Top 10 Most Powerful Sonic Characters

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41 King Boom Boo
42 Professor Pickle

Laugh out loud! PP is the best char! He is like 100000 times cooler than that dumbass shadow!

Because he'd kick all their asses.

More like Professor steal your girl

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43 Shadic

Should be 3-4 ( the two shadic super forms are stronger)

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44 Christopher Thorndyke
45 Bean the Dynamite
46 Sticks
47 Coldsteel the Hedgehog
48 Chris

This is a joke, right?

Chris is kinda cranky due to why he wouldn't fight back.

Chris couldent even beat a snai

49 Cream

Why the hell is Chris here?! Get him off! He is just a human, no super power unlike others like Blaze.

Cream can kill emerl, the ultimate fighting machine

For those who is saying cream is weak: play sonic advance 2 and 3 to see how broken she is - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Cream is the strongest character in Sonic Games according to gameplay. She can cheese all of the bosses in Sonic Advance(I hate myself).

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50 cosmo
51 Time Eater

So many tries but I like the music

52 Cheese

If you ever played advanced 2 you know cheese is the Chuck Norris of the sonic franchise

Cheese's a cute thing, he is a Chao and learns more things. he has special moves

I agree Cheese could take down all of them at once.

Cheese is amazing! So cute and like a pet to the Sonic gang.

53 Magic Hero

He's a stupid saiyan, I know he began as a magic bag from the show that I have loved, he is a wussy hero, I also loved his powers based on a Etch A Sketch, a popular drawing toy!

54 Emerl the Hedgehog
55 Manic the Hedgehog
56 Bark the Polar Bear
57 Darkspine Sonic Darkspine Sonic
58 Storm the Albatross

WAY better than Big.

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