Most Powerful Sith Lords from Star Wars

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61 Darth Darth Binks

He is not even real

It would be cool if jar jar was supreme evil

He can just annoy everyone to death op

The most powerful Sith ever. #DarthDarthBinks

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62 Darth Cognus

She was able to look in future

63 Darth Wyyrlock III

Darth Wyyrlock the third is a pretty amazing sith if he can kill one of the most powerful sith lords spirit.

Defeated Darth Andennu: Probably top 20 sith, but definitely ahead of nonsith such as PROXY, General Grievous, Meetra Surik, NK Necrosis, and Galen Marek; not to mention above featless characters such as Darth Revan and mooks such as Darth Bandon... Etc

64 The Inquisitor

Don't know who that is and I don't really care

Inqwisitor is amazing with a brilliant spinning lightsaber staff and is very powerful and evil and a Jedi hunter

The inquisitor is a scary but agile daring sith lord from star wars rebels and using the double bladed light sabre like DARTH MAUL is qute a relation and I think that he was tutored by Darth Maul and padawan of Darth Vader and in the season finale of series one of star wars rebels and sacrificed himself in a Imperial Star Destroyer in the Mustafar system by Jedi Kanan Jarus by breaking the sabre in two (the inquisitor's) and nearly killed Ezra Bridger but survived and died the Inquisitor by an overhaetd and nearly could 've exploded and he fell theInquisitor to his death introduced in Star Wars Rebels episode 1,4,7,8,9,12,13,14.

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65 Savage Opress

Not the most powerful Sith, but he held his own. If Darth Sidious did not kill him, I believe he would have become more powerful in the force. Darth Maul had more training than he did. Savage Opress killed at least three Jedi during the Clone Wars.

Savage is just like Darth Maul, but not as flexible. But could beat most Jedi.

Really it was stupid putting darth maul ahead but not savage.

This guys was able to slash so powerfully, that both Dooku and Ventress went flying across the room when he clashed his lightsaber at theirs!

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