Darth Maul

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Darth Maul is a fictional character in the science fiction franchise Star Wars. Trained as Darth Sidious's first apprentice, he serves as a Sith Lord and a master of wielding a double-bladed lightsaber. Darth Maul first appeared in Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, and has also appeared in The ...read more.


Yeah, not surprised with this one. Everyone obsesses with Darth Maul because, he looks badass and has a double red lightsaber. BIG DEAL. Yes, I agree he gets props for handling that thing so well, but is definitely belongs here. He was no master, and died in a way he should have seen coming.

At least he is one of the only sites that actually survived on this list. He is a very skilled assasin and is strong with the force. He defeated the Black Suns by himself at a young age and he also fought 2 jedi at once, so he was outnumbered and was sliced in half by Obi Wan Kenobi after killing Qui Gon Jinn with ease, which is impressive because he was a Jedi master

He has survived the attack of Obi Wan so he can survive another. He has made his saberstaff which means he is skilled in the lightsaber arts and the fighting arts. He can use the force greatly. He taught his own MONSTER-LIKE brother Savage Opress. Though if he survived the incident with Kenobi he still would've been Palpatine's apprentice and Darth Vader wouldn't have existed. HE is the one that could've ruled the galaxy. To me he is #2.

He is known as the assassin and he is super fast and can jump high. He easily defeated qui gon gin and fought not qui gon and obi wan at the same time. If he didn't die in the phantom menace he would have became very strong and superior. He was used in the movie as a set up for order 66 happening in the third movie and he was used by Palatine to eliminate one of the best Jedi's at the time. Darth Maul is the best and should be number 1

Darth maul is undoubtedly a great sith even if he didn't make an empire. He definitely deserves to be higher on the list than this. He definitely deserves to be at least as high as Count Dooku as his skill with a lightsaber and physical abilities were greater than Dooku, Dooku might only win in force power alone, in a saber fight, he'd likely lose.

He may be physically strong, but he has no such understanding of the force as the real sith masters. He may have the title of Darth, but in the end, he is just a tool of his master, who is the only true sith in this time

He survived the bisection by pure hatred. He then formed his own army and became a threat to Sidious and Dooku. He also managed to survive the Clone Wars, and I feel we'll see him again.

darth maul for introducing fast paced jedi fighting - djperth

Darth maul is brutal and cunning in battle. He is a very good force user, but he relies on the force last. He focuses on aggressiveness and agility. But overall he beat about 10 Jedi before falling into the core, but he lived and beat Pre Visa. Sorry for spelling. I'm only in 4th grade.

He was the first Sith to kill a Jedi in over 1000 years, and is one of the most skilled force users in light saber dueling, and probably would have killed more Jedi if Obi-Wan didn't surprise him

How is darth maul I'm the top 3 I mean he destroyed the black sun twice, killed a jedi master and survived being cut in half with sith lightning so he should be the most powerful sith ever.

Darth Maul is easily my favorite Star Wars character of all time. I find that he is probably also the most underrated Star Wars character. Unless you are a big fan of the franchise you just know him as the guy who is killed by Obi-Wan in episode I. Darts maul is so much more than that. If you haven't read it I highly recomend "The Wrath of Darth Maul"

I is the most agile or acrobatic sith there is. Look I read the book Star Wars Darth Maul and I must say he has one of the most tragic stories out of all of them. In addition, He is extremely skilled with lightsaber combat and acrobatics. I am only a black guy but I no my star wars along with my R&B.

By far he is the toughest, took on 2 jedi masters and killed one. No other sith lord is as good as him, especially the double saber too cool and that lovable face.

He survived his fall and in the clone wars he appears back with metal legs and he and his brother could both easily be in the top ten

He Isn't the best but he certainly deserves top ten he beat qui-gon but lost to obi but by a sneak attack and lived in a hole for around 20 years with only rage.

Darth maul has the best speed he could probably beat the fastest car in the world. He has the worlds best light saber and he should be better than his master darth sidious. Whoever doesn't like him is stupid.

His face is made and with redness and with rad spikes.

Maul took over a planet in the clone wars, survived being cut in half, and has escaped many times from the emperor himself.

He is totally awesome whoever doesn't like him is stupid and insane. He's super duper cool. Also he has the best light saber ever of all time!

Darth Maul is the most skilled and was able to kill a jedi master. He is the best of all time and who ever thinks he isn't is totally stupid. Darth maul introduces a fast paced jedi fighting and he has the best light saber.

Anyone else realize he joins batman as the only men (or not men I guess) to kill liam neeson... That alone deserves no. 1

Darth Maul is actually the third strongest, he's been trained since he was a child by lord sidious, he only lost to obi-wan because it caught him by surprise, the first strongest is Galen marek for sure, then lord sidious, then maul

Darth Mual looks wicked with his red face with spikes and the awesome double light saber he should have been the sith lord because he is much better than dath sidious his master. He is the best sith ever shame he is not in every film cause he rocks.

Should be the best.1. He has major Atheletic skills, an amazing light saber, he's the only one who uses more then just his light saber( he kicks ) in a battle, Insane intimating skills, he's a trained assassin, and just boss. ETC

I feel like darth maul is so underrated and in the movie he wasn't used like he should've been. Easily my top 10 on this list