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Robert Bruce Banner, also known as The Hulk or Bruce Banner, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and was portrayed by Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Hulk is most definitely stronger than superman and all of these other characters up here. Hulk is powerful enough to completely destroy planets with his footsteps, can lift and destroy structures built to withstand the power of gods, has lifted 150 billion tons of mountain dropped on top of him in secret Wars, has survived being blasted by Galactus himself. Hulk has defeated all of Earths heroes and villains effortlessly. He has even held a planet 150 times larger than earth and weighs 100 times as much, so he can lift at least 660 sextillion tons and moved its tectonic plates, and the smallest tectonic plate weighs 5 quintillion tons, so he is much, much stronger than superman, whose most famous bench press is 6 sextillion tons. Hulk has even lifted a star that was 15 times larger than our sun. Hulk has punched through time storms and has even punched through dimensions. Hulk has destroyed an asteroid twice the size of Earth with one punch and has dropped from a planet's orbit and ...more

Hulk will defeat superman with ease. He can destroy planets with nothing more than his footsteps. He can destroy asteroids twice the size of Earth with a single punch. Hulk can punch through time storms, and has defeated all the heroes and villains( even Sentry, who has the power of "one million exploding suns"). Hulk can lift and destroy structures built to withstand the power of gods. He can hold planets 100 times larger than Earth and that weighs 100 times as much, so he is capable of lifting at least 660 sextillion tons. Hulk has been encased in pure diamond and completely shattered it simply by flexing. He has even survived being blasted by Galactus himself and can drop from a planet's orbit and been completely unhurt. He has even survived being on the sun. Hulk should be first and will always be the best and most powerful character in the history of superheroes.

As a general base stat, superman and Thor may be stronger. But what people need to consider is endurance. As seen in Planet Hulk, no bomb can kill the hulk, and in world war hulk, he survived the full power of the sentry which is 1000 exploding suns! So there's not much any of the heroes above could do to kill the hulk, it would all just anger him, and the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. So he would just keep getting more powerful until he could kill any of the above with a single touch. The hulk; theoretically, Is unbeatable!

I'm SICK OF PEOPLE UNDERRATING HULK BECAUSE THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND HIM! Hulk has no limits people... The more he fights and the more he gets mad the more his strength grows. He is the the only one who does this! He has infinite stamina and he gets stronger the more mad he gets!

Angrier he gets the stronger. You don't get it people he is invulnerable to everything. Did you know radiation has more energy in it in 10 seconds then it would to make the sun 10 billion years so the energy is incredible and he has many attributes from healing to reaction time. He has snatched the board from the silver surfer whiles he was in mid air and even snatched the flash when he was running at the speed of light he has been thrown into the sun in space and drowned but is immune to it all. He has strength which no one can determine and killed doomsday in a single punch and break worlds with he footsteps it is called world war hulk and hulk can get stronger and stronger and has healing abilities inside and out so if u drop a nuke to stabbing him in the face with worlverines claws on both hands it's no gonna do anything I tell u what let hulk eat superman and all the superheroes and nukes in the world u ain't gonna do nothing and how about put wolverines claws up his bum nothing ...more

Because well the more they attack hulk the more hulk becomes angry and when he gets angry he becomes stronger the only thing that can defeat hulk is leaving him to calm down and bruce banner can sometimes control the hulk which means hulk is both the brains and bronze. And also in the credits of The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes That He Is The strongest hero there is he can even defeat Thor and carry the Mjolnir in the movie Ultimate Avengers

Ima put together a realistic scenario of hulk Vs the people above him...

1) goku

Okay, for one thing, goku can't even survive a lazer to the chest, or a planet exploding blast. Hulk has survived BOTH of these, as well as broken a planet apart with his bare fists. Gokus ki may give him some trouble, as well as speed, but Hulk is NOT SLOW. His reaction time is insane, he has scooped flash off the ground in mid-run. Also, gokus main strength is his ki, but his physical strength is only semi-impressive in superhero standards. Hulk can survive his strength, his ki, and his speed, goku would NOT WIN.

