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Superman is a comic character. And probably the first powerful superhero in the fictional world. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933. It was published by DC comics. The first animated superhero movie was superman. more.


Oh it is true, superman is the immovable object and the unstoppable force, he has been around longer than anybody commenting on this site, superman was created in a time where there was no heroes like him so don't give him flack for being unoriginal, for those who say superman has weaknesses and that makes him less powerful than say Goku or thor, you are wrong, it is known that Kal-Kent, superman millions of years in the future actually became immune to kryptonite, red sun radiation, and magic. Superman even now, has hel black holes and picked up infinite amounts of strength and pre-crisis superman was absolutely insane, capable of destroying anybody o this list, like superboy prime, if superman did not hold back like he does even in fights against villains, he would eventually become to kryptonite and magic, etc. He has even fought magical gods literally taken from myth of greek legend and such which means he can fight magical beings and- He is the limit, because he has no limits, ...more

Ten reasons why supes would win
1. Moves at the speed of light
2. Strong enough to move planets
3. Heat vision that can be charged up
4. Super breath that can destroy a solar system
5. Freeze breath
6. Superhuman reflexes, hearing and intelligence
7. Knowledge of 2 kryptonian martial arts
8. Has an infinite mass punch which can destroy galaxies
9. Can phase through objects
10. Goku sucks

Superman is the ultimate expression of the superhero. Not only in his physical powers and abilities but in his moral sense. His only real "limits" are the ones he imposes upon himself. Kryptonite, really?!? He has super vision, a green glowing rock wouldn't exactly be that hard to spot for him now would it? Faster than a speeding bullet but unable to dodge a kryptonite ring wielded by Batman? Come on!

The problem with superman is that he is so powerful he would be boring to read/watch as no other superhero or villain truly comes close. That is why the writers have to have him "hold back" and make Kryptonite in the comic world as abundant a resource as oxygen and water. Everybody can find it.

Yeah but what about Thor, Hulk, Wonderwoman, Jean Grey, Shazam, etc;? Well, what about them? They are all fine superheroes but are inferior to Superman.

The real debate should not be who is top dog, that is obviously Superman, but who comes in second? Now that's a tough one. ...more

There's no one like him, he is the ideal superhero. He is the best. He is even powerful than his own clones. He recently ripped doomsday apart. He could beat thanos to regret. He could show dark seid that he is not the most powerful. He can move worlds. A concentrated sneeze can destroy galaxies. He can travel many times faster than light. If someone very powerful were to kill him, they have to use kryptonite or they are done,. But even if they did do so, he can revive from death. I mean if putting a small scratch on him is almost impossible, how could anyone actually kill him. He has (fire power, ) even better laser power on his eyes. He can cool oceans in seconds with his breath. He has invincible skin. A sun dipped superman can take down a team of thor (at warrior's madness), hulk (high tempered), thanos and pretty much every avenger. If you don't trust me, check out " superman vs the elite " movie and he is not even sun dipped in that final fight and still he took down someone ...more

Superman.. The pinnacle of superheroes. Even in the real world he paved the way for pretty much all superheroes. His sign is the second most known symbol on the plant besides the Christian cross. His top speed looks like ten phone numbers all put one after the other. With characters like Thor or doomsday that can actually hurt them, he has super fast healing. A bruise would just fade away in a matter of seconds. In the injustice story arc he gave these badass lines to this captured soldier that went something like this;

"I can see the heat of your footprints fading on the pavement outside, I can hear your heart beat..growing weaker every second and see your adrenaline slide through your veins... You can't lie to me, (insert soldier name here), so tell me where batman is hiding, and start..NOW'..

When he fought shazam in the 'kingdom come' comic, and when he grabbed shazam after he uad been hit by his own lightning and turned back into billy batson the side panel ...more

Superman has KOed Hulk and Thor. Silver Surfer unleashed on Cyborg Superman and had to be saved by Parallax. CS laughed off the Power Cosmic. Goku still gets smashed by Supes. Too far removed from reality, but Superman has some Multiverse shattering feats. Sentry gets smoked. MM has said Supes is more powerful. GL got smacked down. Dr. Manhattan would be an interesting battle. He is much like Quantum Superman. Jean Grey is something like a star of creation. She would make him stronger.

On death battle they said superman's power has no limit so superman is always and will always be better than super saiyan god super saiyan Goku. So boom. Even if Goku was beating superman the super flare will kill Goku. Also can Goku lift eternity and infinity? Superman lifted Spectre of the ground with some help of wonder woman. And he lifted a book of infinite pages with some help of captain marvel aka shazam. But they have limits to their own strengths so superman is lifting everything else which means everything else. I got this information from death battle and they research this information so superman is better than Goku hands down

Don't underestimate, Kal-el please! He's much more intelligent than Kakaroto, he can't teleport but he can spin around the earth so many times in a few seconds, look... I'm a toriyama fan but... DB is so crazy... On the other hand Superman is a very well formed superhero. The only bad thing is that he represents more America than anything else, he was created for that purpose... So he's not completely "clean" in that sense, he should represent the entire world! Say no to war! Sorry about my english :D

Barring the green stuff, he has never really unleashed his full power, for fear of hurting people. But if he got really ticked he would be unlimited.

