Top Ten Most Powerful, Skilled Jedi and Sith From the Star Wars Films

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61 K'Kruhk

This guy... survived a near fatal battle with Grevious and Asajj Ventress, survived Order 66, avoided the Galactic Empire, trained Cade Skywalker, survived the reign of Darth Krayt, and one of the members of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate. Not as skilled in fighting as Yoda, but almost as strong in the force, being able to sense the clones during Order 66 like Yoda did. He is one of the oldest living Jedi to date and has yet to be KILLED. He is over one and a half centuries old. In closing this guy is invincible. Plus he's a samurai

Anyone who can survive order 66 is going to be awesome. But to be responsible for training one of my favourite jedi and being a samurai is just plain cool.

Anyone who can survive order 66 is going to be awesome. But to be responsible for training one of

62 Darth Tenebrous

He was the master of Darth plagues, who could make life and bring back the dead and save people he loved, and that's the apprentice. We all know the master is str

He can make zombies. Think of that

63 Kazdan Paratus

Darth Vader to Starkiller-(Kazdan Paratus is far more powerful than you, I do not expect you to survive but if you do you will be one step closer to your destiny. Kazdan Parratus passed his jedi trials and was accepted by the high jedi council, and he became a jedi knight. He soon fled to a planet made of junk, and created massive warriors (Junk Titans) to protect the planet. But unfortunatley Starkiller showed up to face Kazdan. Starkiller to Kazdan Paratus-"Kazdan Paratus at last", then they fought, Kazdan even called upon the force and summoned two Junk Titans!. They almost wiped out Starkiller but, they didn't and starkiller barely defeated Kazdan Paratus. Yes without a doubt he deserves to be on this list, he was accepted by the high jedi council, became a jedi knight, was able to summon massive beings out of the FORCE, and lastly ALMOST DEFEATED STARKILLER, enough said.

Passed his trials, was accepted by the high jedi council, He became a jedi knight, he could summon massive creatures out of the force called Junk Titans, DARTH VADER even thought he was more powerful than STARKILLER, and he almost defeated STARKILLER.

Creating giants with the force has got to be the coolest power ever. Imagine if a jedi could stop time or rearrange particles.

Anyone who can beat kazdan who is not starkiller is now the best jedi (or Sith Lord for that matter).

64 Clone Commander Bly

Killed Aayla Secura, led the 327th Star Corps and all around was badass so yeah he's awesome.

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65 Commander Cody

Commander Cody and Rex have the same personalities Rex is just a little stronger

Cool, but not as cool as Rex (who should be so much higher on this list)

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66 Freedon Nadd
67 Darth Colonial
68 Coleman Kcaj

He looks like a bump with a booger instead of his head

His face looks like it is upside-down.

Is it coincidental that two Colemans are next to eachother? Hmm...

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69 Coleman Trebor

The only appearance he ever made was his death. He could have been a cool jedi if he was given the chance.

70 Yaddle Yaddle

Basically yaddle is a female yoda.

This is basically a female yoda.

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71 Oppo Rancisis Oppo Rancisis

There is some rumour that he is stronger with the force than yoda.

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72 Yarael Poof Yarael Poof

I remember this guy for his weird expression and scene-stealing head rocking. Though I don't say scene-stealing in a good way.

He actually has 4 arms and 2 brains.

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73 Jocusta Nu

Librarians are cool! She may not be the most powerful, but she is without a doubt the smartest.

She is just a librarian. She sucks.

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74 Stass Allie
75 Cin Drallig
76 Pong Krell

Whilst he does not enjoy the idea of clone troopers, he is still an excellent jedi. His double bladed lightsaber action is sick.

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77 Bail Organa Bail Organa

Bail once trained to become a jedi but gave up and became a senator instead.

Though not to good at combat, he is an honest and trustworthy Senator.

Though he isn't a jedi, Bail is still one of my favourite characters.

He created the rebel alliance. He is cool

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78 Even Piell Even Piell V 1 Comment
79 General Di

Why is he even on here. He is in one episode and in it he dies. Not suprising, considering his full name is Ima Gun Di ( if you don't get it, notice that it sounds a lot like "i'm'a gonna die")

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80 Ezra V 2 Comments
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