Darth Bane

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Darth Bane is a legendary Sith from Star Wars. Darth Bane was one of the greatest Sith lords who ever lived in the Star Wars universe. Darth Bane's greatest accomplishment was creating the Rule of Two, making the Sith am secretive order with one master and one apprentice. The apprentice would learn ...read more.


Darth Bane purged the Sith of the weak. He set up the rule of two, which in turn allowed Sidious to take control of the empire.

Bane knew that Sith's strength was their cunning and he was the most cunning of all.

Oh and he was the Sith'ari!

In Bane 3 he created a deathfield which ripped people apart as they entered, feeding off their lives. while having his force ability weakened his force lightning disintegrated 3 bounty hunters. he used his force and his will to break into Darth Plagueis' datacron to steal the knowledge of eternal life from it, by the end he attempts to use it on his own apprentice (who was extremely powerful and should be on this list too) and almost took over her body annihilating her soul (it is even argued that he did take over her body and lied to his future apprentice so that he could one day take hers too. He was strong enough to rip a prison compounds door off with his bare hands, in the same tomb a force push mashed a body guards bones, even though it was not directed at her. Before having the Orbalisks removed from his skin he was invulnerable to blaster attacks and even direct force attacks and lightsaber attacks. after having them removed he developed one of the best fighting styles which ...more

Bane was far more influential in the grand scheme of things than many of the other Sith mentioned. He was never a jedi either, which should put him ahead in terms of purity. While some may have been stronger with the force, better with a lightsaber, or smarter/more cunning, no one was stronger with all of these characteristics combined. He could therefore use other aspects of his power against those who were stronger in one aspect. He completely revolutionised the Sith (albeit with Revan's ideologies), and (SPOILERS! ) he may not have actually died at the hands of his apprentice like many believe he did.

Darth bane is by far the most powerful. He completely destroyed the Brotherhood of darkness by exploiting their want to kill the jedi (an ambition he knew would be their down fall). In a couple short years he gathered together a massive spy network so he always knew what was happening. He is extremely powerful in the force and destroyed all of his former teachers with ease and finally he established the system that the sith were still ruled by up until both vader and sidious were destroyed at the same time.

He has three books about him.. Read them and you'll understand how lord Bane is the greatest.. Just don't forget in the wake of a weakening order he found strength and brought forth a rule that will lead the sith to rule the galaxy... Even though though babe never had a true master he learned on his own and perfected his powers, given the chance to live a full life and take advantage of his new knowledge of essence transfer who knows what he would of accomplished

Bane developed the Sith Philosophy that created the most powerful sith in the history of Star Wars, He also orchestrated the beginnings of the plan to destroy the Jedi, Bane was the first Sith to understand that the Dark side gets more powerful the fewer masters it has, which is of course the polar opposite of light side power. Bane was also the most Ruthless and intelligent of all the Sith

Darth Bane was solely responsible for creating the Order of the Sith Lords, which eventually led to the destruction of the Jedi Council. He single handedly destroyed Kaan's Brotherhood, managed to overcome his disease of those clingy, little orbalisks. He managed to, with a little help from Darth Zannah, destroy 6 of the most powerful Jedi of the era on Tython. He is easily the Greatest Sith Lord.

Bane manipulated and destroyed the entire Sith Order along with General Hoth and 99 other jedi. Power in the dark side can also be measured by the cunning of the Sith using it. Raw physical power can destroy whole planets, but cunning and manipulation can control that power through others. Besides all that Bane is just a badass.

He is awesome! He is definitely the most powerful! His intelligence and cunning is really the thing that made all his power work. He was able to control and kill whoever he wanted but he waited and made sure his plan was fully realized years later by a long line of people who all traces back to him. He was so powerful he even took on four Jedi with his apprentice, darth zannah, and he slaughtered them all...a great character that really shows the lengths the sith will go to to destroy the Jedi

Bane is extremely powerful, however he is not the most powerful. Though he did destroy the Brotherhood, they were very weak in comparison to former Sith Lords. Bane could not even touch the talents in the Force possessed by Nihilus and Vitiate. Bane is still one of my favorite Sith, and deserves to be in the top 5.

