Greg Pritchard


well all I can say is his young mans voice is so powerful its unbelievable wonderful to hear him sing xx - lintel2

The Power in Gregs voice is amazing he is so wonderful his singing is totally mindblowing xx - lintel2

Just listen to his latest recording then you will see how powerful his voice is - lintel2

Gregs voice has got the power of love as its powerful and everybody loves him - lintel20

Just gives me goosebumps every time he sings them high notes, wonderful. - lintel2

The whole world needs to hear this most powerful voice he is amazing - lintel20

This young man is the newest talent to come out of wales he is great - lintel2

He reaches notes others cannot reach mesmerising - lintel2

The more he sings the more powerful he becomes - lintel2

He can reach notes you would not believe - lintel2

More powerful than ever before - lintel2

Unbelieveable, the power in Greg's voice! I'm just more and more amazed each time I hear him sing! Gail