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Yoda is a fictional character in the Star Wars space opera franchise created by George Lucas, first appearing in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back.


Yoda must be on the 1. Place. Obi Wan and Anakin, only both together can beat Dooku. Yoda beat Dooku easily. After 15 sekonds, Dooku was running away because yoda was much stronger than him. Ankin beat Dooku, beacause Dooku didn't fought serious. He didn't want to kill Anakin, because Palpatine needed Anakin fir his Plans. Yoda beats everybody in STAR WARS! Dooku beats Anakin, Obi beats Anakin, Dooku beats Obi Yoda beats Dooku Mace beats Dooku Mace beats Darth Sidious Yoda beats Sidious. So, 1. Yoda 2. Mace 3. Dooku 4. Obi and Anakin
That is not only my opinion. It's so! ;-D

As seen in the official Star Wars canon, Yoda is without a doubt the most powerful force user. His 900 years of experience helped him have a much better understanding of the force and life. It would not be however, until the finale of Star Wars the Clone Wars when we see Yoda truly understand the fore. This to me makes him the most powerful canonical and legends character ever, even though he did not defeat Darth Sidious in Revenge of the Sith.

Anyone who sites the fact that he couldn't beat dooku but Anakin/vader did either hasn't seen the movies, or is wilfully ignoring circumstances. He WAS beating, in fact, crushing, Dooku, but he opted to allow him to escape to save Obi-wan and Anakin. And he was beating the emperor before falling and deciding that it would be better to go into hiding.

I love Yoda and all don't get me wrong but I don't think he should be in first place. In my opinion Vader is the best but Yoda was pretty bad ass. He was a master in all the forms of lightsaber combat. He knew every everything about the Jedi and the light side of the force. He was proof that you didn't need the darkside to be abnormally powerful. He was never ever defeated in lightsaber combat. He won a duel against Dooku who was one of the greatest lightsaber duelists in the history of the Jedi and the Sith. He equaled Darth Sideous in force abilities and tied in their battle purely because Sideous had spread the Darkside everywhere.

How is yoda not number one? He beat everyone he ever faced... Anakin/darth lost to dooku once before beating him, lost to luke, lost to obi wan and was losing to him in new hope till he decided to sacrifice himself and let vader win so he can communicate to luke... Yoda hands down is the best

The Grand Master Of the Jedi Order who survived the genocide against Jedi and remained wise and powerful. He led the Return of the Jedi, training Luke Skywalker to fight and make the stand for the Jedi

Yoda takes it easy an all of them. If yoda went awol he would have murdered everyone. Yoda was the wisest of all which made him the most powerful. The fact he was a good guy was his only weakness.

Yoda is second in power only to Mace Windu, The reason he holds the title of grand master jedi is only because of his age compared to Windu far exceeds any knowledge of the force Windu will ever gain.

How many sith did yoda kill? None
How many saber fights did yoda flee from? All of them
He lives for 800 years and humans that live to 70 are better than he is.
He was blind and arrogant not to see what was going on for having all the "wisdom" he was credited to have

Obi wan is the best Jedi hands down

Grand Master Yoda is very powerful he is super fast and very good at jumping he holds a light saber that's bigger that him self as in he can hold heavy things. People need to be comfortable with hitting small and tiny stuff or they'really done for. He even teacher Luke Skywalker to be better than him.

Yoda isn't as powerful as everyone thinks he is how does he draw against count dooku and loose against darth sidious

I pick yoda because he trained Jedi for over 800 years, proven by books, the movie and wikipedia, he he was the Grand Master of the Jedi, apointed so by the High Councell, they all thought he was good enough to lead them... He didn't loose to Dooku, Dooku ran away after trying to kill Obi-one and Anakin, Yoda saved them both, and he is the master of all the lightsaber forms, best jedi he is

Yoda is the most powerful jedi master. Besides his age he trained luke who is a powerful jedi knight.

Even though Yoda is a great Jedi and very powerful. I still think Anakin is the most powerful Jedi but Yoda is the wisest.

Sure Yoda is the most powerful Jedi! As already said, what do you think does "Grand Master" mean?

Yoda is so hyperactive in Star wars Attack of the Clones and that is why he is so powerful.

Yoda has lived for over 800 years. He has never been close to being beaten. He has trained almost all the Jedi.

We never actually saw him win a lightsaber duel. In force potential, he is second to Anakin. In actual force abilites, he is unmatched. In lightsaber dueling, he's intimidating because he jumps around, but he couldn't quite beat his former student, Dooku (although this may just be because Dooku fled) and he couldn't defeat a weakened Palpatine (I mean, Mace Windu beat him and is the reason he is weakend).

I think Yoda should be the first because he kick Darth Vader suit or no suit.

No-one can beat this little green guy in his prime. - Goku02

I'm not surprised that yoda is number 1 on this list but according to the legends, yoda's master was N' kata del gormo. I don't know if gormo would be better than yoda because yoda trained many jedi including luke skywalker, and count dooku. When the emperor defeated yoda in episode 3 I think it was because yoda wasn't exactly doing his best because wasn't fighting as hard as he usually does.

Yoda is the ultimate grandmaster he is the strongest force user in any era!

Master Yoda awesome in the force. His flaw.. Not picking up on Palpatine.

Yoda for one good reason: the force is with him!

If Yoda wasn't so damn old he could kick the asses of every single Sith.