Bane was a visionary, he invented the "rule of two", brought back the use of the "Darth" title and tricked the entire dark brotherhood into purging itself with the thought bomb. His cunning manipulations set the precedent for Plagueis' and Sidious' manipulations of the Republic, and he was the last Sith to use powerful rituals such as the essence transfer.

In combat he defeated the two best duelists of his time and was invulnerable while wearing his Orbalisk armor, and even without he could summon force lightning at will and could suck the life out of dozens at once with his death field.

By far, Lord Bane, should be #1 on this list. He destroyed all the sith lords with his mind bomb. He also overstood the power of the darkside, knowing that unlike the jedi, the darkside couldn't be at its strongest peak with lots of sith lords. Also, he bought back the Darth, inviting challenges for sith domination. Killing off the sith and standing strong on his rule of two. All those other lords was products of the greatest Darth ever, Darth Bane!

Darth bane was unstoppable his apprentice could not kill him he got killed because his will power was not as strong as hers and he was beating her with 1 arm missing

Darth Bane is the Sith'ari. Created the rule of two which successful characters such as Yoda and Sidious used solely off of Bane's theory. Darth Bane was discontinued by Karpyshyn but the Sith'ari is the buildup of power. The Einstein of the dark side of the force. Bane's skills with the force not only surpasses most sith, but it was perfected. Without this type of mediclorian capacity, there wouldn't be no chosen one, and knowledge of hiding your force presence which was vital for every sith being able to avoid from being killed. The brotherhood of darkness started the buildup of sith power and Darth Bane was one of the first to actually enforce it. Bane is a great Lightsaber duelist but what puts him apart from the rest was the knowledge. In other words, with Darth Bane there wouldn't be as successful sith prior to Bane. Knowledge is power and Darth Bane was second to none.

Darth Bane reformed a order which was out if flux with the ways of its creed. If not for his intervention the sith order would go against it's own nature. And because this to match his abilities as a force user. He gets the nod for number 1 in my book.

Bane not just killed the whole sith army, started the fabled rule of two, created the sith history we loved in the movies, really he orchestrated millenia ago the fall of the republic, nearly inmortal, and he got closer a moon to its planet, and crossed the space in between riding a dragon and protected himself and his ride thru deep space! This dark lord is number one, take then Vitiate as number two!

Starter of the Rule of Two which insured that the Sith order would live for Milena.

Destroyed sith assassins, jedi, and apprentice by himself. He also could pull a moon out of orbit with the force. He culled the herd of weaklings and set the standard. He is terrifying in appearance and grew up in beatings, alchoholism, and mining. He knew pain and could inflict it just as well as he could use words and cunning like Palpatine

If it wasn't for Bane's rule of two, the sith wouldn't have survived long enough for Darth Sidious to take the title of emperor. If it wasn't for Bane, the original trilogy would not be the same.

" there is no peace there is only passion, through passion I gain strength, through strength I gain power, through power I gain victory, through victory my chains are broken, the force shall set me free! "- Sith Code - maverick88

Darth Bane should be #1. He started the rule of two and defeated the entire brotherhood of darkness. On top of that his skin is indestructible there fore making him veritably invincible to.

Bane had no fears on pursuing his goals even when he faced his opponents. Moreover, the sith lord possessed many sith powers and he used them. It made him special or unique.

For goodness sake he created the rule of two. Was able to move moons with the force and people still think that revan is at the top? If it wasn't for the rule of 2 revan wouldn't even be a sith at all!

He was the only surviving member of the brotherhood of darkness and created the rule of two and he was in his early twenties when he began training to be a sith

I don't see how Darth Bane could rank lower than Darth Vader. Darth Vader killed the Emperor not by battle, but just by the fact that the Emperor wasn't paying attention. In my opinion Darth Bane is the greatest sith overall, especially with his orbalisk armor. His apprentice's will power was weaker than Zannah's but he was still able to attach part of himself to her. (hence that last part in the book about Zannah's left hand twitching) Darth Bane took on three of the greatest Jedi swordfighters in history while they had battle meditation on their side. So I think Bane is the best sith. Just my opinion.