Most Powerful One Piece Devil Fruits

It's a list of the most powerful devil fruits of One Piece universe. Vote for the strongest fruit regardless of characters.

The Top Ten

1 Goro Goro no Mi - Ener

Wait how is goro the most powerful? - Ash2145

2 Yami Yami no Mi - Marshall D. Teach

Not only it's a Logia but the strongest Logia! - abhishah901

Able to suck up everything

And it can burn everything and
It can others it have logia it can make black hole it's the best

Cancel out other devil fruit user's ability and could suck in everything. op

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3 Pika Pika no Mi - Kizaru (Borsalino)
4 Gura Gura no Mi - Edward Newgate

Whoever controls the Gura Gura can make quakes out of anything, like what if u just walk to the grocery store one day and POOF! A QUAKE IN THE AIR BREAKING YOUR NON-LOGIA BODY TO PIECES

Sengoku said whiteboard had the power to destroy the world

5 Ope Ope no Mi - Trafalgar Law

Able to control EVERYTHING in his circle, not to mention counter shock and who knows what else. This is extremely overpowered and should be in the top 10.

Laws fruit has some amazing potential and can be used to completely disrupt an enemies strategy.
It can protect comrades by swapping spots with enemies or the stalagmites he pulls out the ground with shambles I think it is.
Even doflamingo has said in the dressrosa arc the devil fruit law has is one if the strongest in the world and mingo was overpowered as hell so that's really saying something.

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6 Magu Magu no Mi - Akainu (Sakazuki)
7 Hie Hie no Mi - Aokiji (Kuzan)
8 Mera Mera no Mi - Portgas D. Ace

Mera is One Of The BEST ONES! - Ash2145


9 Gomu Gomu No mi - Luffy

Come on GUYS

srry caps. - Ash2145

10 Nikyu Nikyu no Mi - Bartholomew Kuma

The Contenders

11 Suna Suna no Mi - Crocodile (Mr.0)

The suna-suna no mi devil fruit has many abilities, rather than just normal elemental control, It allows the user to locate quicksands, set off sandstorms and absorb liquids. By absorbing liquids it cancels out its own weakness. Such a DF has never been seen before!

12 Hito Hito no Mi - Sengoku
13 Sutoringu-Sutoringu no Mi - Don Quichotte de Flamingo

What? its ito-ito no mi.

14 Soru Soru no Mi - Big Mom
15 Doku Doku no Mi - Magellan

It's stronger than the ito ito no mi

16 Moku Moku no Mi - Smoker
17 Supa Supa no Mi - Daz Bonez
18 Doru Doru no Mi - Galdino (Mr.3)
19 Bara Bara no Mi - Buggy
20 Mane Mane no Mi - Bon Clay(Mr.2)
21 Bomu Bomu no Mi - Mr.5
22 Yomi Yomi no Mi - Brook
23 Hana Hana no Mi - Nico Robin
24 Daiya Daiya no Mi - Diamond Jozu
25 Awa Awa no Mi - Kalifa
26 Ushi Ushi no Mi - Kaku
27 Mero Mero no Mi - Hancock
28 Hebi Hebi no Mi - Boa Sandersonia
29 Tori Tori no Mi - Marco
30 Mera Mera no Mi - Sabo
31 Mera Mera no Mi - Sabo
32 Gasu Gasu no Mi - Caesar Clown
33 Numa Numa no Mi - Caribou
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