Dr. Manhattan

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Doctor Manhattan is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. He debuted in the graphic novel miniseries Watchmen, published in 1986 and 1987. Doctor Manhattan was created by writer Alan Moore with artist Dave Gibbons.


Doctor Manhattan his pure energy, and as such, cannot be destroyed. If he is somehow incapacitated (via intrinsic field removal), he can easily reconstitute himself. Furthermore, he has complete control over matter, so Goku, Superman, Thor, and Hulk all get turned into paste. Silver Surfer shares many of Jon's abilities (including reforming himself) so in all honesty, it's really just a battle between these two. Everyone else is non-factor.

Dr. Manhattan is equal to a monotheistic deity. He has zero limits and is completely invulnerable to any impetus thrown his way. With a mere thought he could wipe out anything in existence and all memories of it. He also defies THE LAW of conservation of energy. When obliterated at a subatomic level Manhattan simply reformed himself. In terms of raw ability he is supreme. His only "weakness" is his lack of concern for anything, caused by his infinite power.

I believe that the only reason he isn't #1 is because of the people who just like the other superheroes out of nostalgia.

Against Goku: He could instantly just teleport his heart out of his body or something or split him apart into a pool of blood.

Against Superman: Refer to Against Goku

Hulk: Refer to Against Superman

Thor: Refer to Against Hulk

Vegeta: Refer to Against Thor

Silver Surfer: teleport him into another universe or something

Of course the best! He manipulates matter, how could any superpower fight that?

The question isn't what can he do but rather what can't he do? The answer is absolutely nothing. Regardless of their history or their place in the comic universe every other character without exception comes a distant second when pitted against Dr Manhattan.

Dr Manhattan can do, create or destroy literally anything. How can he not be number 1!? And where is the Pheonix or the Sentry? They are more powerful than the hulk and the Sentry has beat him up a few times. Also captain marvel has beaten superman on more than one occasion

Doctor manhattan would win because he is a physical god. He cannot be hurt by conventional methods, and even the very specific methods by which he can be killed are not permanent. He can change matter on any level to be anything else, and is nearly omniscient. He literally could not be beaten in a fight.

Well.. He can just destroy or create things by just thinking about it (if he feels like it) lets say. Superman vs Manhattan, how would it go? Well Manhattan would probably turn the planet into kryptonite and then just blow superman.

Dr. Manhattan can kick everyone's butt without effort and will make the dragon ball z characters his play things. Goku who is on top of this list could at best only give Dr Manhattan a itch with his spirit bomb while in super saiyan 3/4.

Nothing is more powerful then the imagination and Dr. Manhattan can imagine anything and it will be. Against any superhero he would dominate! Who could defeat him Superman? All he has to do is imagine that krypton never existed and superman would not...

The dude is pretty much god.

Think about it, this guy points at things and they just explode.

He should be number 1! He's made of energy so he can't be created or destroyed. He can basically do anything. Plus he possesses the knowledge of the universe.

Was nothing, just dispersed atoms. He remake himself and become Dr. Manhattan. For him - death is no more a whisper, a shadow, a problem, he is beyond mortal issues. Gods and other superheroes are immortals? I guess depend by the "chi power" - remember there are death gods in mytologi but Manhattan can remade himself over and over againe!

Let's see if Superman has any chance against this guy from Watchmen -

Excluding supreme being like TOAA, The Beyonder, The Spectre or The living tribunal (which shouldn't be here as they are cosmic entities) Dr Manhattan is just overpowered. He was made to create the feeling of overpowering god like entities being in middle of humans in WATCHMEN, and how people reacted to them. Superman, Goku, Thor, etc are part of the universe. Dr Manhattan has become fully aware of the universe itself, he even knows all the events in his timeline. Therefore, he can just reconstruct the reality from all those superheroes as he can manipulate the universe code (materia itself).

He just has to think he wishes any of those dead, and it will happen. No matter how much chi, force of will, magic pwoer or sheer pwoer they have. We are talking about atomic manipulation of the reality.

Dr Manhattan is a god walking amoung men.

He can create and end life without so much as lift a finger. As powerful as Superman is, he's still a mere mortal. Dr Manhattan is a god.

He can beat anyone people don't seem to understand he is everything, all matter not just his blue form and did I mention he can make more of him if his main form gets destroyed

He can destroy the particles that all the other superheros on this list are made up of.

Dr. Manhattan can control matter itself! He can disintegrate anyone in an instance!

Dr. Manhattan can't be created or destroyed, but he can do both to anyone or anything. This really isn't fair to include him in a fight.

Obvious. He has no weaknesses and all the best powers.

Considering he can simply remove the intrinsic fields of atoms with his mind? Yeah, not fair at all.

He can destroy any material in the physical realm who's to say he don't just look at any other living creature and chose to erase it even if it thinks it can be called a God

He should be second he can destroy or create anything and anyone just by thinking about not to mention he can teleport and see the future too

A creator and destroyer of the very foundation of matter. There is nobody that can compete against Dr. Manhattan except for the One-Above-All (They are basically the same being)