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41 Asajj Ventress Asajj Ventress Asajj Ventress is a fictional character from the Star Wars franchise during the Clone Wars, appearing in the Clone Wars micro-series, and in The Clone Wars film and television series.

She was regarded as being stronger than sidious. She can overpower any force user. Her physical traits are immense in their own right as well as she is superhumanly durable and strong. Should be 1.

Most powerful and sexy as hell. Overpowered anakin an Ono wan at the same time.

The 2 most powerful Sith Lord and a threat to sidious potentially. She held her own against anakin and kenobi together and overpowered them both at the same time and would had killed them both had it not had been interuppted.

Didn't even become a sith why is she on this list."😡

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42 Darth Jadus

Darth Jadus was actually canonically stated to be the most powerful sith the old republic era empire ever produced and was second only to the emperor himself. I think he would personally be ranked in the top 5. possibly 5th in my opinion

Dearth Jadus was a calm but cunning Sith who could teleport using the force and force strangle people by looking at them, which only Anakin and a rare few sith could do. Plus he was extremely clever and a brilliant tactician.

Darth Jadus is very cool sith ever. He can use force stealth, force lightning, force choke and force push

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43 Darth Marr

Extremely popular with the peoe of the sith empire. He joined the dark council in his early twenties. He was part of the group that DESTROYED Revan. He was the best strategist the empire had ever seen. On top of it all he controlled both the defense of the entire empire and a large force of their offense which seemed unstoppable under his command. So please guys tell me how he isn't even at least Better than Darth Maul?

Why darth marr is on number 40? He is a very powerful member of the dark council.

He is top tier Sith Lord, He stayed on the dark council after the overthrow, Revan and Vitiate's reign and responsible of Sateele Shan's alliance to stop Revan. Marr ended up controlling the dark council and will confront Vitiate with the hero of tython.

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44 Darth Kallig

He had an extremely large cock, which allowed him to dominate the minds of every female in the Galaxy. Furthermore, with this taken into consideration he drained all of their combined power, and used it to fuel himself. He then would DEFEAT Darth Thanaton.

45 Emperor's Wrath

Should really be up in the top 10 if you think about it...

46 Abeloth
47 Darth Ruin V 1 Comment
48 Darth Talon V 1 Comment
49 Lord Kas'im

An unparalleled duelist who conquered every single form of lightsaber combat. From the canvas we are shown, Tulak Hord seems the probable title-holder for deadliest Sith with a blade, but to be honest, Kas'i'm's hyperbolic characterization makes his the only name that comes to mind as second-best. Probably a more refined and accomplished duelist than the likes of Sidious, although unremarkable in Force capacity. But still, the deadliest member of the Brotherhood of Darkness by far, at least in my view, from the factually legless and insubstantial position I've adopted, given there is very little in the way of feats or explicitly discussed comparative prowess in the text.

50 Lord Vitiate
51 Haazen

Haazen started out as a Jedi but he was very weak he couldn't even beat a bounty hunter. He failed becoming a jedi knight. He went on a mission with other Jedi to only be a trap planned by Haazen and a bounty hunter. Haazen was accidentally caught in an explosion and he nearly died. He was saved by sith and ancient sith relics were placed in his misshapen body. Giving amazing power on the dark side. He was givin the power to hide his ability with the dark side. For years he worked within the Jedi and even had his own powerful padawan who would later kill him. Haazen single handedly almost killed the whole entire Jedi Council, turning the hundreds of Jedi against each other. Only a few survived but some very powerful Jedi fell that day. Haazen ended up fooling countless Jedi and killing almost all of them off. Haazen should be in the top 20.

Haazen was very powerful he was able intercept into the Jedi Covenant which including him consisted of seven very powerful Jedi. He killed all of them except for his padawan Lucien Draay on the day of Vindication. He killed countless other Jedi to. He even killed Kryndra Crazy who was pretty much like the human Yoda of the time.

52 Lord Kaan

Anyone with the ability to convince many Sith Lords that equality and cooperation is the way of the dark side and then convince them to essentially participate in their doom with glee has amazing mind control. powers. He also had the rare battle meditation powers. Not number one but should be a lot higher.

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53 Darth Glovoc
54 Darth Millennial

Dude looks awesome

55 Qordis
56 Darth Cognus

She was able to look in future

57 Savage Opress

Not the most powerful Sith, but he held his own. If Darth Sidious did not kill him, I believe he would have become more powerful in the force. Darth Maul had more training than he did. Savage Opress killed at least three Jedi during the Clone Wars.

Savage is just like Darth Maul, but not as flexible. But could beat most Jedi.

Really it was stupid putting darth maul ahead but not savage.

This guys was able to slash so powerfully, that both Dooku and Ventress went flying across the room when he clashed his lightsaber at theirs!

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58 Darth Thanathon

Never heard of him but he sounds cool.

Member of Emperor Vitiate's Dark Council but Not one of his "children". Sith Inquisitors from Star Wars the Old Republic will have dealing with him.

He should be last he is the only main swtor sith who could be killed by a film class sith
i mean a rage type slave won about 4 battles with him
lets just say I would sooner dress up as scourge/tiny (warrior cats) and dye his boots pink (no really! ) than vote for him

59 Darth Wyyrlock III

Darth Wyyrlock the third is a pretty amazing sith if he can kill one of the most powerful sith lords spirit.

Defeated Darth Andennu: Probably top 20 sith, but definitely ahead of nonsith such as PROXY, General Grievous, Meetra Surik, NK Necrosis, and Galen Marek; not to mention above featless characters such as Darth Revan and mooks such as Darth Bandon... Etc

60 Darth Darth Binks

He is not even real

It would be cool if jar jar was supreme evil

He can just annoy everyone to death op

The most powerful Sith ever. #DarthDarthBinks

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