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Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He has many abilities like, super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. ...read more.


No, this list isn't fair if Goku is on it (Is he even a super hero? ). Oh well, normally, I would say Thor or Superman... But no sorry not if Goku is around.

Superman can move planets? Well, Goku can destroy planets in seconds (if not one second). Superman is light speed you say? Goku can teleport, that' much faster than 999,999,999,999 miles per hour!

Thor may have a incredibly strong hammer, but even with all that magical power, it wouldn't make Goku flinch when getting hit (That is, if he could even touch Goku). If Thor is a God, then Goku is... Whats higher than god? Because Goku fits that position well.

Goku is a nice guy though... He wouldn't attempt to mindlessly kill anyone on here. If anyone attempted to kill Goku, they practically set up a grave for themselves.

At the end of the last Saga of Dragon Ball Super Goku masters ultra instinct and is literally unbeatable. Goku doesn't need to think anymore about fighting, his body simply reacts to the situation at the speed needed to win. His physical power is beyond comprehension, he could punch a planet and the reverberations would wipe out the entire universe if he so desired. He can control how much power he lets out and contain the energy put out in a confined area so as to not destroy existence. He can take a punch that would destroy the universe as well. He can read minds, maintain his his body after death, maintain his mind and power even when transmuted into a piece of candy. He can instantly teleport himself and anyone touching him to the farthest reaches of any dimension by honing in on the ki of something. Goku is the essence of power, if there is power in existence then he can use that power for his purpose and benefit and then multiply it at will. He has no limits other than his self ...more

Almost all feats/ versions of Superman listed above are non-cannon. Almost all superheroes listed below are non-canon feats/ versions. Goku only has one non-cannon form, which is Super Saiyan 4. It has recently been replaced by Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformations, with a probable Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 2 & 3 in the near future.

Do yourself a favor, research what the original version of superman and any other superhero you so desire to see what their abilities are, and you will see that the original versions are disgustingly weak. Goku's abilities and feats have never been rewritten dozens of times, and the Dragonball Universe is not all over the place. As an example, I will use Superman. He can be as weak as not being able to fly, to as strong being able to pull planets.

If you were arguing with another man or woman, and they were bringing up "facts" that were inconsistent and were all over the place, you would not argue with them ...more

The best and strongest superhero ever seen in any anime series. Not just some make up hero like superman. That is truly a fact that goku becomes strong with every battle he faces, not like superman whose character was rebooted many times by the writers to make him more stronger than before.
Another thing is that goku fight real super-villians (not some mad scientists like superman). He has no weakness towards any particular object known, whereas superman becomes totally defenceless against kryptonite. Also he's been a fighter from childhood, which makes a much more experienced fighter than any other superhero. He can actually teleport anywhere on earth within a second and to add more to that he can also fuse with vegeta to form vegito which is a devastating life form found anywhere in the universe.
DBZ is the most successful anime series ever with a very just and adaptive storyline.
Goku always lives upto the expectations of his loved ones and has never attempted to kill ...more

Goku is very much so a powerful being. He has survived the Earth and other planets exploding and then surviving in space for a bit. He has destroyed the most powerful beings in his universe, some without much trying. Like the god of DBZ known as Omega Shenron. Who is Shenron's physical form according to the manga. If you don't know, Shenron is the most powerful being, being able to grant andy wish, and we'll have to assume he can grant his own wishes. The Spirit Blast: This is his most powerful attic. He has the ability to become one with it and manipulate the energy himself, so he has a x100 Kamehameha. Goku also wrecks things in physical combat with the Dragon Fist and his abilities. In fact he may be the best martial artist in fiction, maybe only to Batman. Goku also flies at Mach 5 in his physical form, as seen in the movie where SSJ God comes in. Also, SSJ God Goku is powerful enough to easily kill Superman. If you did not know, SSJ God transforms ki into magic, which is one of ...more

If we only consider strength, speed, resilience and destructive power, Goku is a very logical choice for position #1. But there can be a plethora of factors which may effect a fight and winner is not always decided by the aforementioned abilities. For example someone can mentally incapacitate him or some kind of hoodoo or magic to gain advantage over him. But all said and done, considering Goku's humorous penchant for coming back to life again and again, makes him very apt in claiming and holding onto the #1 position. So in my view, Mr. Kamehameha is here to stay. :P