Superman is the man to beat. And it's simple! Goku isn't strong enough to beat him. The guy survived an explosion equal to 50 supernovas. And you think you can destroy him with a kamamaha blast. Just think about it. The guy has no limits. Don't have to like him. Just respect him. Remember this! He is the first and has been around ever since. He only has two weaknesses. Magic and kryptonite. Nothing els can hurt him. Hi can literally match anyone. (in everything) not to talk about his new ability. The super flare. Go check it out. When he uses it, it usually means death end boy and girl. Death line. Superman is the champ. To be the man you have to beat the man. And I'm not even talking about prime and silver age sups

First of all Superman is hands-down the strongest hero ever. If we're comparing him to a SS4 Goku, then I think we should use Superman's strongest form. The strongest form of superman is hands-down Superman Prime One Million. Let me explain his powers. So basically he is a superman who left the earth and spent 15,000 years in the sun, and since after spending 5 minutes in the sun he could move planets effortlessly, you can imagine his strength after 15,000 years. Second of all, he went back to earth and transfered the evolved superman's forms onto his body. (How? I don't know! ) This gave him new powers such as telepathy, but also gave him resistance to many things. Such a kryptonite and let him still be powerful under a red sun. After that, he basically recreated Louis Lane WITHOUT her DNA, but did use it to out her into a metallic body like his. After that, he recreated Krypton from basically a rock. Next, he basically killed an artificial sun with 1 punch and a green lattern ring. ...more

Superman is easily the hardest superhero out there. Apart from the criptonite problem superman would easily take anyone, including Goku. Nobody even knows who he is! Lazer vision, ice cold breath, unimaginable strength and can travel faster than the speed of light, nobody would stay in one peace by the time superman's even caught sight of them. Just you wait to see what he's like in the new man of steel film. His anything proof skin is why not even the incredible hulk would see the light of by the end of the fight. SUPERMAN! Need I say anymore?

Also, superman is too op. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, even SUPERMAN. We can forget about kryptonite, red suns and magic, but mostly in a hero you expect weaknesses, because if a hero is too unrealistic, they get boring as you keep reading the comics. Superman's weaknesses are just not an effort at all. Whenever he fights he never even sets his eyes on his weaknesses. And with prime and prime one million the weaknesses don't even matter anyway.

Super man is the best in the world he is my childwoodchursh til now and he will remain untill the world ends... Super man rocks

Actually kryptinite doesn't kill him it turned him into human because it's alien radiation just like in the movie man of steel when he goes to the ship that consists that atmosphere of krypton you see superman getting weaker and when he wakes up he becomes superman an gets his powers back in less than a second. Plus also that kryptinite has some side affects to human and other villains and you see that they don't get weaker but as I said kryptinite has alien radiation which is affective to any living thing. This radiation can cause cancer sicknesses segers blood posin and more. Plus superman can't die because you see when you die you're cells are still alive it takes about a couple of week or months to dissolve and if the cell in superman a body is still alive he can absorb the Suns radiation which makes him heel instantly. Finally he is called superman for a reason he did more powerful things than Goku like for example survived 50 nova explosions flew threw the red sun and that's his ...more

Supermam has no limits & goku's speed and strength compared to superman is nothing because goku is 2 times faster than light superman is 10 times and he can read your mind also he can only die by the green crystal, he can breath in space and absorb the sun goku can't do this or he dies & distractot disk works against evil villains only and GOKU can't beat SUPERMAN

Superman is the man of steel do you think any guy can stand superman, superman can kill all superheroes like goku do you think guys that kakarot or goku could stand against the man steel no goku have no chance against superman because only kryptonite could kill superman, superman can kill goku for example like trowing goku on the lava or sun I don't think that goku could survive on that superman has many power like heat vision, exray vision, and ability to blow and turn you into a freeze, super speed, super strength, and ability to fly faster than jet and ability to travel galaxy he has one left power this is it ability to reverse time thank you

Granted Goku is always pushing his limits, but his demonstrable limits fall exponentially short of Superman who's only limit to his power is how much is necessary to solve the problem. There is nothing saying Goku could survive long enough to reach higher levels. Superman is the only one to beat Doomsday more than once, and Doomsday evolves to be invulnerable to anything or anyone who has killed him before.

There is no debate any more, Superman is far stronger than Goku and it has been proven by the Death Battle on Superman is way stronger, faster and more intelligent. You fanboys can keep going on about how Goku is stronger but at this point I don't think even you believe it any more and it just makes you look sad since all the evidence shows that not only is Superman stronger than Goku but he is so far out of Goku's league that I don't think Superman would take him very seriously. Goku would have to be Super Saiyan 9000 to even stand a chance.

Superman the the best superhero of all time and he probably will be for a long time. The fact that he was not born on earth makes him even more powerful than ever. He is the best and there is no real estimate to his abilities... I will go as far as to say he can definitely beat Hulk beyond a shadow of a doubt

Superman is the most powerful being in the universe, if you compare dc universe to marvel, his only real opponent is Thor, who might be immortal, but if superman were to fly into the sun, his power would be unlimited and his power would be far more superior to thor. Another thing is that if he were fighting thor on earth, superman would probably loose because of all the lives at stake.

Superman has by far the strongest incarnations that no other hero whether it be manga or comic book can match such as thought robot superman, superman prime one million, silver age superman, etc superman is the father of all super heroes so its only natural that he would be numero uno

Without Superman there could have never been any other super hero. He is the First superhero and he is the greatest of all time. We don't even know how strong he really is. Remember the movie Superman with Christopher Reed, he made the Earth spin backwards, in Superman II he made Lois Lane forget who he was.

Superman is able to travel in space to distant galaxies millions of light years away in minutes. He must move at million of times faster than light. Understanding that he can lift earth, if he hit anyone with a punch with that level strength and at the speed I described, no one would be able to beat him. He holds back because of this.

Superman, unlike what people think has never actually been killed. Anyone who can take a beating like he got from doomsday and still live (though his body did go into a protective coma for quite some time while he healed) is tops in my book! Also after Doomsday, Superman became even more powerful!