Most Powerful One Piece Devil Fruits

It's a list of the most powerful devil fruits of One Piece universe. Vote for the strongest fruit regardless of characters.
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1 Goro Goro no Mi - Ener

In terms of straight up destructive power, goro goro no mi is possibly the most powerful fruit we've seen so far. In addition, this fruit has decent range and insane speed.

Speed, strong, it kill easy, can fly, attack at 17 km distance, no able to be touched, and if someone touch ener, oy hurt him.

Wait how is goro the most powerful?

Speed that rivals the light fruit and extreme destructive power makes this the strongest offensive fruit. combine it with extensive haki training and nothing should be able to beat you.

2 Yami Yami no Mi - Marshall D. Teach

Absolutely the most powerful fruit, it can't be affected by other DF, it draws everything in it, just like a black hole, nthg better.

It doesn't have that defense thing that protects people from hitting you.

Not only it's a Logia but the strongest Logia!

Cancel out other devil fruit user's ability and could suck in everything. op

3 Gura Gura no Mi - Edward Newgate
4 Pika Pika no Mi - Kizaru (Borsalino)
5 Ope Ope no Mi - Trafalgar Law

Laws fruit has some amazing potential and can be used to completely disrupt an enemies strategy.
It can protect comrades by swapping spots with enemies or the stalagmites he pulls out the ground with shambles I think it is.
Even doflamingo has said in the dressrosa arc the devil fruit law has is one if the strongest in the world and mingo was overpowered as hell so that's really saying something.

Able to control EVERYTHING in his circle, not to mention counter shock and who knows what else. This is extremely overpowered and should be in the top 10.

Controling everything that is in the "Room' is a bit OP and if Trafalgar would be also a Haki user he would be like strongest.

Do I really have to say why?

6 Gomu Gomu No mi - Luffy
7 Magu Magu no Mi - Akainu (Sakazuki)
8 Soru Soru no Mi - Big Mom
9 Mera Mera no Mi - Portgas D. Ace

Coolest of all without a doubt!

10 Hie Hie no Mi - Aokiji (Kuzan)

Almost 90% of one piece world is covvered with water, Kuzan can do almost anything with ice...

The Contenders
11 Suna Suna no Mi - Crocodile (Mr.0)

To the guy who's comment was at the top at the time of me writing. Sand burns at 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightning strikes are 53,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Your comment couldn't be more wrong. In fact Eneru is probably the WORST person for Crocodile to fight, cause even if Light is faster Lightning still moves a hell of a lot faster than sand

Due to the Suna Suna no Mi ability to absorb moisture, it can potentially destroy the world. This can be scene in round 2 of Crocodile and Luffy fight. Crocodile used his right hand to absord all the moisture from the local area via conecting surfaces. If Crocodile widend his range countries or even the planet would become a dry husk.

The suna-suna no mi devil fruit has many abilities, rather than just normal elemental control, It allows the user to locate quicksands, set off sandstorms and absorb liquids. By absorbing liquids it cancels out its own weakness. Such a DF has never been seen before!

Crocodile is stronger than Eneru: what could a lightning do to the sand?

12 Sutoringu-Sutoringu no Mi - Don Quichotte de Flamingo
13 Mochi Mochi No Mi - Charlotte Katakuri
14 Tori Tori no Mi - Marco
15 Nikyu Nikyu no Mi - Bartholomew Kuma
16 Hito Hito no Mi - Sengoku
17 Doku Doku no Mi - Magellan

Doku Doku No Mi is not a logia, but the way Magellan used it, it may as well be as insane as the admirals' logia. Magellan casually sent a wave of poison that was massive enough to submerge all of Black Beard's crews as if they were submerged in the pacific ocean and its effect was instant, putting all of them down. Blackbeard only survived because of his antidote.
Even without its poison effect, Doku Doku No Mi is pretty acidic, but of course it has quite a few downsides. Firstly, it is not as fast as Pika Pika No Mi and Goro Goro No Mi. It doesn't have the same destructive power as Magu Magu No Mi and Whitebeard's gura gura no mi can completely stop it. What makes this so good is the fact that it can instantly kill literally anyone in the series if they come in contact with it.

18 Bomu Bomu no Mi - Mr.5
19 Mero Mero no Mi - Hancock

Y'all are underestimating it's power. Hancock actually says she can get away with anything because of it.

20 Bis Bis No Mi - Charlotte Cracker
21 Moku Moku no Mi - Smoker
22 Hana Hana no Mi - Nico Robin
23 Hoya Hoya No Mi - Charlotte Daifuku
24 Supa Supa no Mi - Daz Bonez
25 Noro Noro no Mi - Foxy

You slow your opponent down to a near-standstill for thirty seconds, and all injuries you give them in this time hit them at the same time, as soon as they resume normal speed. A thirty-second beatdown, in half a second. If that's not op, then I have no clue what is.

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