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Batman aka Bruce Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27. In film, he has been portrayed by Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, more.


Batman should be number 1. He is the only man who can defeat superman like a kid. He has the most sharpest brain in the universe.

Whoever votes for Batman is an idiot, he doesn't have any power what so ever... All he has are some cool gadgets and some okay fighting skills. I don't know someone in their right mind that would say that Batman is the best superhero, If u call Batman the best Superhero you are out of your mind, he has a sidekick because he can't deal with things himself, he also has a butler! Superman is a humble guy, he has an average job.. Batman/Bruce Wayne promotes himself! Batman V.s. Superman is stupid... Superman could fly right up to Batman and Laser eye him for as long as he wants, There are plenty of ways Superman could kill Batman, but the only way batman could kill superman is kryptonite... and if superman wanted he could probably blow up krypton somehow! Batman doesn't have balls... He needs a SIDEKICK AND A BUTLER! Plenty of people could walk right up to gadget Bat and kill him. The problem is to have Superman lose is a way to make the movie unexpeted if they made the movie reality ...more - BenTheBoss

Batman is the exception to the rule. He stands toe to toe to the greatest super powers in the game. Not only did you beat Superman as a kid I remember reading a comic where he went up against the Hulk and came out still standing. Hulk didn't know what hit him. The only reason why Batman isn't number one is because he's human. What should be recognized is the fact that for a mortal with absolutely no supernatural advantages he still ranks high amongst the greatest forces in the comic book world.

Batman is the most intelligent superhero. He must have been in the top 3 as he could defeat the Justice League easily. In the comic book Justice League Doom we can see batman having plans to defeat each and every superhero if they pose a threat to the world. His plans were perfect as they had been tested by Vandal Savage and other villains. Each of the villains had almost succeeded in defeating all the superheroes as batman came to their rescue and saved them. If batman wanted to prove that he is the strongest superhero he could have proved it this way. But batman had plans of defeating superman by shooting a kryptonite bullet at him. He also had an another way that is in his strong armour. This comic book in which batman defeats superman is The Dark Knight Returns Part Two which is one of the most famous comic books of all time. Clearly he is the strongest superhero. Want to find out more about superhero visit

Batman beat Superman like 3 times now and Superman is still number 1 I am so done. Batman defeated the entire justice league he should be at least number 1 or 2. I know he is a normal human just like us but the guy is smart enough to beat anyone he can find out there weakness his intelligence is his greatest power its his only power and its his most powerful power Strength, Speed and Superpowers is not every thing you guys should know that this is 2016 come on.

Look at all the other heroes. All of them have superpowers except for tony stark. But batman has the smartest brain. This makes him undoubtedly the best superhero of all time. His principle to not kill anyone and still be able to defeat them, be it the greatest villain like joker or superhero like superman makes him all the more loveable. His heart to die for his city separates him from all other superheroes.

This is complete bull crap and you guys know it. As much as you guys would love for batman to be able to beat anyone just because "he's batman", it just doesn't work like that. Ok so (maybe) he could beat superman or any other hero that has a confirmed weakness, but there's no way he could beat people like Goku, because he simply doesn't have the fire power to do so. Oh, and for those of you saying that he has the balls to threaten darkseid, that's great and all, but we're talking about who is the most powerful, not who has the most balls...

What?!... No.18? Are you all fans of Batman joking? Come on, Batman is the strongest superhero of all time. In terms of brains, who are superman, spider-man and Goku? In spite of you all Batman fans, how could he not be on the top? Vote for him guys.

Guys! How many of the heroes in this list would even have the guts to fight if they were human or mortal? But batman does it in style! Batman is a superhero not because of any god-gifted, stupid, fictional superpowers, but because he believes that it is the duty of a vigilante like him to cleanse the society from all evil. Tested in the worst of times, against the baddest of villians, batman has come up truce. He is not batman by chance, but he chooses to be 'The Batman'!

People say batman beat superman but look at this. Superman held back if he wanted it Jed be dead right way even batman emitted superman could kill him instantly. Also if batman is the greatest detective why couldn't he figure out who superman was. He's not they clever then. Don't et me wrong batman is. Top character but he's nowhere near he strongest.

Are you serious? 35? Dude, Batman has the power to take out all the super heroes! He even beat Superman! No one could beat him, not even survive :/. You guys made a mistake on putting batman on 35. He should be at least 10. Keep voting guys, Batman has to win.

He can beat anything basically. His mind and his suits and his fighting abilities can beat anything that comes his way if he is prepared. Remember that he beat superman. But how? He beat him with his weakness. Batman studies his enemies and finds how to beat them before he even starts the fight.

Batman is my favourite superhero d guy is just too strong and powerful d guy performs impossible feats such as beating superman and taking down creeps 10 times his size that guy is 2 strong to behold imagine d weapons he possesses the strength he has + his skills batman is a legend

Batman has beaten everyone in the dc universe before. Even darkseid couldn't completely kill him. In the Amalgam Universe, Batman beat the heroes and villains of the marvel universe including the hulk. Batman wins

Batman is the best superhero because his symbol has a story behind it unlike other superheroes. And batman is super cool because he is smart when fighting bad guys. And batman has some cool things and a amazing bat cave

Batman may not have any supernatural powers like other guys, but he has the will and heart of a great super hero. Batman always thought himself as an inspiration to others,"batman could be any one". He may be the only super hero that has undergone this much sacrifice and pain for the sake of man kind. He is the very representation of human being. He is truely awesome.

Wow he doesn't need powers and is the logo of the best film in the 21st century: the dark knight! Where was superman? Beside super could be beat by batman and is only strong because he is NOT HUMAN! Besides, I love scarecrow from batman... - foxyjacksepticeyflameprincess

I read that batman is feared by everybody and beat super man but we never know

I believe Batman could figure out how to beat every hero in all the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe. Given the chance Batman would figure them all out and defeat them.

Batman is better than superman, instead of just instantly getting his powers, batman worked his whole life to make the world safer! He didn't just get his strength a second after he was born!

No no no when I think strong I think Superman and Batman is never that strong or like Shazam Batman does even have powers all he has is gadgets and his suit that is it but am kind of happy that he's on this list

Batman is so cool. He has amazing skills and gadgets. He is so powerful. Even if he does not have any super powers. He is still powerful. If I was you I will vote for him. You better

Batman is clever billionaire & even defeated the whole justice league! Even Superman! He's a top survivor and his number 1 rule is Batman CANNOT kill

Batman is not emotion less. He has the best balance of strength, heart, smarts, and technology. He has the most villains I know of that hate him and he knows all fighting styles known to man kind.

If you do not remember, he beat SUPERMAN AND THE REST OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. So he is pretty boss you want to know why... Because he's BATMAN. And the dark knight. Not to mention how many movies he has