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Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Ok, whoever made this list doesn't know what he or she is talking about when Sasuke got the rinnegan he had Madara on the ropes because he didn't know how to counter Sasuke's quickness and his eye's ability and then Sasuke surpassed Itachi when he was able to control his black flames. Not to mention he awakened the full power of Susano'o like Madara. Then Sasuke was able to completely master his rinnegan after just one battle and not to mention that he always has a sound and effective plan (except against killer bee) and he always his cool and collected expression that is intimidating like it was against Madara... Long story short the top 2 and 3 on this list are not stronger than Sasuke if anything Sasuke is a fingernail away from first. I think most realistic Naruto fans will agree with me.

? Sasuke is a vary powerful ninja everybody wanted to fight him becase is very capable and intelliget

Umm, why is Sasuke no. 7 and Naruto no. 1?

In the last movie, Sasuke was doing crazy combos and hitting as hard as Naruto in his KCM mode and not only that, Sasuke also had one hand, just one!

Also, I won't lie, Itachi did stomp Sasuke, but now that Sasuke has the eyes that Itachi gifted him, he is absolutely buttraping enemies. In example, Killer B, if Sasuke had realised he could use amaterasu earlier he would've one shot Killer B without even trying.

He also has the following moves which are some of the strongest in the anime, Indra's arrow, Amaterasu which he could also control, the only susano'o in the anime that obtained 'ultimate form', the rinnegan genjutsu which he used to control all the tailed beats in one glance from a far distance, and much, much more.

Also, his fighting prowess also made Madara approve and admit that Sasuke was stronger than him when he was his age. He also had such good eyes that Madara himself was debating wether to steal ...more

Even if he isn't your favorite character, he's strong as heck. I mean, if you are going to say favorite character, I'm sure there's another voting area for you. With his special abilities (Not spoiling for people who don't know) He isn't my favorite (He's up there though) but him and Kakashi are pretty strong.

Title is "Top 10 Most Powerful Ninjas In Naruto" not "Top 10 could have been Most Powerful Ninjas In Naruto" as such he grew stronger than either Minato, Hashirama and Itachi so he should be above them. Madara and Sage of six paths are hard to rate but they should be above Naruto and Sasuke. If anything Kaguya should be Nr. 1, even if she isn't that cool or impressive since it took the powers given from the sage and combined effort of you know what ninjas just to seal her, yes not kill her, seal her.

Sasuke is most certainly going to be the best ninja of all time I mean in due time if you ask me he could surpass or be completely on par with Madara. He has the potential an drive to get whatever he wants done I'm sure we all know that...

Sasuke Uchiha should be in second place because he is the only person that can actually compete Naruto in the actual stages they are in now because they are both evenly matched

He activated the six tomoe Rinnegan, something that even Madara and Pein cannot do, and he has long ago surpassed Itachi.

SASUKE is the best, he can match up against Naruto, and also has the best moves in the universe. Plus he can turn into a bat guy. And I think he should be ranked in the top 2

I think Sasuke should be in the top 3... Like doesn't he beat up Itachi? Sasuke is very powerful in my opinion and I think he should gain more credit.

Sasuke is d best ninja in d scene, he face d raikage and all other ninjas but he still overcome them, for me sasuke is the best ninja in naruto

The people who think Itachi is still stronger than Sasuke are retarded, he is by far the strongest character now

The people who said that Sasuke should be tied for second, I agree. Sasuke is stronger and he got the sage of the six path's power. - BARDOCK

For Sasuke he should be in 3 place because guess complete monster wrecks and his first transformation that dark chakra umm...umm...umm he absolutely my favorite character in the series no doubt I think he just wrecks dudes and ladies out there I think he just wrecks.

Sasuke should be right next to itachi I mean he did give him his power when he died and he's the hottest guy in Naruto

Sasuke is way more powerful with his rinnegan and sharingan he is way more powerful than naruto. Legendary eyes

Sasuke can use ems which makes him one step away from getting the rinnegan. If he gets the first hokages cells he could be at the level of the real madara who is really only second to obito who is now the new sage of the six paths. Without the nine tails naruto would only have sage mode.

Sasuke should be in front of minato especially if we're talking rinnegan

How can Sasuke be number 7 when he and Naruto were the only ones who were able to take on sage madara

Sasuke should be at least number 4. I mean, come on!

Sasuke is the strongest he has the sharingan that can controle Naruto and he can make Naruto kill himself sasuke has always been on par with Naruto and Naruto has the nine tails so with out the nine tails Naruto would be dead by now as jou all know Naruto died for the first time at the vally of the end when sasuke broke his neck so without the nine tails Naruto would be dead and everyone who hates sasuke and thinks he is evil... Sasuke is NOT evil he just wants to avenge his clan by bringing justice to the people who had a hand in ordering itachi to kill his clan so I'd say in my opinion that sasuke is the strongest.

Sasuke is the best what is wrong with you guys itachi sucks now watch the new naruto episode 333

Sasuke is stronger as Naruto. He have great jutsu's. He kill Itachi and Itachi is very strong.

I mean really, Sasuke is at Naruto's level now. He should be at least #2

His the second most powerful Ninja ever after the Sixth Path Sage! How is he ranked so LOW!