Exar Kun

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He killed a ton of powerful Jedi, had incredibly powerful force abilities, raised an extremely badass army, recruited a ton of followers from the Jedi, and kept the Sith tradition alive. He also freed his soul from his body and stayed alive for 4000 years. How is he not number one?

What Darth Maul? No Exar Kun, you gotta think back to the olden days of Star Wars. A long, long, time ego.

How is Exar Kun not #1! The thing is all these other sith lords could be defeated by just one jedi. However, it took thousands of jedi to kill exar kun

Very unique Sith Lord he had a blue double bladed lightsaber the size of a normal one in hilt length and construction and never took the title of darth let alone switching to a red crystal

I looked it up and exar kun is the most strongest remember the internet is always right ha ha ha

The fact that exar kun is this low destroyed any validity this list may have carried

He drained the remaining massassi race drive and maintained his spirit in the temples of yavin for 4000 years that's a powerful sith!

He can kill anyone as he nearly killed the entire Jedi order

Ezar Kun nearly achieved immortality. He invaded Coruscant and killed the Grand Master of the Jedi. Not even Sidious could take out his alternate. I'd say he is barely a step lower than Vitiate, not #7.

He dislodged Luke's spirit out of his body

Raahul says he is best because he brought down a Death Star with the force. double bladed blue lightsaber. He was once a Jedi on the light side and then turned to the dark side. He defeated the galactic republic after he was dead which is amazing. also he is way more powerful than darth Vader. Only person equal is snoke

Exar Kun is beast! He created the double bladed lightsaber along with killing his sith and jedi master!

Exar Kun was so powerful, when he battled the grand master of the jedi councle, the master lost!

One of the many sith, that nearly crushed the jedi, but at last failed, due to his blindness. Surely a matter for the top five. but not the first

He's definitely stronger than the rest.

Exar Kun changes the length of his saber when fighting to throw off his ememies

Most unique sith I know specs wise. Doesent come top tier to pure power, but his dominance is by far the most superior out of all sith besides Plagueis etc. Exar Kun was ahead of his time

Legendary! One of the greatest fighters ever and destroyed the spirit of freedon nadd.

Survived attack of thousands Jedi knights and was able to live four thousands years as a spirit.After reawakening in 11 ABY he was able with Kyp Durron separate Luke Skywalker spirit from his body.

Exar kun as a spirit smashed Luke with ease. Odin urr and vodo siosk baas where stated to be the yoda and mace windu of the time but kun beat Them both without breaking a sweat. Exar for the win

Exar Kun killed an amount of Jedis and Sith that the others cannot even imagine. Exar Kun is just rank 7 cause most Star Wars "fans" just watched a few movies, and don't even recognize this name.
His strenght was legendary, and to kill his body, it took them an entire army against one. To kill his spirit, an entire school of jedi students.
No single jedi or sith could match his strenght. He alone could kill anything, anyone that stood in his way.

Exar Kun is written as one of the most powerful sith lords ever... Failing Exar then Ulic Qel Droma or Freedon Nadd would easily claim the top spot. Frankly everyone else on this list is comparatively pathetic.

Exar kun was statet to be the strongest of the ancient sith witch includes revan, vitiate, marka raknos, tulak hord and more. I still belive nihilus is stronger I just don't se him as a sith. Exar can fly, multi choke, force kill and generate powerful force shields all by himself.

Ulic could killer jEdi masters in lightsaber combat even when he was cut of the force. Imagin how good dualist he must have been in his prime. Exar kun long before his peak stalematet Ulic at his best in saber combat before Exar got his saberstaff. Exar's spirit easily force choked Lukes 12 padawans.