Darth Vitiate / Sith Emperor


He managed to defeat Revan in single force blast. He lived for thousand of years. He consumed a whole planet numerous Sith lords to get the power. His power matched (or possibly even exceeded) power of Scourge, Revan and Meetra combined.

Surely the guy who shouldn't be underestimated in comparison with ANY another Sith Lord

Darth Vitiate was definitely the most powerful Sith of all time. He was the only Sith lord to have accomplished one of the most important goals of the Sith: IMMORTALITY! Now, I know many people will make these two arguments, they will say Darth Sion and Darth Sidious have accomplished this same goal. Well, yes they did temporarily. Let me explain, Darth Sion's "immortality" was just his spirit clinging on to his body, his body was still DYING. His body would have eventually become nothing but a pile of dust that is possessed by his spirit. Now, in the case of Palpatine he technically did become immortal but he eventually was dragged to the depths of the force. Basically, he went to the Star Wars version of Hell. Vitiate however stayed existent for all eternity, hell he might still be existing even during episode VII and VIII. He was able to control the entire Galaxy even in his spirit form. He knew every force ability even when he was a ghost. Sure, he didn't learn all seven forms of ...more

He killed his father with just a thought. He also drained a whole planet, many Sith lords, and swallowed the planets Force energy and made himself immortal. He even enslaved Revan and Malak with just a thought. He also single-handedly controlled the Sith Empire using the peoples fear of him for more than 1,000 yrs without being overthrown. He wiped out the Dark Council with out moving a finger. I believe he should be #1.

Why is Revan on top? Vitiate is basically a god. He conquered an entire planet and brutally murdered Sith Lords before age 13! After that, he dominated the minds of 8,000 Sith, and forced them to prepare a ritual to drain all the life of a planet to become almost immortal. He created two incredibly powerful empires and ruled them simultaneously by jumping from body to body. This basically means if you manage to defeat him, he'll just come back. When Revan found the Sith Empire, Vitiate took over their minds and forced them to fight the Republic they served. Now during his rule of the Sith Empire, Vitiate demonstrated extreme power. The 12 most powerful Sith in the Empire, the Dark Council, planned to betray Emperor Vitiate. Vitiate killed them all in a flash of light. There was another conspiracy against Vitiate by the Dark Council. The three conspirators were eliminated by the Emperors servants, but the nine innocent Council members were then killed by the Emperor. About 300 years ...more

This guy lived for thousands of years as the Emperor of the Sith. The way he did that was by consuming an entire planet - all life on the planet. Birds, bees, insects, you name it, also including the other Sith Lords who he had invited to the planet promising ultimate power.

It was the very force itself that he consumed. Not only did the planet become a perfectly preserved shell of death (nothing could decay because there was no bacteria), it also became a sort of force black hole. Because there was NO FORCE there, any Jedi or Sith who even visited the planet for too long would be torn apart by the force vacuum, as their own force energy was ripped out of them trying desperately to fill that empty vacuum.

And all that power, all that force energy, all those lives, all were absorbed by him. He became immortal, and was so powerful that he could beat Revan, Malak, and Scourge with just a thought, without even lifting a finger.

Nothing even comes close to this guy. ...more

Darth revan is poo!
Darth vader's fights are a pile of crap!
Darth sidious would have got powned by mace windu easy and is too weird and annoying! His lightsaber technique is pants and useless!
Darth nihilius is too flipping scared to show his ugly face!
Darth maul isn't even powerful he just looks cool and his force powers are weak! He got beaten by a Palawan for god sake!
Darth bane set up a crappy rule that there could only be two Sith I mean if you want the Sith to thrive you don't just want 2 Sith against thousands of Jedi.
Darth vitiate is easily the best as he controlled 2 powerful Jedi knights and ruled the galaxy for 1000 years without being overthrown and sidious ruled for 23 years so if you voted for him go stick that up your ass!

Lord scourge was considered one of the best of his time and he was crippled by a look from the emperor's eyes, also first time he met Revan and Malak he didn't even fight them to beat them and suppressing the minds of the most powerful remaining sith lords at once at the end of the great hyperspace war is also an amazing feat.

Revan is voted as number one by a large margin (as of this post). Yet the Sith who enslaved his mind (at the sake time as Malak's) with just a thought the first time they met and the second time Revan teamed up with Meetra Surik and Lord Scourge and still wasn't destined to defeat him (Scourge foresaw they wouldn't be the ones to slay the Emperor so he killed Surik).
The Emperor wiped out a whole planet in order to gain immortality.
He was able to possess opponents and turn them against their allies.
His telekinetic powers were powerful enough to effortlessly ragdoll Revan and disintegrate T3-M4. - rexfoulk

The Sith is all about the control, and this guy controlled all of them for the longest time. He was also one of the rare few Sith Lords who managed to attain immortality (or close I guess, not sure about the story after that), and Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious are only just following after his footsteps. Plus, he doesn't even defeat his enemies in single combat to win them. He simply bends their minds to his will. That, coupled with his knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force, has to make him one of the most powerful Sith, if not THE most powerful Sith of all.

He is the perfect sith, he ruled over 1000 years, restored the sith empire (so much better than this crap of the rule of two), ruled a half of the galaxy for decades, and was capable to destroy an entire planet, kill all the Dark Lords, and avoid death after the jedi Knight fought with him. Bane, Palpatine, Vader and what Darth maul would die in a second in front of him.

