayame
-can beat you in either Ninjutsu, Genjutsu or Taijutsu
-can kill you with his ramen


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71 Gai Sensei

Madara had freely admitted that battling Gai reminded him of battling Hashirama. That speaks volumes of his strength. Not only that he took off Madara's arm and nearly killed him.

Without bijus without stealing some other people eyes, with pure training and by himself after what he did against madara, he is definitely the strongest one

To be honest he is the strongest shinobi...

Almost killed madara 1v1, should be placed in the top 10 for sure.

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72 Tenten Tenten

She owns 3 of the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths. enough' said.

Uses weapon maybe she maybe the weapon master

She is strong since the beginning of the series!
Stupid Kishi for underrated her!

Sjhe is very powerful she can also defeat madara uchiha

73 Rock Lee Rock Lee

Gai faced off against Six Paths Madara and put up a good fight. Imagine Rock Lee when he's older. I honestly believe Rock Lee is the strongest character in Naruto. he's so underrated as well. Naruto and Sasuke rely on passed down power (via Sharingan or Nine Tails) where as Rock Lee relies on himself. The only way Rock Lee could be stopped is if someone shutdown his chakra flow and that's a pretty big "if" since he can open the gates in a matter of seconds.

Lee, you need higher progress.. Don't be underestimated.. We haven't see what you can do so far, maybe you have complete control over the gates. If you did, that would be amazing.. Plus if you have any other techniques..

He is the genius of hard work! He can unlock Eight Gates mode, his body stats are of the charts, and in my opinion, if he can learn shadow clone technique, your screwed. Actually, for most people if he opensthe first gate, your screwed. Finally, he has an unbreakable will, and that means a lot.

He is cool

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74 Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

I voted for her to comment, but I will admit she is pretty strong by female standards in the Naruto world (for the record, my vote would go to anyone with the last name Uchiha, Senju, Ōtsutsuki, or Uzumaki, because seriously, they are all totally OP). But statistically speaking, on leafnin ja.c om they have 'webs' that show the strength a shinobi has in each area, and out of those realeased by Kishimoto, Itachi and Jiraiya have the highest overall. So this entire list, unless you count opinion as being viable, is null and void.

Okay, back to the point, Sakura. First of all, almost every male in the series outstrips her, so any argument that she could be the strongest is rendered totally inaccurate. Now, the two points that all Haruno fans use to run to her defense: the Sasori fight and Tsunade (before I continue I would like to defend myself by saying that before Shippuden, I rather liked Sakura and saw a lot of potential in her future).

Yes, in the Sasori fight, she ...more

I love her. I personally think strongest female is tsunami then her. I don't care what anyone says since they are all haters, she is amazing

Sakura has super powers! She is now on the same level as Tsunade and no one seems to appreciate her medical ninja skills, super human strength, summoning technique and intelligence! She is the strongest female in konoha 12! She is awesome! :))

Sakura is power than ino and ten ten. People really stupids

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75 Hinata Hyuga Hinata Hyuga Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Why do people not give Hinata any credit? She is my second favorite female shinobi in the whole thing. Konan being first and Sakura third. Then its Tsunade of course. But still. She is so dedicated even when people put her down and is always going to be there for people. She just amazing like that.

She is strong, polite, beautiful, caring, kind, shy, gentle, serene, and was one of the first people to realize Naruto's pain and back at the academy where everyone one was cheering for Sasuke, Hinata was cheering for Naruto.

She is very strong not only physically but also mentally

Way better than Sakura. Hinata is really strong

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76 Lady Tsunade

Fierce, Strong, Immortal. She has the making of the perfect fighter. Like Kishi said, she has only one weakpoint, that is her own temper. I'm sure if she had that clear mind, she would be an extremely dangerous opponent.

Shes awesome shes like god she can heal people and she can come over her fear kinda

She is able to summon Katsuyu even in a very bad condition. She also has a great chakra that she could standstill up to two days when fighting Madara. No one in the world of ninja could surpass her healing technique. And the most important one is she not afraid of any one.

Might guy isn't stronger than lady tsunade and the 3rd tsuchikage

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77 Shizune

Shizune can use poison gas. I love her attitude and needing to tell out her decisions for the better good.

Why is shizune here. She should be above Sakura. It's true that she didn't get the byakugou seal before Sakura, but it doesn't mean that she's weaker than SakurA. She was trained by a legendary sanin way before Sakura. No offense to other Sakura fans, but I think Sakura is a show off. It's not fair to let her have the byakugou seal before Shizune, act all rude to Naruto in the beginning, liked him after pain's defeat just by crying and summon Katsuya. It's not fair. Ino and Hinata just started medical ninjutsu a little late. But the only time I like her is in Naruto the Last. That time she was like a sister to Naruto by telling him how idiot he was around Hinata.

78 Temari Temari

She can't lose because she'll blow you back with wind every time you get close

Shes great that's why

Temari is so cool and beautiful. She is a cyclone. I am her great fan (s).

She is so hot

79 Ginkaku
80 Kankuro Kankuro

He is the ultimate puppet user defeated a sound 4 person with 1 move

You can't place a great puppet user in 67th place I meen he fought with all his hart against sasori you can even say he gave sasori a match

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