Darth Nihilus

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Nihilus shouldn't even be questioned to be number one, as he is obviously the biggest threat to all life. His presence absorbs life and his voice literally destroyed an entire planet of Jedi from another Solar System. Literally just speaking killed the planet. He also became immortal with his spirit being encased in his mask as armor, and he was alexithemic (meaning to lack any emotion) so he felt literally nothing in killing people. He was the driving force in the Purge of the Jedi by wiping out planets and consuming their force essence, causing him to become more powerful each time. He was so powerful even that his body began to decay into literal force energy, forcing him to merge his spirit with his mask as armor. He is the embodiment of force and wields ancient force techniques such as Dark Rage, Farsight (more common), Force Scream, Force Resistance, Force Whirlwind, and more. His most commonly used force abilities include killing people with thought, sight, energy/life sapping, ...more

Nihilus only lost and consequently died because of the disadventageous force bond he shared with his apprentice, Vissas Marr, whom like all Sith apprentices, betrayed him...

Let me make this clear, a Sith Lord with unknown force abilities during the time? His species became unclassified but as a living object of shadows? Swallowed planets? The Death Star blueprints seems to be built off his sheer power alone. Nihilus is definitely unfinished, and already contains all these feats. When it comes to solo threats, Nihilus would be the last sith I'd want to deal with. He had no weakness, and no advantage either. Nihilus was the picture perfect painting of the dark side. Not number one but top 5. The magnitude of fear gives him tremendous power.

No other Sith could do what Nihilus did. yes, Vitiate consumed an entire planet's force energies, but that required the presence of many other Sith Lords to assist him. Nihilus could do this on his own, without performing any type of ritual. He could even do this to Jedi. NIhilus was also able to bind his spirit into his armor in order to exist in the real world without a body, making him immune to most mortal injuries. Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader never came near this type of power through the force. No doubt that Nihilus was the most powerful Sith in terms of power through the Force.

Nihilus destroyed everything on Katarr using the force only, his hunger for power was so great that if it were not for Visas Marr and The Exile, he would have destroyed the Jedi and continued to consume all life! Merely being in his presence slowly kills you as he feeds on you. He convinced someone that all life should be extinguished and fed on the corruption and ugliness of the universe. Plus, guys: I think one of the reasons that Maul is before this chap is purely because some people don't know who Nihilus is!

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He literally eats the force, it was his food if you will. He consumed an entire planet of force users. NO other Sith Lord can match him in a fight as he would just sap the force/energy from them. His lightsaber skills are also pretty good and he could keep up with any other dualist for a while until he consumed their force. He was also adapt at force lightening and life drain.

Darth Nihilus was a killer sith like he could kill anyone revan I mean anyone he can suck the force and life force out of people he sucked a planet dry of life force and the force he could suck bane dry suck sidious dry he may not be a good of a duelist but he destroys life's on planets man

This guy was not just another Sith. This guy was a force of nature. He had no body to speak of. Just his soul and the gaping wound in the force that hungered for the force and all life in the galaxy. He was probably the most powerful being the the entire Star Wars Universe. Fear him well.

Darth Nihilus wasn't even really a person, he became more of a force of nature than anything, I mean he didn't have a normal body. His life force just latched onto his mask. How can you compare to a Sith Lord who is pretty much a "living" black hole. Because that is exactly what he is, he is a black hole that has the highest potential of any force user period.

Darth Nihilus was able to consume entire planets and he was able to drain the force right out of his victims. Just saying his name cause the drain of life force right out of people. and not to mention he could use Lighting to insane capabilities. Darth Nihilus was also a revered Lightsaber lighter and was unmatchable (accept by Darth Revan). - LordMalice

The sith dream is to rule the galaxy and beat the jedi for good... Nihilus, he just kills everything that crosses his way, jedi, sith... Everything

I think he should be in the top 3 at least but still he can consume planets and who needs a Death Star when you have darth nihilus I mean can darth revan destroy planets I don't think so but here's what bothers me though is that he doesn't just absorb every planet he sees with Jedi using the force

Darth nihilus wiped out an entire planet! He's a beast and his mask was awesome! He could've destroyed vader because he could use lightning and vader couldn't

His capabilities are so immense that he has basically become the embodiment of the force. In terms of sheer unadultered power, Nihilus is at the top out of all the Sith before and after, none have reached the sheer level of power he was able to. The only way he was defeated was through a force bond, he could not have been defeated otherwise. There is a reason his title is Nihilus, he is annihilation incarnate.

Nihilus, unlike other sith, didn't even try to consume the essence of others; he did it automatically. Even the sound of his voice was enough to drain and cripple lesser beings.

Nihilus would simply consume the force energy of any in his path, screw darth revan

he had a hunger in the force so he wanted more powers and more and when he speaks everybody around him dies

How do you kill a force black hole without another force black hole? You can't; no matter how much power Nihilus foe has that power is only there to feed him.

Where is Darth Nihilus on here?!?! How could you leave out the Sith Lord who consumed what pretty much everybody on this list uses? He eats the Force! He's pretty much the Star Wars version of Galactus, I mean he did absorb all of the force on an entire planet.

Nihilus could just drain the force from whoever he is battling. It is no exaggeration to claim that he could beat all the other Sith by himself by draining all their powers.

he would eat planets and gain power from them he is the best sith ever!

He was considered a wound in the force. A wound in the force is when a significant number of lives are lost suddenly. He did that sort of stuff all the time, including when he devastated the planet katarr by draining the life force of everything living there, and he spared only one women. In duels he could force drain almost anyone so he can pretty much beat any LIVING thing out there.

READ... Darth nihilus eat force.. Let's say revan would attack nihilus with force lightning! NOTHING WILL HAPPEN except making Nihilus stronger! Darth Nihilus could kill everyone solwly just by taking there powers.. And then he gould use all force he consumed to destroy everything he wont! HE COULD PUT THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IN DARKNESS!

Undisputed master of the sith, he was a living wound in the force. He could kill without regard and didn't even need a body to survive.