Top Ten Most Powerful, Skilled Jedi and Sith From the Star Wars Films

Note this is only from the six films, not from the books or games.

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1 Yoda Yoda Yoda is a fictional character in the Star Wars space opera franchise created by George Lucas, first appearing in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back.

Ok, look. What do you think the title Grand Master of the Jedi means? I mean, no offense. I love vader, he's my idol, but if Yoda went to Mustafar, not Kenobi, Vader would need more then that suit to survive. Heck, he wouldn't have even survived an encounter with Jedi Grand Master Yoda. Sure, Kenobi's a master swordsman, but Yoda knows all, and I stress ALL forms and variants of lightsaber combat. I mean, if you want a good fight, tell george Lucas to make Yoda fight vader. I mean BEFORE he got burned. Lets see if anakin can withstand YODA!

Yoda was a grandmaster, but Luke is more powerful, George Lucas himself said so. Also Luke became a grandmaster too - Lemmingnator

Yoda by all time is the most skilled Jedi. He has everything, good lightsaber combat skills, strong in the force, experience, name it all and he has it. He rarely kills, as he is the true follower of the light side. He has even seen Jedi turning from peacekeepers to warriors. He is still a peacekeeper. Now the point where he supposedly lost to Dooku. He didn't, he just saved Anakin and Obi-wan. And the point against Sidious, he could just get his lightsaber back anytime, but knew that for the time being, when he knew it was just him and Obi-Wan, he should complete his duty as a peacekeeper and not a warrior, and being a visionary saw a new light of hope ahead, and had to fulfill his duty as a Jedi Master, to train a new Padawan who could defeat the Empire.

People say he’s worse than Vader but if you take into account that he was way smaller, he is much more powerful. Besides, he nearly defeated the emperor and I think the emperor was more powerful than Vader

Yoda is the best. Some things he did are: he defeated Darth Bane, he was more powerful than emperor Sidious, he is one of the 8 Jedi Grandmasters ever, he can freeze people with the force, he defeated Dooku, one of the best swordsmen with almost no effort, he unlocked the path to immortality with the light side of the force, he doesn't even need a lightsaber to stop force lightning, he could tell when order 66 was happening, in episode 2 he saved a lot of important people in the jedi order by saving them with the gunships. That is only the last around 100 years of his life. Think what he he might have done in his first 800 years when in his prime.

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2 Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker Darth Vader was the original dark lord for Star Wars. Darth Vader ruled with both fear and aggression. Originally Anakin Skywalker a young Jedi who was then seduced by the dark side of the force by Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Vader had his limbs cut off by his jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi leaving more.

I think Vader is the 2nd most powerful person in all the franchises.

He is the chosen one

Anakin/Vader was very powerful as he was, with the biggest number of midichlorians even though he never reached his maximum potential. Some say they would love to see him face Yoda. Well remember Count Dooku? Yoda couldn't kill him, well Anakin did kill him and so I would have seen a glorious battle then. He would also have killed Obi Wan if it wasn't for that 1 advantage Obi had at the end.
And one last point, he's the chosen one - dammit!

Yoda could have killed him but fought passively, not aggressively. Also, he only let Dooku get away because he had to save ANAKIN and Obi - fwed

Emperor palpatean may have created darth Vader but he was the chosen one from his birth

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3 Darth Sidious Darth Sidious Sheev Palpatine (also known by his Sith identity Darth Sidious and publicly as Senator Palpatine, then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, and later Emperor Palpatine) is a fictional character and one of the primary antagonists of the Star Wars franchise, mainly portrayed by Ian McDiarmid.

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis "the wise"?
I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life... He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.
The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.
He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself.

Although it seems as though he lost to Mace Windu, he was clever enough and not driven so much by arrogance so to appear weak in order to manipulate Anakin. He remained hidden as a Sith Lord to the entire Jedi order until he revealed himself of his own accord. While many will argue that in the films he appeared to be lacking in power and unable to survive being thrown down a shaft, I think this is purely because it is a film and most if not all of the lore would have been made after the movies, which I guess would have explored the force to a greater extent than what was apparantly within Sidios' grasp, making him seem underpowered. However, much of the way that sith work is though manipulation, which could explain why Sidious didn't want to destroy Luke entirely if he had the chance to lure him into to killing his father and draw closer to the dark side.