Superman is the most powerful superhero... With the exception to Goku. Similar to what some other people already said, Goku being on this list is not fair at all. Sayian characters from DBZ can wipe the floor with everyone one this list. Heck, Nappa was destroying planets by just raising his finger(s) with ease and his powerlevel/strength is miniscule compared to Goku at the height of his power (Super Sayian 4). No contest, Goku is the most powerful superhero

This compering is basically a bullt. But if we want to compare: Goku is extremely far from other heroes. Even Nappa with 5-8k power level can destroy a city within seconds. Vegita has destroyed a whole planet with 10-15k power level.(These things happened in the early stages of dbz) At the end of Gt goku has posessed fighting power, so you can imagine what other heroes like superman do against them, even Krilin or Chaozu could kill superman. I like all heroes but there is no reason to compare other heroes to dbz chars. I would say superman is about as strong as kid Goku (min)-Nappa (max).
Sort list: 1. Goku
2. Vegita 3.Other dbz chars 4.Superman-hulk 5.Thor

Simply can destroy worlds with ease and it was shown that every fight makes it stronger has a unlimited source of power that surpasses even the gods of the universe

This isn't even a contest. Goku is basically unfair to have on the list because he outdoes everyone by an embarrassing amount.

By far the strongest... He might be the stronger than all of the others on this list combined... Did anyone get the opportunity witness the levels he could reach in dragon ball gt?
Hoku has not been depicted as a vigilante like superman.. Nor he has been conditioned by anyone to do good unlike spiderman"with great powers comes great responsibilities".. Not even cause he is worried about his legacy unlike tony.. He does good because he loves everyone.. Even the villians... You could see the pain in his eyes when he has to kill someone.. Nothing can break his spirit.. Not even death.. He bears this innocence in his eyes... He is like jesus in the anime world..
No other superhero who has ever been drawn that has died smiling.. It was as if he welcomed death.. In other words he won over death O. O

Vegeta is awesome, but even the prince of all Saiyans admits goku is stronger than him! Goku could vaporize planets in the beginning of DBZ. He can also use instant transmission which is instant ( faster than the speed of light)! He can shatter everything around him just by charging up. He is also kind and forgiving which makes him a perfect hero. Thor may be a god but so are the Kai's and even they are in awe of goku's unbelievable power. Superman may be able to move a planet but goku can destroy one! Any one who votes for superman or Thor or something is obviously just trying to get publicity.

Goku is :
1. Faster than light (Has the ability to teleport instantly to any dimension)
2. Has the strength to destroy solar systems in a short amount of time
3. He is a Saiyan and he can survive without an atmosphere using his ki energy
4. Can shoot eye blast, ki blast, perform spirit bomb (with varying magnitudes), kamehameha, and could power up to a level that he could generate an intense wave with the magnitude to disintegrate the Earth and destroy it. His ki alone is too radicle to release at once, he would easily defeat any superhero just by channeling his energy towards him

Super saiyan god blue, with kaioken *1000, Goku has enough power to wipe out an entire universe. Sure, superman is a god but one thing Superman has never felt is weakness (except when kryptonite is involved). Goku has, on many encounters been weaker than his foe, but somehow managed to surpass his limits every single time. In a fight between the two, when Goku gets streamrolled in the initial bout, I imagine him just getting up with a smile and powering up to a level superman wont even be able to comprehend. When supes starts getting his ass handed to him, he would not be able to retaliate since he is seldom in such situations. In terms of technique and quick thinking Goku is all over Superman. "Superman flies towards Goku with his infinity punch, and the legendary saiyan with just a swivel of his body dodges the punch, smiles and kicks Supes ass back to krypton"(Wow, I'd never thought I would be predicting a fight between two fictional characters. This is stupid)

Goku who is the trained by the god and a king of the world defeated Buu who even the supreme god of the world could not defeat. He can move faster than the speed of light and even as a child in the start of the manga a bullet couldn't harm him. He have saved the world countless times. His kamehameha could destroy planets easily. He can multiply his power to twenty fold with kiaoken times 20. He is with no mistake the strongest hero.

