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241 Marie Fredriksson Marie Fredriksson Gun-Marie Fredriksson, known as Marie Fredriksson is a Swedish pop singer-songwriter and pianist, best known for forming one half of the pop rock duo Roxette, which she created together with Per Gessle in 1986. She and Gessle achieved international success from the late 1980s to the early 1990s with more.

Her, Annie Lennox, and Ann Wilson of Heart, to me are the 3 best female singers of the 70's to the present.

242 Ann Wilson Ann Wilson Ann Dustin Wilson is an American musician, best known as the lead singer and songwriter of the hard rock band Heart.
243 Annie Lennox Annie Lennox

She's a rare talent. Overlooked here. - Rosniac88

244 Beckah Shae
245 Luther Vandross Luther Vandross

Crazy crazy crazy. He is definitely thought of as one of most versatile singers ever. Most certainly powerful. - Rosniac88

How is he not already on the list?

246 Danny Sexbang
247 Rob Swire Rob Swire Robert Swire-Thompson is an Australian singer-songwriter, musician, audio mixing, record producer and DJ.

Such an underrated singing voice. Powerful and also soothing recently hasn't been singing that much but should do really

248 Barrington Levy

, from high to low notes. Crazy good!

249 Jorn Lande Jorn Lande Jørn Lande is a Norwegian metal and hard rock singer known for his solo career as Jorn, and providing vocals for Avantasia, Masterplan, Ark, Beyond Twilight, Millenium, Allen/Lande, Mundanus Imperium, Vagabond, The Snakes, Ayreon.
250 Hozier

He is new, but he already has captivated many with his beautiful old soul style voice.

251 Glenn Danzig Glenn Danzig
252 Alice Cooper Alice Cooper Alice Cooper is an American singer, songwriter, musician and occasional actor whose career spans over five decades.
253 Rob Zombie Rob Zombie Rob Zombie is an American heavy metal musician, film director, screenwriter and film producer. His career launched in 1985 when he formed the heavy metal band White Zombie. Following their breakup, he began a successful solo career. Zombie began directing in the early 2000s. His most famous movies are more.
254 Ted Nugent Ted Nugent
255 Sammy Hagar Sammy Hagar Samuel Roy "Sammy" Hagar, also known as The Red Rocker, is an American rock vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, musician and entrepreneur.

Overlooked. He's very good. - Rosniac88

256 Tarja Turunen Tarja Turunen Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen-Cabuli (born August 17, 1977), generally known as Tarja Turunen or simply Tarja, is a Finnish singer-songwriter. She is a soprano and has a vocal range of three octaves. more.
257 Lacey Sturm Lacey Sturm
258 Michael Barnes
259 Umm Kulthum Umm Kulthum Umm Kulthum was an internationally famous Egyptian singer, songwriter, and film actress active from the 1920s to the 1970s.
260 Lisa Origliasso
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