He lost to Mace Windu and around 3 other Jedi, all attacking at once - fwed

I think he was the most powerful just short of the Ones, and the Chosen One(Anakin Skywalker). He was the only one to not literally BE the force, yet still manage to do what they could. In my mind, the force is like a river, and the users use it to their advantage becoming the force's Ally, even its Servant. But Sidious didn't do that. He dove into the water and made the river do as he said. He tamed the Dark Side. He owned the Dark Side. And when the maverick wave that was supposed to be uncontrollable struck him (the chosen one) he returned in the expanded universe. He defied the force, and succeeded. The force itself cannot harm him. Although Anakin could have been more powerful than him, he didn't let him, and the only one more powerful than him were the ones, who again, couldn't harm him, as he controlled the force. They were the force. The Ones were Sidious' pets. So, even if you were more powerful/skilled than Sidious, you still wouldn't be able to harm him.

He controlled BOTH sides of the Clone Wars! Who can compare?

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4 Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker is a fictional character appearing as the central protagonist of the original film trilogy, and as a supporting character in the sequel trilogy of the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas.

I don't even have to say anything for this one, Yoda was too old to fight for the last episodes so all we really know is that he can wield a saber and use the force really well and I am sure that the only scenes where he fights are the count dooku fight and where he fought with obi wan. Too all of you who said luke killed sidious, no Vader couldn't watch his son get electrocuted to death by sidious so he threw him off a ledge, ps luke had already messed Vader up like his arm being cut off and having the losing the saber duel. The only fight where luke got hurt by Vader was during episode V where he ends up thinking he is experienced but he gets his arm cut off. Finally sidous who I don't think can do much to the luke in the last jedi and considering the man only has a grasp and lighting bolts that he can use during a fight. So Luke saved the galaxy twice, injured Darth Vader (Darth sidious electrocution was the reason he died), killed the rancor and could of easily killed kylo ten but ...more - Masonw517

He is the greatest Jedi

After Episode VI, he became the one of the most powerful Jedi EVER. I meant, he might even be evenly matched with Yoda. In The Last Jedi, we see him make a force projection, something no other Jedi has done before (on screen). He was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order after ROTJ, the most powerful Jedi. Although Yoda MIGHT be evenly matched with him, he certainly should be higher than Darth Vader, I mean, he did defeat him in ROTJ.

I think he should be number 3 on this list (currently he is right after Sidious). He defeated Darth Vader, his father who was more training than him and destroyed the Death Star. He clearly cannot defend himself from Darth Sidious' lightning bolts (I guess it's what they're called) because as Vader said to him, "You are unwise to lower your defenses! ". He can defeat Sidious, if only he didn't lower his defenses. But, what I recommend more, is having Luke at number 2 next to Yoda. I mean, he only has short amount of training! At the Empire Strikes back we see him as a skilled Padawan (I didn't know how because nobody taught him the lightsaber tricks) and the next thing we saw on Return of the Jedi was like a Jedi Master even before becoming a Jedi Knight!

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5 Obi-Wan Kenobi Obi-Wan Kenobi Obi-Wan Kenobi is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe, played by Sir Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor.

Obi-Wan took down Grievous and Maul, when others couldn't. He survived Order 66 when almost every other Jedi didn't. He took down Vader, but just didn't finish him off (he would've killed him then if Vader wasn't in the Original Trilogy) He was very skilled against Dooku, and in the Clone Wars even bested him several times. Dooku just escaped. He helped found Luke, and begin his training. His ghost also helped guide Luke to destroy the Empire. He was skilled in lightsaber combat and the force as well. What else do I need to say. Obi Wan is indeed the best Jedi out there.

Obi Wan is very powerful skilled and passionate Jedi he beat Darth Vader Darth Maul General Grievous dooku. When he survived order 66 he helped to convince Yoda to go back to the Jedi Temple and stop to rest of the clones and take back the temple so they could change the message and warn any surviving Jedi to stay away thinking of others instead of himself not to mention he and Yoda were largely outnumbered.and sacrificed himself to disable the tractor beam and save the others then came back and train Luke and guide him.he should be should be at least number 2 at the least.

