Most Powerful Sith Lords from Star Wars

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61 The Inquisitor

Don't know who that is and I don't really care

Inqwisitor is amazing with a brilliant spinning lightsaber staff and is very powerful and evil and a Jedi hunter

The inquisitor is a scary but agile daring sith lord from star wars rebels and using the double bladed light sabre like DARTH MAUL is qute a relation and I think that he was tutored by Darth Maul and padawan of Darth Vader and in the season finale of series one of star wars rebels and sacrificed himself in a Imperial Star Destroyer in the Mustafar system by Jedi Kanan Jarus by breaking the sabre in two (the inquisitor's) and nearly killed Ezra Bridger but survived and died the Inquisitor by an overhaetd and nearly could 've exploded and he fell theInquisitor to his death introduced in Star Wars Rebels episode 1,4,7,8,9,12,13,14.

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62 Karness Muur

Vader see that with Muur help he was able to defeat Palpatine but he will only change one master to another.While possessing Celesta Morne he was able to unleash Storm of Force Lightning which severely injuries Darth Krayt the most powerful Sith Lord of his time.

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63 Darth Stryfe

He is a legend of star wars ad the old republic he was a dark legend

64 Supreme Leader Snoke

He could be a microorganism in real life plus he got the third death star destroyed. The death star doesn't work why do people build so many.

He was a brilliant sith as when Starkiller base was destroyed he remained calm and carried on, assuring them and himself they would carry on and come up with an alternative. Plus he seems strong in the force, intelligent and authorative.

Who even knows anything about him yet let alone his title as a sith let alone a lord we've never seen him use the force or a lightsaber for the matter and his existence has existed for a year (post episode 7)

Plagueis stuff is now not cannon only what Sidious said about him is cannon.

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65 Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks is a fictional character from the Star Wars saga created by George Lucas. A major character in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, he also has a smaller role in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and a one-line cameo in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and the television series more.

Jar Jar is truly the most powerful sith lord here. Without him, nothing in the movies would have happened. He's been puppeting everything from behind the stage the entire time.

Lol will someone please take this off

Jar Jar is daddy binks

he stupid

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