Are you kidding? I mean are you people who believe that superman is the strongest, insane?
I mean, Seriously? The only advantage the fictional character of Superman is that 'superman animated series or movies or other series where supes is one of the characters'are still being made bcs clearly DC comics's got lots of funds to make films.
Unluckily Dragon Ball Z and GT ended. In dragonball absalon everything has changed, improved, even the characters have grown up (goten and trunks) and have become thousand times stronger. Goku still hasn't shown up yet. But one thing is sure that in DB absalon he'll reach and surpass super sayan 5 bcs it's shown in the trailer. SO IF YOU THINK THAT SS4 IS DAMN STRONG, SS5 IS INSANELY STRONG - I MEAN GOKU SS5 IS 3.5 TIMES STRONGER THAN SUPERMAN PRIME ( so the called god-like man, give me a break) - and one more thing GOD is the creator of all things. HE can't simply be compared with
Any superhero or anime hero or any living thing! Anyway GOKU ...more

The most powerful being in the all of existence. Pure Power and his aggression has no bounds. He can literally kill and destroy anybody on the list and but the world a better place

Goku's the best superhero mainly because he's a real hero. A born warrior but has a caring heart. Superman, on the other hand, fights anywhere without even thinking of the collateral nature. All he cares about is defeating the bad guy, whereas Goku prioritizes all lives and does not descriminate. I don't think he's the most powerful one though. It's probably thor or the silver surfer.

By the way, I checked some posts below, somebody actually voted for madara. Whoever posted his name should know that that madara is a villain, not a superhero

Goku can only get stronger, every time he comes within an inch of his life his power level raises considerably, meaning there is no limit to Goku's potential strength. Using instant transmission, Goku can travel pretty much anywhere in the universe within seconds, undoubtedly making him the fastest superhero of all time. Goku is also able to destroy planets with ease and going by Vegeta's standards (Goku being stronger than Vegeta) could probably train in 500x earths gravity without even breaking a sweat.

The edge goku has is his will to fight. Magic and matter manipulation doesn't work, he got turned into a gum ball and still won the fight. While you re trying to figure out how to stop him he's just owning you and his powers rise to any challenge. Superman goes prime but there is no set ultimate level to goku. Ssj god goku would own any foe on this list hands down.

Comparing pure strength and speed and fighting skills has Goku, easily. Superman speaks of cracking holes in the moon, while Thor can swing a hammer twice the speed of light. Goku meanwhile has to choose a planet in reality that can survive a fight, and dodges blasts the speed of light effortlessly.

I think not even superman stands a chance against Goku because if Goku wields his power especially super saiyan form wrongly it may destroy the entire universe. With one punch he could destroy earth. Goku is known to use the Instant transmission which several times faster than light. Moreover he has several power levels to be unlocked a special mention is super Saiyan 5 which he obtained by union with the eternal dragon. When he is in this form he would knock out Man of Steel with one punch.

Goku. Is the man he could beat superman the hulk thor. And every single super hero. Goku is superfast faster than the speed of light and is incredibly strong he is a genius when it comes to martial arts and can blow up an entire planet with one single finger imagine with his full power concentrated into one blast it would probly blow up the universe Goku is hands down nuber 1 most powerful superhero of all time

Goku is the best he can teleport can superman do this Goku can destroy planets can superman do this goku can cause blasts like spirit bomb can superman do this and goku doesn't get hurt when he is hit and is thrown into mountains the mountains collapse but he isn't hurt he doesn't get power from the sun or any thing but superman does get power from the yellow sun

Goku is the strongest super hero ever his powers are so strong it's unfair plus every time he gets beaten in battle he get's stronger and it is almost impossible to kill him thor will not live for a second and superman may be a threat to him in sayain saga but the second he uses kaioken ( yes kaioken in super saiyan super man would be completely obliterated) superman will be begging for mercy
and goku is quite smart in battle