Obi Wan Kenobi singlehandedly defeated and killed Darth Maul and General Grievous, he managed to seriously maim Anakin Skywalker/Vader, he held his own against Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress, managed to survive the Jedi Purge, and was a serious component in rebuilding the Jedi Order.

There is no way you can convince me that any other jedi or sith (from the movie franchise) is a better fighter than Obi. Sure, Yoda and Sidious maybe more force-adept, and Mace Windu may have been a stronger saber-fighter, but Obi-wan is still top tier in both categories. Just take a look at his accomplishments: Killed Darth Maul in one-on-one combat (becoming the first jedi to do so in 1000 years), defeated Count Dooku, killed General Grievous, defeated Anakin Skywalker who he trained and became one of the most powerful sith, and trained Like Skywalker, who defeated Darth Vader. Nobody else on this list deserves the #1 seat more than Obi-wan Kenobi.

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6 Mace Windu Mace Windu Mace Windu is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe, portrayed by actor Samuel L. Jackson in the prequel films.

He is a god. Better than Yoda!

He was second in power only to Yoda and created Vaapad.

During his time as a Jedi, it is written that Windu was considered the best at light saber combat but was second behind Yoda in force abilities among the Jedi. I read that overall he was considered the second most powerful Jedi behind Yoda.

His battles against Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones and Darth Sidious in Revenge of the Sith, are the only appearances that he makes fighting in the movies, and they do make him stand out because he could defeat Sidious, even though I think that Sidious could have sensed Anakin and gave up in order to make him believe that the Jedi were evil and fully turn him to the dark side. Mace�'s appearances in the Clone Wars make him the most bad-ass Jedi as he defeats his enemy without a problem. That is all canon material, about some legends mentioned material, he is the only Jedi that masters the 7th form of lightsaber combat, further refining his skills. Being able to borrow some dark side techniques, he can easily take down a sith lord.

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7 Darth Revan Darth Revan Revan is a fictional character in BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game. The character may be either male or female, though Revan is canonically male and follows the game's light-side path.

He's a god he destroyed someone immortal seriously immortal do you even know what that means.

Time and time again Revan is said to be "the force itself" and "the epitome of Jedi and Sith power" He wiped out the armies of the mandalorians and then began The First Jedi Purge. The Jedi were so afraid of him that they laid a trap to erase his memory (this was there last hope since revan had pushed them to the brink of extinction). Revan was turned to the light and them proceeded to wipe out the sith empire he had created, killing hundreds of sith apprentices, Warriors, and lords. He then took on Darth Malak. Darth malak had used te starforge to capture the force power of almost 100 Jedi. He then added this to his own power. Revam still defeated him. Revan then went on to combat the sith emperor, darth vitiate, who had destroyed an entire planet in order to gain the power of IMMORTALITY! Revan bested him in combat (HE BESTED SOMEONE WHO is IMMORTAL! ). Revan was captured though, only because he was betrayed during his battle with the emperor. He was placed in ...more

Darth Revan is not the most powerful Jedi/Sith to exist, no sources can prove otherwise yet. However, his military strategies remove the need for even Battle Meditation, he has a deep understanding of both the Light and the Dark side that no other Jedi or Sith is known to have, he has a vast array of skills other than force-use and lightsaber skills and would be a tremendous asset to both the Jedi or the Sith, as he has proved. So overall power no, but overall skill, yes.

Darth Revan brought the republic to its needs while maintaining its inner workings. Be became one of the most powerful sixth ever to protect the galaxy from the true sixth threat. He resumed himself, killed the with lord who betrayed him, and achieved his goal of protecting the galaxy by influencing the mind of the immortal and powerful with lord for 300 years. Plus he had the coolest costume, more so than even Darth Vader.

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8 Darth Maul Darth Maul Darth Maul is a fictional character in the science fiction franchise Star Wars. Trained as Darth Sidious's first apprentice, he serves as a Sith Lord and a master of wielding a double-bladed lightsaber. Darth Maul first appeared in Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace, and has also appeared in The more.