2) Superman

Supes is the only hero above him that I think hulk would have any degree of difficulty with. For one thing, supes is fast, and can match hulks base strength- both start off at 100000 tons. The thing is, supes is at a disadvantage because he was killed by doomsday, basically a DC version of hulk. Also, hulk can't be frozen, countering ice breath, can ...more

Planet hulk and then world war hulk versions set the standard. Goku has to scream to build his power, meanwhile hulk is attacking you while gaining power. Hulk has beaten down Thor. He's beaten down silver surfer. Superman has a shot but he was beaten by doomsday and I don't think that's enough to beat hulk. You can't kill hulk at all. But the main thing is I know Goku and Thor aren't in front of the Incredible Hulk!

No contest! The most powerful being in the universe period. I do recall that he humbled the Mighty Thor. With limitless power and stamina how can anyone compete. Again, no contest.

Until recently, the Incredible Hulk was the most powerful superhero. Hollywood has made made him into a bumbling fool, hurting the Avengers chances of victory, more than helping. This inner conflict thing between Banner and Hulk is getting ridiculous! In his prime, No One had a hope of stopping him. He was always bullet proof, could move miles in a single leap and would get bigger and stronger the madder he got. Also, like Wolverine, he could self heal and there was no Kryptonite type substance to bring him down.

The angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. He can jump so high he can reach the lower atmosphere. His healing ability is incredibly fast. And not even thor can beat him in a fight.

Hulk, of course, is the most physically powerful being in existence. He cannot be destroyed, has no weaknesses, has incredible strength, and the fury to actually use these.
We mustn't forget Bruce Banner, though. The Hulk's human form is a genius as well and should be considered a superhero in his own right. If he could only gain control of his anger...

My favorite is wolverine but come on son yall are disrespectful I give credit when credit is due and the hulk is the strongest and best superhero and has no weakness! How in the hell is he not # 1... Answer me this question... Who can beat him in a fight?... Don't worry I will wait

Well, I see a big problem with thor being more powerful than hulk. It just pisses me off when people are fans of a superhero, and say that they would beat everyone in a fight. From the looks of it the last time I saw the avengers, hulk was just getting started, and thor was ready to fall to the ground.


Hulk has never backed down; think about this: Thor couldn't beat Loki but Hulk could. Superman's laser eyes wouldn't work on the Hulk. Hulk is as strong as Superman and much bigger. Hulk is more invulnerable than Superman, he can take more hits. Isn't it clear Hulk is the best

Hulk is the strongest super hero ever, his power comes from his rage and therefore if you try and stop him he just gets angrier and therefore stronger. Hulk = can't be stopped.

Hulk is the strongest hero to ever live he took down silver surfer, the fantastic 4, thor, hugeman, ironman, beda ray bill x men spiderman and superman and could take on every one and get this HE HAS NO WEAKNESS and gets stronger and stronger and you know thors hammer he picked it up if you want to see this go to youtube and type hulk vs the Advenger he kills them so HULK STRONGEST ONE THERE IS!

Hulk would destroy anyone in single combat there is not limit to the destruction he can do sorry but no one compares to the hulk in other words Hulk strongest there is

Really how can HULK not be the first. Its already known that hulk has an increasing power which increases every second during his fury. I mean people like superman only because he acts like "I am superman blah blah I have heart blah" buddy in the real there are only two words HULK SMASH

Hulk gets stronger and stronger the more you fight him (based on his rage increasing)... If given the time, he could literally kill anything. There is no limit...

Hulk beats everyone in the avengers movie. He destroys in world war hulk. He cannot die. Plus endless potential and power, the longer the fight or the more angry he gets the closer someone is to their end.

He as has been stated has no limit to his strength! All the other DO! You can run from him or send him to another place but he is unbeatable toe to toe PERIOD!

Hulks abilities are HUGE!

All other super heroes strength has a limit for example: Superman can pull a planet behind his back. SO WHAT. It only weighs about 3 sextillion mega tons... Lol. Not only could hulk do that in his sleep but the amount of weight that he could carry is INFINITY. Hulk has no limits.

I think hulk should be at number 1 because have you ever seen hulk die...NO have you seen most of his battles YES he almost always wins and he's and abomination of destruction that can destroy the Statue of Liberty or bigger! The only downside of HULK is that he cannot control his powers so vote this hulk number 1.

Hulk is greatest and powerful superhero in marvel world at least powerful nothing is powerful than hulk he has limitless power no can beat him nor thor or at least possibly Goku too! No one can over power him one more thing. I LIKE HULK SMASHING!