Darth Sidious

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He is the most powerful Sith to ever exist. This is backed up by several Canon sources. He could hold back both Maul and Savage who are both really strong with one hand each without effort. He could duel evenly with GrandMaster Yoda and even eventually prove himself superior. He could summon force storms which could destroy entire fleets and transport things across the universe. He is also to have been quoted to have mastered every ability of the darkside. So much evidence, far more than any other sith which says he is the most powerful Sith of All time.

Darth Sidious was an ass Dark Lord of the Sith that conquered the whole of the galaxy as well as founded the Galactic Empire. He would also anoint three apprentices: Darth Maul, Darth Tyrannus and Darth Vader. However, he only pulled this off because he was cowardly that had to hide behind the shadows like a little bitch and manipulate the Galactic Republic to its self-destruction via the Clone Wars like a gay coke whore. If it hadn't been for him tricking the Separatists into fighting the Republic his plans would most definitely have failed. He was also ALWAYS surrounded by bodyguards since he was too big of a wuss to embrace death like a man. This is why this bottom-feeder is last place on my list. - Razgriz577

Darth Sidious IS the most powerful Sith Lord. Why is there even a debate? Everything that happened from many many years before the clone wars up until his death (when his bunch of clones took over) was all part of his plans. One of his clones managed to convert Luke Skywalker to the Dark Side, even briefly. When it comes to Sith Lords, Darth Sidious IS the Sith Lord. Revan is nothing compared to him.

Darth Sidious was able to hide from the jedi right in front of them. Sidious also was a master of nearly every lightsaber style. He also was able to exist in essence form without the need of an anchor, and he was the only one to be able to do so. He conquered the galaxy, and was one of the only Sith Lords to do so successfully. All in all, he had so much power politically, through the force, and through manipulative capabilities.

He manages to kill nearly all the Jedi by the end of ROTS and we very often see him sat down until Mace turns up. Yoda is the only Jedi capable of besting him, however he is nearly 800 years old when they fight. The only thing that ended Sidious was unconditional father and son love, but I feel this was Yoda that ultimately killed him not Vader, Yoda told the Emperor "faith in your new apprentice misplaced maybe"

Lucas himself said the very same thing. Revan if memory serves was weak minded and controlled by stronger minds namely inside the republic. It is an insult not to be on top of the list for if they where to all meet at once Darth Sidious would without breaking a sweat and with one blow eliminate every single person on this list the only person inside the STAR WARS Galaxy to come close to his Power is Master Yoda.

No one ever suspected he was a sith lord. He sure as hell fooled Queen Amadala (spelled that wrong I'm sure). It was really her fault that everything happened for appointing Palpatine as the Chancellor. Damn, he was controlling both sides. He got everyone else to do his dirty work. Could manipulate just about anyone, best shown when he pretended to be suffering and anakin stopped mace windu from killing him. Then he kills mace windu. Powerful indeed and well disguised - dragonfly99

Sidious was so powerful with the dark side of the force that he believed he had even outgrown the use of a lightsabert. He only had it to mock the jedi order. Tell who else was so powerful that they could say they out grew their lightsaber.

Darth Sidious force lightning was so powerful it could light up the surface of an entire planet and reduce one or more people into charred husks.

He beat luke once and luke barely beat him the second time and he was the strongest force user of all time

He was the most powerful sith lord to ever exist

Sidious was the final culmination of the sith rule of two. With the ability to not only create a force storm, but to control it, this sith has come back from the dead innumerable times. He orchestrated the downfall of the republic and the Jedi, and exceeded the necessity for the rule of two which he rarely followed. He exceeded even Darth Bane in force abilities, dueling skills, and manipulation.

Why is he not number 1? It was stated more than enough times that Sidious is the most powerful Sith Lord the galaxy has ever known. He killed 3 Jedi masters in less then 5 seconds, fought and defeated the best of their time, manipulated the entire galaxy for years and when he was confronted by the Grand Jedi Master Yoda himself he defeated him.

This guy in all honesty should be at the top. His lightning can disintegrate his victims, he's a master of all 7 forms of lightsaber combat, he has an ability called force storm and he was the one who brought the sith imperative to fruition. He is more powerful than Yoda or Vader. This guy is the culmination of the sith

He is canonically the most powerful sith lord ever. He has created hyperspace wormholes and force storms that ravaged planets and fleets, and of his own power, not using trinkets and other sith lords' power, (lord vitiate, for example)

Its says share my opinion.. but it's FACT! Lucas the creator himself said Sidious is the most powerful! Any other fanboy who says no is an opinion. TOO BAD SO SAD! Sidious in reality is NUMBER 1. Darth Revan is only number 1 because of fandom. And Vitiate is overpowered and for some reason still weaker than Sidious. But what the creator says goes... We may not like it (Greedo shooting first, Vader saying NO, CGI Aliens) But it's canon.

Darth Sidious has displayed feats of power, control, and knowledge WITHOUT ANY ASSISTANCE OR AUGMENTATIONS that surpass every single other Sith lord in history.

He has also been declared to be essentially the Dark Side personified, and has, NUMEROUS TIMES, been stated to be the most powerful Sith in history.

He realized that using the power of the darkside in battle was just the beginning. He was able to control and manipulate the entire senate as well as the jedi. He did all this while portraying himself as the savior of the republic.

RETARDED PEOPLE. Lucas is not smart he doesn't know the Expanded Universe. Vitiate slaughtered hundreds of sith when he was ten! He created a gap in the force. Sidious can't beat plagues when darth bane AKA the rule of two says "the title of dark Lord must be wrenched from the grasp of the master". Sidious had to kill plagues in his deepest state of meditation. Sidious is a stupid, weak, disgrace to the name of the sith. Ps don't just say "oh, he's just wrong he doesn't know what he's talking about"

Canon sources state that Darth Sidious was the most powerful Sith Lord to exist. This means all preceding Sith like Darth Revan and Darth Vitiate have to be weaker Sith, or else they have no place in the canon Star Wars universe.

This is self-explanatory, seriously. No other Sith Lord could compare to him in terms of raw power, intelligence, and manipulative skills. If he could best yoda, neither Vader or Revan would've been able to beat him, so I don't understand why they're ahead of him.

Darth Sidious killed hundreds and thousands of jedi made the Galactic Empire created the Death Star Space Station drew with Yoda and had if not most powerful one of the most powerful force lightning had powerful apprentices Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Darth Vader.

Sidious is easily the most powerful sith lord of all time. He manipulated the entire Jedi order and republic just by persuasion and is even with Yoda himself. The only sith stronger than him is Aberoth and the dark side's son. Jedi is Luke in his prime when he defeated the reborn sidious who was stronger and the light side daughter. His force storm was powerful enough to destroy fleets of ships in space! Lol

Mastermind and ultimate schemer. He was only sith that rule hole galaxy as a emperor, and when he was start his rise no one even knew he was the sith lord. Results speak for themselves.

How comes Revan and Vader is leading this list? Darth Sidious ruled the entire galaxy and was by no doubt the most powerful person the Star Wars universe has ever seen! - Darth-master

The greatest duelist of all time the most powerful user of the dark side of all time the most vile manipulative evil individual in the Star Wars universe all of these are requirements for a great Sith Lord let alone the greatest.

Sidious is the perfect mix of old school Sith Lords, who were conquerors and extremely skilled with a lightsaber, and product of the rule of two, which were Sith that had to rely on stealth and cunning. He was well taught by his master, Darth Plageis and cruelly dispatched of him and became ruler of the galaxy. He also nearly ended the Jedi for good. Darth Bane would be proud.