Darth maul was the only Sith to molest young anikin without getting caught. He was the only one that was able to defeat Captain Kirk and Spock before the clone wars even started. Darth maul was also the only master that could shuffle a deck of cards with one hand.

He took on a Jedi Master and beat the snot out of him before stabbing him in the chest, then survived being sliced in half and built himself robot legs with his mind. Do not mess with this guy.

He owned Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. After slaying Jinn. Maul abused Kenobi and had "The High Ground" which by all lightsaber logic, skills and rules, Kenobi should have been slain.

Darth Maul was a badass. He used flashy skill sets and survived a 2v1 against Kenobi and Jinn. Shortly after he killed the jedi master and had the "higher ground" against Kenobi. He could've killed him but waited leading to his down fall... literally. But somehow he survived and was his usual badass self again.

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9 Count Dooku Count Dooku Count Dooku of Serenno, from the House of Dooku is a fictional character from the Star Wars franchise, appearing in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith as a primary and minor antagonist respectively. He was portrayed by Christopher Lee and more.

A super all rounded Sith Lord, with intelligence, maneuverability (despite his age) and of course incredible fighting power. What makes him so good is his age, being able to match and even beat these young Jedis in their prime is a extreme achievement.

Count Dooku was extremely old for his species and he was able to defeat several Jedi at a time. He could hold his own against the legendary Master Yoda and defeat Obi-Wan with Anakin in Attack of the Clones. Dooku could also project force lightning which few Sith could accomplish in the Star Wars movies.

Dooku should be 5th. He beat Obi Wan, was considered to be the best lightsaber duelist of the Jedi Order along with Yoda and Windu in his time. Anakin defeated him and it's obvious Yoda and Palpatine are above him. Windu is equal to Dooku, so that makes Dooku 5th in my opinion. - JamesNicholls

Even in his 70's he was outfighting Anakin and Obi Wan, and if his lightsaber isn't the coolest thing ever nothing is.

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10 Darth Plagueis Darth Plagueis Darth Plagueis is a fictional character from Star Wars. Originally a Muun named Hego Demask, Plagueis trained under Darth Tenebrous. After he murdered Tenebrous, Plagueis, disguised as businessman Hego Demask, mentored a young Palpatine. Palpatine eventually joined Plagueis as his Sith apprentice. Plagueis more.

Revan isn't in the Movies

Doesn't count cause not part of the six films, otherwise guys like Darth Bane or Darth Nihilus would be on top of the list, or Darth Plagueis.

Darth Plagueis could stop who ever he wanted from dying and could create life. He has mastery of both the light and dark side. His mastery of the force is beyond what any other Sith Lord or Jedi Master has managed, even "The Chosen One" (having the most midichlorians means most potential, not that he necessarily used it; to get the full potential of his midichlorian level Anakin/Darth Vader would need to hone his skills for hundreds of years, but his life was cut short. By cheating death, Plagueis was able to make full use of his potential). Palpatine had to *try* to kill him while he was asleep because he knew he was no match for Plagueis, but Plagueis was aware of the attempt on his life and actually survived it (it was actually master manipulation, a sign of his power in the dark-side force). Presumably he was able to block his force from being sensed by Jedi such as Yoda as well.
-yes, this is mostly conjecture

Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth plagueis the wise?

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11 Qui-Gon Jinn Qui-Gon Jinn Qui-Gon Jinn is a fictional character in the Star Wars saga, portrayed by Liam Neeson and is one of the main protagonists in the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

Liam Neeson will find you...

Qui Gon Jinn discovered the Chosen One, discovered the way to retain your identitity even after death, and trained yet another of the greatest Jedi ever, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Even though he was killed by the first Sith Lord he ever encountered, in the same movie he debuted in, he did set the course for the rest of the saga. Even though it may be a mistake he would have regretted, he did discover Anakin and brought him to the Jedi temple, leaving Anakin's mom to later die on Tattooine, causing Anakin's first to drift ever closer to the Dark Side, and later reject the Dark Side and bring balance to the force. Without Qui Gon, there would be no story! He also was a rebellious Jedi who had very unorthodox methods and beliefs, and he ultimately became one of the most powerful and knowledgeable force users ever, even after death. If it wasn't for him, Obi Wan wouldn't have became a ghost and been able to tell Luke Skywalker to go to Degobah. That's another reason Qui Gon is very important to the ...more