I agree that Lord Vitiate is by far the most powerful Sith Lord in Star Wars history. After all he did simultaneously dominate the minds of 8000 Sith Lords as well as kill his foster father by snapping his neck with a mere thought and strip his real father, Lord Dramath, of his connection to the Force (causing him to go insane) before killing him. Also, Vitiate was able to create the Children of the Emperor (extensions of his will that were deemed so ignorant of their true allegiance that they had no knowledge of Vitiate, the Empire or even their connection to the Force; making them the ultimate "sleeper agents" something no Sith Lord, including Sidious, had ever done.

I must agree that Darth Vitate or famously know as the First Sith emperor and the true Sith Emperor is the most powerful sith of all time until a new one comes along. For all we know he still exist long after sidious downfall. But currently on the power scale he has no equal and while that does sound amazing it does make one wonder being so powerful why not just win it? Anyone who enjoys a story will know because the story would be over. THe reason this guy exist is to appease dark side fans who think the dark side is the coolest part of starwars. Not many people are fans of this guy however and for good reason. He's on god scale and when you become a god your become boring. Have you ever heard of type 1 2 and 3 civilizations. look it up if you haven't. But if you compare Vitiate to anything he's a type 4 civilization being. Meaning he's beyond galaxy Their for his concern with the galaxy is dyeing out because the comos is more interesting then 1 galaxy. Or what scientist of today ...more

I'll be the first person to say that Revan is a bad ass dude (my favorite Star Wars character of all time). But anyone who would Revan over the Sith Emperor is fool that has no real knowledge of what happened. Darth Vitiate was able to turn the Jedi Order's two most powerful Jedi at the time and make them into Sith and turn on the Republic. His knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force is unparalleled. He was able to kill Sith Lord Dramath at the age of ten. He used the Force to successfully become immortal (and he completely drained a planet of life and the Force.

Why is revan at the top again? vitiate nearly destroyed him and turned him to the dark side.

he killed his father and tortured his mother relentlessly at the age of 6.

he destroyed a fully fledged sith lord at the age of 10.

he drained a planets life force in order to gain immortality.

he possessed 8000 sith lords.

lets also acknowledge the fact that vitiate never truly died, his essence was still kept by the dark council, his essence then found another body (valkorion) and he then possessed an entire planet to follow his leadership.

yet revan is at the top because he's a 'good swordsman' and he 'withstood vitiate', let me correct that; he BARELY withstood vitiate

Anyone who says Revan, has Never Read the Revan novel or played star wars the old republic obviously, and it is arguable between Sidious and Vitiate but yeah no way is it Revan.

Ham is tasty because it is meaty and pink. It comes from a pig. You can put it in a sandwich and then you can eat it. I love ham! I heard from a little birdy that darth vitiate likes ham too. He eats it every tuesday, wednesday, thursday and saturday. I also love jam but let's not get into that! Spam is gross but bacon is nice! If you have a bagel and you put ham in it then you're in paradise!

Only reason this sorry excuse for a sith lord is here is because someone got drunk one night and decided to make a sith that has the God mode cheat active. Honestly there is such a thing as to much, and this sith is to much. If sith could be as powerful as this guy, why is the galaxy not ruled by Sith who just "whoosh" away anyone who apposes them?

You are correct. To a practical extent, he was on the borderline of being omnipotent. He has also used some other Sith Lord's powers, such as Darth Nihilus' ability to drain the force of everyone on a targeted planet, killing the said force sensitives. However, what made him most infamous was his ability to possess people to use as a body for when one of his bodies perished.

He dominated revan and malak easily, destroyed the dark council, bested meters surik and revan again (the strongest Jedi of there time), could exist outside of his body, and drained a planet of the force killing everything on it and making it an unlivable planet

How could Revan be #1 and Vitiate be #4? Vitiate trumped death itself and even killed Revan. On top of that, he has the power to destroy a whole world and absorb all the souls of a ton of master jedi that were located on said planet. I don't know if its just me, but having the capabilty to do the most powerful thing I have ever heard of within the star wars universe, live forever, and even beat the guy that you guys listed as #1, isn't enough to make you #1... Then I don't know what is.

People are always taken by current events. Just like people now say Batman can beat superman because of the success of current movies and cartoons. Same with Star Wars. But if they would use logic there is no doubt Darth Vitiate is the greatest sith of all times.

Easily the most powerful laugh out loud. He could probably take on Darth Sidious and Darth Maul together and still beat them easily. Plus he sacrificed a whole planet and subsequently became immortal.

The sith emperor is by far the epitomy of dark side power Sidious doesn't even hold a candle when it comes to raw power the best Sidious could do is manipulate the jedi if the emperor had actually put himself on the front lines of the war back in TOR it would have been over with a sith victory within months if he can consume entire worlds control his enemies and annihilate them with nothing more than a whim how can any other sith lord compare?

He could kill 8000 at once, manipulated the most strongest jedi (not sith, jedi), killed revan in one hit, he lives forever, and Vitiate did all this while only 2 people ever faced him in real combat. Your an idiot to not vote for someone who can kill 8000 people at the same time while not even seeing them, just thinking about them he killed 8000. He also killed the whole sith council at once. Even yoda cna't do that. PLus his lighting can easily destroy entire PLANETS!

I feel a traitor not voting for Revan. But Vitiate was able to not only convert Revan to the dark side, but he dominated his mind. Controlled him. Not to mention, he is the only Sith Lord that came as close as he did to immortality. Besides maybe Plagueis, but he only lived for a hundred years or so. Vitiate lived for well over a thousand.