David Phelps


Once you hear him you're hooked! I looked up everything I could and then looked up to see if there was a tour...Lo and behold he was going to be in Michigan the very next week! (It was a God-thing for sure! )...and then, as everyone says...you hear him in person and it supercedes everything you've heard elsewhere! What a gift to our world at THIS time. Music brings people together...David Phelps could change the world with his voice and dedicated Godly spirit that is so amazing as well!

I truly believe God sent David to share his God given talent with us and to help others turn back to God. I believe the Lord looked the whole world over and choose David. David is doing what the Lord would want. David will truly be rewarded in Heaven and these competitions are a way we can thank and reward David here on earth. I for one am thankful we can give back to David what he is sharing with us.

David will not only send chills up your spine when be hits those high notes he makes your hair on your arms stand straight up, I have never heard anyone carry a more like this man can! A true gift from God!

The power, precision, and overall range is incredible. He can sing soft with the same amount of control as he has in his "big voice". There is no other in any genre like David Phelps. Listen to his album "LIve in Birmingham" and try not to be changed!

The most balanced, well-trained and gifted voices you will ever hear. Unbelievable and a gifted genius in composition as well. Absolutely amazing anointed singer glorifying God in his work and his life as well. His family is highly gifted and supports him in his career to an amazing degree. Do yourself a favor and follow this great voice! Blessings - Sherry

It is not merely the power of his voice---it is the God-given talent he has chosen to relay the true message in his ministry that makes him a great tenor - if not the best tenor in the music industry. He did not choose his lot in life ---God has. He, his family and phans have been rewarded greatly every time he emotes a single note for the true King. God bless David Phelps in his ministry of song and the true message that he conveys to all of us.

David has the best singing voice I have ever heard. He has an amazing range and his interpretation and presentation of a song make it unlike any other. He is a Christian and sings to Gods glory. His concerts are awesome and he is humble and very personable.

Just listen to "O Holy Night". Control and range is among the best male voices.

David has a God given powerful voice! He has baritone vocal cords but sings Tenor. Therefore he can belt out that powerful beautiful voice range that he has! There is no one that has a more powerful and beautiful voice!

Love his hymns, but his opera is superb and popular music is now getting some air time on Facebook. There is NO ONE else as good as David Phelps!

David sings his heart out every concert and makes you feel so Joyful! He deserves to be No. 1. I don't know any of the other singers, but David sings praises of our wonderful Saviour who is our only hope and gave us the gift of eternal life! God gives David strength to sing night after night like it's his only concert.

The only way you can't rank this man with the likes of Freddie Mercury and Elvis is if you haven't listened to him.

David Phelps has the most powerful and amazing voice! David is truly blessed and when he sing you can see and feel the love of God, He is so humble the kind of person you could set around and just talk. David is the best no other like him!

Hearing this man sing is a life-changing experience. Don't disregard him because he is a Christian musician. His voice is beauty & power & unbelievable range.

David Phelps has the most amazing voice when he sings you can see in love of God in his voice and in him. He is truly a blessing he is best gospel singer and singer today. There is no other David Phelps the best there is.

Hands down the best and most powerful voice, although with such clarity and ease of singing, magnificent range, variety of genres that he can sing and a wonderfully humble, Godly Man--the perfect package!

This beautiful tenor voice could only be God given. And the voice comes attached to a wonderful Christian man who just happens to be my favorite singer! God bless you David. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world!

It's not just a opinion. It's a fact that Mr. David Phelps is the best tenor in the world. He sings from his heart to reach your heart and make a difference in your life. That's what God anointed him to do and every time he sings, he sings with all his might and all his soul. When his audiences are clapping and standing for him, he is clapping for them. Can you believe how humble he is? He is #1 and that's all!

David's singing gives me chills every time I hear him sing. My daughter is obsessed with his music. She wants to be in the spotlight with him and his daughters someday. You don't know what you're missing if you haven't heard this power house sing.

I cannot believe he is #24. He is so much better than the rest above him. He has a voice that is from God and it is beautiful.

He has the best voice ever. Not only the tone but the softness, the powerful high notes and the runs. It is a package deal and has not equal, he is unique and I thank The Lord for him every day.

Best of the best: NO- He is number 1-There should be no contest

He is the BEST! A voice with a GOD given talent! I could listen to him all the time which I do a lot - listen to We shall behold him, or Then came the Night... absolutely a gift from GOD!

David has been such a blessing to me. I've had a rough year and listening to his music and the words, have kept my head above water. God bless you David! I'll see you next month!

An amazing talent! His beautiful voice, the power, control, emotion and vocal range is beyond anyone I have ever heard.