My opinion is he's one of the bests. He could of easily defeated Maul. He let Maul win to teach Obi-Wan a lesson, which Obi-Wan repeated for Luke. I'm not saying he's the number one most powerful Jedi but I am saying he's definitely wise, extremely smart for studying the Living Force, and there's no denying that he's a badass. He's a maverick who does what he needs to do, even if it means disobeying the Jedi council if he feels it's the right thing to do. Without Qui-Gon, Luke wouldn't of been able to become a Jedi so rapidly, nor would any Jedi have knowledge of becoming one with the force after death. Once again, just my opinion.

Maybe he was killed in his first movie duel, but a jedi's power is not only about strength. It's also about wisdom, knowledge and the ability to teach.

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12 Galen Marek/Starkiller Galen Marek/Starkiller Galen Marek, codenamed Starkiller, was a male Human apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. A powerful Force-user who lived during the era of the Galactic Empire, Marek originated from the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk as the sole offspring of two Jedi Knights—Mallie and Kento Marek—who deserted more.

Purely combative, we see no other Jedi or Sith with as much control and command over the force and his lightsaber(s).

Starkiller he took out a star destroyer using the force then took down vader like garbage then took down sidious but didn't kill him when he could because kota said not to.

All of the people in this list don't know what they're talking about galen's role in the franchise is to be the most powerful whom he is with complete mastery over both dark and light side of the force don't you get it he is meant to be the best

He defeated Vader and did as much damage to him since when obi wan fought him. Found Yoda and escaped the death star, I mean how the hell.

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13 Darth Bane Darth Bane Darth Bane is a legendary Sith from Star Wars. Darth Bane was one of the greatest Sith lords who ever lived in the Star Wars universe. Darth Bane's greatest accomplishment was creating the Rule of Two, making the Sith am secretive order with one master and one apprentice. The apprentice would learn more.

Darth Bane was the first unite in his being the knowledge of the dark side and the power of the dark side of the force.

Also he was the most intuitive/receptive of his time to the way of the dark side, which prove his powerful and profound connection with the force.

He negated a full legion of sith, just because he felt inside it self the power of the dark side. That's awesome.

He knew he was right, unlike Vader, and this gives him the power to break the ice and to negate the current sith ideology.

Darth Bane stopped at nothing for knowledge of the dark side. Survived the thought bomb. All while learning it on his own through the neglect of the sith academy. Bane is by far the strongest physically hands down.

Bane recreated the sith order and stopped it from extinction.

He did not create the rule of two he got it from a holocron that was recorded by Darth Revan. He wiped out the sith through the use of the thought bomb. If you want to know more read "Darth Bane: Path of Destruction".

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14 Satele Shan

Are you kidding me not should be this low on the list she should be number 3 not 14 you guys are crazy she is the second most powerful jedi ever. The only jedi that would defeat her is Yoda.

She was the Jedi Grand Master during the Old Republic era and had tremendous connection with the force linked to her mother Bastila Shan and the all powerful Revan. Enough said about that.

Is she even in an episode?

She was more powerful than yoda

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15 Shaak Ti Shaak Ti

She is a verry powerful jedi

" Shaaki TI is one of the wises jedi ever. She was able to make wise decisions for many clones and the jedi Order. However she did have her faults. Like being one of the closes jedi to clones and yet she didn't except Order 66. Not all Jedi are perfect and honestly. I would have placed her around 11.

She fights in a dress and still fights better than the rest.

She is wise but couldn't see order 66 coming!

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16 Lord Vitiate

Lord Viate, is by far one of the most powerful, Sith Lords, having been able to kill both parents with a thought at age six, he was given the name 'Lord Viate' at 13 years of age, he then began to research the arts of ancient Sith to increase his longevity and eventually, being a master of both Sith Sorcery and Alchemy, as well as having an Ideal knowledge of both the light and dark sides of the force, He could seed his consciousness into the minds of children, and even suppress those childrens force sensitivity, increasing the chance that he would continue to live on, the ultimate sleeper agent, He dominated the minds of countless sith lords and master jedi, capable of devouring entire planets with a complex ritual, he was capable of subduing both Revan and Malak, and turned them to his will. He is not truely dead, and was in control of the Sith Empire for almost 1,300 years.

