Darth Vader

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Darth Vader was the original dark lord for Star Wars. Darth Vader ruled with both fear and aggression. Originally Anakin Skywalker a young Jedi who was then seduced by the dark side of the force by Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Vader had his limbs cut off by his jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi leaving ...read more.


This name alone made me want to go watch star wars!

He killed Darth sidious who killed mace windu and Darth Vader killed obi-won-kenobi who was his master when he was a jedi

Though Vader's potential gut cut in half (pun intended) he ability to draw on the force is far more superior. Just going off the movies, he force choked from across the galaxy, force telekinesis without moving his body (not even Sidious nor Yoda could do that) and he brought balance to the force... TWICE. The first was defeating Mace Windu (and the rest of the Jedi) the second time was when he overcame Sidious' mind control and power and tossed him down the garbage shoot!

Dumb ass nerds who vote for anyone else than vader to be number one, God help you. This character is evil itself and his potential is far greater, and the force was strongest in Vader than anyone in history. Darth Vader is by far the most powerful sith lord because of his potential, and he still fulfills his destiny and takes down the sith. With that being said he reached his potential, and became powerful, and was able to join Yoda and Obi Wan in a method of the force that Yoda taught Obi Wan. Who taught Anakin/Vader? No one.

If someone counted how many Jedi each of these Sith Lords killed, Darth Vader would have the most, it wouldn't even be close. He was fathered by the Force itself. He was the central character for the first 6 movies & for a time, was pure evil. Don't let the fact that he ended his life as a good guy by killing Darth Sidious make you forget that he slaughtered children & oh ya, destroyed an entire planet.

First of all, if they ain't canon then they're out. That currently leaves 6 in the running; Bane, Plagueis, Sidious, Maul, Tyranus, and Vader. Now reorder them by importance to the plot, and you'll find that Vader lands preeminent. Vader is arguably the most recognizable villain in cinema, let alone from this franchise, attributing to its early success while the Emporer wasn't even a main character until Return of the Jedi. Now imagine a hypothetical situation where each of the canonical Sith broke the bands of time to were pit against one another. You can bet your bottom dollar that George Lucas would have Vader as the last man standing, and that's how I came to my conclusion.

I think Darth Vader should be number 1! For example, Anakin Skywalker was the main character of Star Wars, and he was one of the strongest Jedi's to. Anakin's skills still are in Darth Vader, and Darth Vader killed his master Darth Sidious when he was hurting Luke. Darth Vader also is also the strongest sith lord in the Star Wars Saga, and he also became stronger than his old master Obi Wan. In addition, Darth Vader does deserve to be number one, and he can beat anyone he faces to.

Vader to his enemies is in a way, a legend of fear and death. He turns from being a annoying teenager, to the most badass person in the entire Star Wars saga. Vader is a ruthless killer who mercilessly destroyed almost all the Jedi and did it without any regards or regret. Besides, he is also one of the biggest heroes in the series. He was revan before there was a revan.

Known as the most effective and efficient Jedi hunter and killer the Galaxy had ever known. Killing hundreds in his (relatively short compared to other top contenders here) lifetime.

This doesn't include Jedi younglings or apprentices, but actual Jedi knights. Nor does it include how many Sith contenders he had to put up with, other force users. The man was a tank. Needs more rep.

When he was a Jedi, he was thought the chosen one, but everyone almost gave up on him because of the great Jedi purge! But he didn't masterminded that he was forced too, and at the end his son found the greatness in his father which led him to fulfill his destiny

He had the power to kill everyone including sidious and he is stronger than Yoda in my opinion which means Vader must be stronger than either of them and it is said that he never used his full power which makes you curious to weather he could learn things none other could.

Darth Sidious is number one on this list yet he was so scared of Vader. If you don't believe me then why does he have a kill Vader button on his control pad. It's because he couldn't win a real fight against him. Easily the best potential. He could do anything he wanted. The only problem was he was depressed and didn't have real training.

Because if you had watched revenge of the sith when darth sidious tells darth vader to go and destroy all the jedi I say to my self why can't darth sidious do it him self and because anakin skywalker/darth vader is the chosen one he destroys all the jedi and all the sith counting him self and he was ment to bring balence to the force and he does and become the one with the force

Why is Darth Vader so low on the list?! He nearly killed obi-one, he killed his own WIFE, he got cut in half, and killed darth Sidious! That shows that he's more than a #6!

The low key maybe greatest dualist of all time he mastered and incorporated every style of light saber combat into his unique form he could have curb stomped any one he after order 66 Finnished off the Jedi order butchering almost every single one that remained after the clone wars he also was extremely powerful in the force and was capable of force lighting but choose not to use it because of it harming his cybernetics

Vader is the best sith Lord ever he was being attacked by sith lighting and threw Palpatine of a cliff, he showed ren the darkness when the light got to him and he heartlessly chopped Luke's hand of and his Jedi lightsaber showed parts of the past so clearly that makes Vader #1.

Darth Vader started jedi training at age 9(or is it 10? ) when he was supposed to start as a baby. With the late start he still became a powerful jedi and killed almost everyone who fought him. He didn't strike the emperor down because he knew he had to be patient in order to kill him. That is power.

Darth vader is the chosen one, the most recognisable face of the Star Wars universe, has an epic deep breathing sound, helmet and saber. Even the emperor wanted his ass busting for the sith. He goes in to kill anyone who stands in his way, even his Jedi master. Think about this one, the only time Sidious for fills his aims of owning an empire is when Vader is by his side.

He was fathered by the force itself. You can have authors write all the fan-fiction they want but Darth Vader was simply the best. Anyone else is just manifested to get you to buy more garbage.

Would of been the greatest person to ever dual a light saber but his great potential was gone after his incident with obi-one. Ever the emperor said that darth vader was more powerful then him and yoda combined

Though he can't use the force lightning, his force choke is still powerful. I mean if obi-wan just showed more effort in their battle when anakin was already darth vader, anakin could've shown more of his power.

Could have become the most powerful being in the galaxy, no matter if Jedi or sith. Sadly, his wounds prevented that. But he killed more jedi personally than anyone, even Revan and Malgus. He also defeated the most powerful sith lord of the era and his son later became the most powerful jedi master ever, and reached all that, what his father could have been

He is the Chosen one, the greatest Jedi KILLER in HISTORY. Had the potential to be most powerful being EVER. Even with his force potential more then being cut in half still 80% of Sidious. Could have killed Luke if that was his intentions on cloud city, and eventually defeated Sidious.

What the hell? Vader should be first! He killed everyone who fought him for god's sake! Vader was even better when he was Anakin Sywalker because he killed all those jedi in revenge of the sith and he is the chosen one which means he is the most powerful jedi and sith of all time.

Darth Vader was anakin sky walker trained by obiwan kenobi and darth sidious nearly killed obiwan kenobi nearly killed Luke Sky walker this guy is number one and has really powerful force