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21 King Adas

He was considered a god by his people

If you read about him ud know what a bad dude he was. He kicked the rakhata's butt and who knows how hed compare to more recent sith.

He was the sith'ari of the with for a long time, a rank that only one other sith has had. The sith'ari is the sith who will bring the sith to its most powerful strength and make it AWESOME!

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22 Darth Zannah

This is the Sith who killed Darth Bane (who slaughtered the whole Sith order) by using her force powers to fend of Bane's brutal but very physical attacks. Clearly she was stronger with the force than Darth Bane and should be put higher up on this list.

Zannah is two things, deadly and unpredictable. She's extremely good at manipulating through role play, bribing, and charm. Keep in mind that she is a with sorcerer... So yeah, she should go on the top.

Darth Zanna should be higher up because he did a number outstanding things such as trick a Jedi master talking to his face when she was an apprentice she was able to basicly tear the minds of her opponents apart by bringing their worse fears to the surface of their minds and making them think that they were real she had given a form the the dark side that almost instantly melted Darth Bane's shoulder from his body and fought off his incredibly strong will with her own.

Darth zannah/abeloth looks like shes related to the joker. But shes still pretty cool! I know shes one of the most powerful and also darth bane can't be more powerful because she killed him darth maul died in the beginning so he's obvisly not the most powerful and darth vader can't be because he had the good side still in him plus darth sidious got killed by darth vader making him weaker! Therefore darth zannah/abeloth is one of the MOST powerful

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23 Freedon Nadd

Conquered a planet with a blaster and a short-saber. Relative unknown, but generally speculated to be a peer to greats like Exar Kun and Naga Sadow. Personally, because of the lack of supporting evidence, and the magnitude of their feats, I'd put him a step below, but then again, he was a direct disciple to Sadow himself, and was responsible for destroying his master's spirit utterly. So, you weigh that against his inability to completely subjugate the Beast Riders, and... Well, it's a tough call, to say the least.

He conquered onderon person who says "he didn't even conquerone planet" look it up! He killed his jedi master when he was an apprentice.

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24 Kylo Ren Kylo Ren Kyle Ren is a fictional Sith lord, who is strong with the Force . Kylo Ren commands the First Order with a temper as fiery as his unconventional lightsaber. His debut was in 2015's Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

Ren should be much higher. He only lost to Rey because he was injured from Chewbacca's blaster and was tired from fighting Finn. He was also the leader of the Knights of Ren despite his young age.

He appears to be very badass-like but I don't think he really is, he was defeated by mere untrained girl who is not really powerful in the force, Rey. But we will see.

He is very dangerous probably top ten when everyone watches the movie everyone would be voting, I usually like sighs but (SPOILER BIG Spoiler) actually i

BRUH KYLO REN HAS A EPIC SABER... Like anakin, he murdered padawans and defeated Luke which is why luke ran. He only lost to ray because of Chewbaccas Bowcaster...

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25 Dathka Graush

He was a Sith sorcerer and was able to resurrected the dead for an army. Plus the fact that he REMOVED his heart and replaced it with a Sith Crystal. Not to mention he was a Sith King.

Although he did get killed by a dark Jedi called Ajunya Pall, who was new to the planet. EMBARASSING!

26 Darth Tenebrous

Darth tenebrous was considered a legend. It was said he could use red force lightning plus lets not forget his master

He is stronger than Bane... needs to be top 10

He is in the right place.

He must be higher

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27 Darth Maladi

Darth Maladi's father and mother was killed when she was young, so she fell into the hands of the Sith. In her time she was the Sith's number one physician and even cured Darth Krayt himself who's body was in decay from an infestation of Yuuzhan Vong Slave Seed. She was the director of the Sith Intelligence and Assassination, she had the most influential of the Sith. She attacked the Jedi Order's headquarters, which effectively tore up the Jedi Order.

28 Darth Nihl

Darth nil is the only with that never dies! GO NIHL!

Darth Nihl should be number one because he is the NICEST sith!

Easily one of the most powerful. Killed Kol Skywalker and nearly killed his son, Cade Skywalker, which is an incredible feat. He has almost all the Force powers, lightining, force push and pulls, and can sense things through the Force.

Is he related with darth nihlius

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29 Ajunta Pall

First Dark Lord of the Sith. Definitely deserves a place higher up on the list.

He was a powerful sith as he was the first dark lord of the sith and on a new planet killed the King of the sith Dathka Graush.

Yes, he could defeat most of the sith lords in the top ten, he deserves a place at the top 10

He was the First Dark Lord of the Sith! He started all this

30 Darth Nox

People should realize this, the sith lords from the old republic are way stronger than people such as Vader or Sidious. I mean come on, all Sidious can do is shoot lightning, Nox however can create lightning storms and survive them as shown in the ending. Did anyone even notice how he absorbed those force ghosts! Also, how about the time when he used the force to stop Thanaton's attack. I wanna see that ugly and short Palpatine who laughs like a dumb maniac try to mess with this guy.

He eats ghosts and adds their energy to his power. Oh and his eyes turn purple.

Really? Nox could kill most of guys above him below him...

This is bull crap no one cares about darth nox,we all know sidious would pulverize him,but even darth Vader would I don't care if nox can create lightning storms or survive a stupid lighting storm Darth Vader was burnt to death in lava and survived,and he has the highest midiclorian account ever darth nox is garbage compared to Vader and sidious.

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31 Vergere

Could be good he was an apprentice of Darth Sidious

32 Ludo Kressh

Deadlocked a draw with Naga Sadow in an all-out duel to the death. Granted, the fight was broken up while the two combatants were still going at it, but I consider it a feat he held his own to the point of relative peership. This is of course Naga Sadow, whose potential incorporation of Force attacks and artificial agility enhancement in a lightsaber battle includes and extends in magnitude to the raw power of star-destruction. Although, then again, that fight was pretty lackluster (brick-tossing? ). Even in his campaign, though, Naga Sadow clearly couldn't use his meditation to sabotage Kressh, otherwise he would have, which indicates some capacity to counter on Kressh's part. Either way, the guy's still a badass. Top ten I should say.

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33 Darth Andeddu

He discovered the secret to eternal life for gods sake WHY IS HE 17 ON THIS LIST!

He was almost immortal, like 500 years old, made a holocron, and was the forebear of the darth title

He was the first sith to discover essance transfer -how to cheat death.

He was the first to bear the title of darth

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34 Darth Baras V 1 Comment
35 Darth Bandon

He was malak appretince it took darth revan 5 minutes 2 kill him in a duel

36 Supreme Leader Snoke

He could be a microorganism in real life plus he got the third death star destroyed. The death star doesn't work why do people build so many.

He was a brilliant sith as when Starkiller base was destroyed he remained calm and carried on, assuring them and himself they would carry on and come up with an alternative. Plus he seems strong in the force, intelligent and authorative.

Who even knows anything about him yet let alone his title as a sith let alone a lord we've never seen him use the force or a lightsaber for the matter and his existence has existed for a year (post episode 7)

Plagueis stuff is now not cannon only what Sidious said about him is cannon.

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37 Darth Nyriss
38 Lumiya

That already said luke is also an op force god so she is awesome

Luke had to make a second lightsaber to face her and made luke worry like crazy

39 Darth Wrath

The second emperors wrath even more powerful then scourge strongest lightsaber fighter of his time none were his match

"He was the hate incarnate and an embodiment of death it self. He is a lord to be forever feared"

40 Darth Venamis

Come on, most underrated Sith ever! He used the Force to levitate himself and so on he nearly defeated Darth Plagueis..

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