Devours planets to make himself more powerful, can control minds of master Jedi, can't die because his soul is spread around in different people

He is more powerful than yoda and palpatine combined. Fancy killing both your parents at the age of 6!

He should be top character

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17 Ki-Adi-Mundi Ki-Adi-Mundi

Over powered in his prime in the comics he is a god

He has a nice head

He was the only Jedi that was able to put up a fight during order 66 he was also personally trained by yoda n has been on the Jedi high council since the first movie

He was so wise that he could locate an enemy's weakness in second. Plus, he was the only jedi besides Mace Windu to wield a purple lightsaber.

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18 Exar Kun Exar Kun

Exar Kun Slaughtered thousands of Jedi (Masters included) and took down the Jedi grand master like it was nothing!

He created the double bladed light saber. Darth maul thanks him for that.

HE SHOULD BE NO.6 - riki1234

Exar kun destroyed a droid factory.

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19 Darth Nihilus Darth Nihilus

Lmao he was basically the sith version of the death star and could kill every other sith lord and possibly abeloth

Darth Nihilus can actually find people on a planet with the force. He is awesome in fights and probably knows about all the force can do. This guy is amazing and could kill even Vader or other star wars characters easily, and this guy killed his MASTER. That is just amazing.

Not strongest, but very strong. Underrated too.

Best Sith Lord : can drain force!

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20 Darth Malgus Darth Malgus

He should be in the top 5 because he wiped out the whole Jedi temple easily. His force abilities are awesome

Should be number one

Better than maul BY FAR! - riki1234

Darth malgus killed the old emperor and slayed many jedi he is much better than any sith I have seen (apart from a few other) he should be in at least the top five

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21 Jek-14

He defeated yoda, mace windu, darth sidious, count dooku, and 30 other versions of himself. I guess the original is the best. He partly trained luke skywalker and saved the " group of hero's " countless times. This is why he should be in the top 10.

He is an awesome character, and a badass in a fight. Man, if I saw he was on the list I would have voted for him. Oh well... Also, he was created by Lego, and I think he looks really cool.

In Lego Star Wars, the Yoda Chronicles, episode 1, The Phantom Clone, he took on Yoda and Mace Windu at the same time and won. - Elias35

HE is powerful like can use the his electricity and the force at the same time

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22 Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus

I don't see how he isn't even in the list? I know he was killed by his sister in the end but only because of bombs fetts training and being distracted by lukes mind games and the fact his daughter was about to be assassinated. Luke even said defeating him would mean he had to turn to the dark side! With some of the people on that list it's a madness haha he was a bad ass even as a Jedi, but as a sith he had the power to live up to his grandads potential if he hadn't become robo-vader. I mean the guy could flow walk? Who's gonna beat him in a saver fight really?

Jacen the would be an excellent villain in a star wars film. Imagine him vs Han Solo. Father vs son. Just like Luke and Vader.

I'm currently reading a book with him in it (before he was evil), and I thought he was a great character. Only now did I realize he became a Sith in the end. WHY JACEN, WHY?! - RiverClanRocks

Jacen is a character who everyone felt sorry for when he turned away from the light side. His character probably laid the groundwork for Kylo Ren.

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23 Rey Rey Rey is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed by British actress Daisy Ridley. First appearing as the central character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey is a scavenger who was left behind on the planet Jakku when she was a child, and later becomes involved with the Resistance's more.

With no training, Rey manages to master the Force and defeats the powerful Kylo Ren. The Force Awakens is saying that the Force has awaken in her. If she gets training to be a Jedi by Luke, she could turn out to be the strongest Jedi ever.

Rey is super awesome. With no training at all, she masters many Force techniques. She also has a tragic past, but I still wonder who her parents are. Maybe Luke will reveal that "I am your father" Heh heh.

Shows natural aptitude for the force and will undoubtedly grow in power over the subsequent films- particularly with Luke's guidance.

If Rey is the new chosen one, there is a risk for her to succumb to darkness. Just like Anakin, she takes too much pride in herself.

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24 N'Kata Del Gormo

This is yoda's master according to the legends!

This guy is on twice

Biggest penis in the universe. his dick was also most powerful

25 Saesee Tiin

Apparently he was the best jedi pilot. Shame that he couldn't defend from the emperor.

His dick was huge!

26 Ben Skywalker

Why was he even created? He has no purpose

He's stupid and I hate him

I dun even know who this CRAZY CHARACTER is

He is ben solo and kylo ren

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27 Starkiller Starkiller Galen Marek, codenamed Starkiller, was a male Human apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Vader. A powerful Force-user who lived during the era of the Galactic Empire, Marek originated from the Wookiee home planet of Kashyyyk as the sole offspring of two Jedi Knights—Mallie and Kento Marek—who deserted more.

Would easily kill Rey

He isn't good or bad, which is a shame because he would be an excellent jedi or enemy. He can bring an entire star cruiser down to the ground! Never underestimate this super cool badass

Don't even get me started on how badass this guy is. At the age of 17 he easily rivaled Darth Vader and the emperor. He probably could have even killed Vader on the Death Star.

He has taken down full-sized destroyers with the force and beat Darth Vader. He can make Tie-Fighters disintegrate in less than a second as well.

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28 Marka Ragnos

He is the king of the sith he was so powerful his rain was called the golden age

Had a monster dick!

29 Cade Skywalker

He's the best because he can defeat anyone - con

He is the best I mean he is better then yoda and obiwan and luke together. - con

Who is Cade? If he can beat all of those people he should be at the top.

He survived a drop from 60 feet high!

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30 Jaina Solo

Her brother is evil, he worked for the empire. Jaina

She is evil she killed her brother

Janina isn't evil, her brother worked for the Sith. She shot him to save mon mothma

31 Agen Kolar

Who is this jerk

32 Abeloth

Abeloth is literally the most powerful creature in th Star Wars universe. She can make others do her bidding that are light years away. There's only one way to kill her and it's not even 100% certain that's the way to do it.

Please tell me why bail is in front of abeloth and ventress

Most powerful. Should be number one

Why is abeloth at so low? she beat grandmaster luke, who george lucas said was the strongest jedi, forget yoda and vader, abeloth should be #1

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33 Darth Krayt

A fearsome jedi and Sith Lord. He was skilled in the use of force lightning and force illusions. He was well trained in 3 forms of jedi combat and 1 format of Sith combat.

The main villain in the Legacy comic series, he is a great Sith. It is interesting how he is shunned by his Sith predecessors due to his disregard to the Rule of Two.

34 Maw
35 Bastila Shan
36 Adi Gallia Adi Gallia

She is should be higher up

She had a red lightsaber in episode one although it was not seen.

She lost to Savage Oppress. She is clearly not the best.

She got captured by grievous.

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37 Savage Opress Savage Opress

Think about how powerful he would be if he had not been murdered with his power growing everyday.

Cool, but he is still hidden in the shadow of his brother, though he kind of deserves it

He is way better than that! Darth Maul and him are just about as tough as Obi.

He has a double bladed light saber.

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38 Boc
39 Gorc
40 Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. He appears in the original trilogy as a main and pivotal antagonist serving the Galactic Empire, while his past as Anakin Skywalker and the story of his corruption are the focus of the prequel trilogy.


He defeated count dooku with out obi wan

Anakin Skywalker, deserves respect. Without him, we wouldn't have Luke as a great hero or ever have the but kicking Darth Vader. Despite his good looks, he still is one of the most skilled and bad ass jedi of his time.

- Master of Djem So
- Master of Shien
- Notable practitioner of Ataru and Soresu
- A level 9 duelist
- Incredible physical feats without force augmentation
- Amazing resilience
- A focused mind
- Natural talent
- Unparalleled reflexes
- Skill with telekinesis
- Tactical genius
- Fought numerous times against dark force users, gaining him a lot of experience in a dueling environment
- Defeated numerous dark force users
- Has access to strong emotions to gift him with exceptional power
- Relentless determination
- Seen by many among the jedi as the greatest warrior they had

The list goes on. I honestly think Anakin Skywalker is underestimated amongst the Star Wars fan base. Maybe because he's disliked or simply because Obi Wan Kenobi defeated him on Mustafar. However, Anakin only lost to Obi Wan due to his unbalanced emotions during the battle. This allowed Obi Wan to seek a tactical advantage which Anakin was blind to; his rage ...more

41 Luminara Unduli Luminara Unduli

She is a very talented Jedi though never in the jedi council she has very skilled moves. Being agile has helped her.

Luminara is a skilled and disciplined Jedi, but her closed-mindedness is her Kryptonite.

42 Kylo Ren Kylo Ren Kyle Ren is a fictional Sith lord, who is strong with the Force. Kylo Ren commands the First Order with a temper as fiery as his unconventional lightsaber. His debut was in 2015's Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. Ren's real identity is Ben Solo, the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia. He was trained more.

Kylo Ren should be rated better. He has amazing force powers. He can freeze people, he can stop blaster bolts, he can look into peoples minds... you name it. He is a bit under rated because of the duels at the end of movie 7. Look at it this way. He was smart to pretend to be good before killing his father. If not for that Chewy would've shot and killed him. When the duel with Finn began he had already been wounded from a deadly laser blast but still destroyed him. Then he nearly beat Rey and only lost because Rey used her incredible force powers. Also he hasn't even finished his training yet.

This is just my opinion but I think Kylo Ren kinda sucks. He threw 2 temper tantrums in the movie when things didn't go his way. Also his lightsaber looks stupid.

Not bad maybe a little higher I didn't really like him in the movie as much because I think the actor who played him stunk and he was to whiny but still powerful

Kylo Ren is a very three-dimensional character, but he is this at the exspense of being a true villain. But he can FREEZE A BLASTER BOLT MIDAIR! If that isn't an awesome ability, I don't know what is (Bonus Points for being the first Star Wars character to do this).

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43 Meetra Surik / The Jedi Exile

As good as her intentions are, she nearly caused the death of the force! I think that's saying something

It's really obvious why I voted this character.

She almost single-handedly caused the death of the force. Twice. That's some serious crap right there

She managed to kill all the Sith Triumvirate members (Darth Traya, Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus) by her own! Alone! She also defeated all the Sith at Trayus Academy (Malachor V). Unique duelist, able to successfully use all forms of lightsaber combat, proficient in a wide range of Force Powers, exemplariness in Light Side, wise,... SHE ROCKS!

Due to her efforts and achievements, the Jedi Order could survive!

44 Quinlan Vos Quinlan Vos

Surviving Order 66 is enough to be on this list. But to use Vaapad so effortlessly, rival even the strongest of Jedi, and look cool while doing it? I mean, Yoda's obviously #1. But Quinlan Vos is definitely high up there.

I mean common, a prototypical Gray Jedi, and part of a Jedi spy network. This guy is all sorts of awesome.

He has some cool talents, but his oft-shifting alliances allow him to be exploited by Sith like Count Dooku.

Quinlan is so cool. He can use vaapad and can still stay good. Plus, he survived the jedi purge. Now that's saying something.

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45 Michael Lycan
46 Pic
47 Yun
48 Eeth Koth Eeth Koth

Why is Eeth 48 on this list he kills multiple droids in 1 minite and nearly defeated Grevious and he is on the jedi council He is the 15th most powerful jedi ever not 48 sorry.

I think eeth is awesome. No one can withstand pain like him.

His dixk was smaller than his balls. but that's ok. I give it a 6/8

He is a good fighter but he thought that he could take on grevos but he was roung so grevos killed him

49 Princess Leia Princess Leia Princess Leia Organa, later known as General Leia Organa, is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed in films by Carrie Fisher.

Since when is she a Jedi?
Dgmw, I like Leia, and Carrie Fisher was amazing and still so hawt at like 60.
Also, RIP Carrie Fisher, you where awesome as Leia.

50 General Kota

I know he isn't the best, but you gotta admit, he was pretty cool. Not to mention he lasted over seven days in an execution arena and survived an attack from vader's apprentice, the same person who beat vader himself.

This guy was pretty badass even when blind.

He shouldn't have stopped Starkiller from killing the emperor

The guy is blind and he's a Jedi master no needs to be said

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