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Kirby is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. His first game was created in 1992, and the pink puffball has made his way into the hearts of fans of all ages.


Don't let the cuteness fool you. This guy is a powerhouse. Not only is he the most powerful character in gaming, but in fiction. He destroyed a being with UNLIMITED POWER TWICE. He can fly across the galaxy in seconds, going roughly 300,000,000 times the speed of light. He can destroy a planet by inhaling it or punching it in HALF. With 1 punch. He survived an entire dimension being destroyed, a planet explosion, and many black holes. Kurby is truly the king of fiction. Sorry Asura, you're dead meat against Kirby

Kirby can take the power of any foe and use it against them. Kirby has also taken very little damage from when he was hit by a ROCKET POWERED HAMMER held by King Dee Dee Dee. In Kirby's epic yarn he can turn into a tank. You do not want to be near Kirby when he enters his rampages. Beat that Kratos.

Lol many characters on this list have been proven to withstand attacks much more powerful then those. just to name a few: sonic has survived going through a black hole, Goku has survived being thrown into an exploding sun, superman has survived being hit so hard he was sent to a far away galaxy from the sheer force of the blow etc. A silly rocket powered hammer is nothing compared to forces that other characters on this list have endured

Kirby Currently has the capability to destroy a planet in just one punch. he also has the ability to take a forty ton frying pan with a huge monster on it into orbit around a star and back. he also easily endured a planet destroying blast without a single scratch. he also endured a galaxy wide war as a BABY. Kirby not sucking in the mini bosses in his game was just a balancing measure so that there was some challenge.

Kirby has many several unique abilities, actually, over 100! He can fly multiple times the speed of light in space on his Warp Star without any air to breathe. Hypernova is a veritable black hole and can devour worlds. Kirby destroyed many bosses that were at planet busting levels to universe busting levels (Magolor). He also has Ultra Sword, Flame Monster, Flare Beam, Snow Bowl, and Grand Hammer as his super abilities. Microphone Kirby can literally explode enemies just with his singing.

*Super Smash Bros. is not that accurate. The developers had to adjust the characters' sizes and fix the amount of power they have. If the characters from Smash were in Kirby's games they would just be sent to his stomach's pocket universe. Also, if they let Kirby destroy everyone he eats in Smash, Kirby would just win all the time.

People seem to forget about the anime. Jesus, he gets powerful when you take into consideration that what we get in the games is toned down so that there's any sliver of challenge in the game. His stomach is a literal alternate universe. Even with resistance, he has his vehicles, such as the Dragoon, and Hydra, which can fly higher than anything else in the kirby franchise, and kill literally anything by tearing it apart respectively.

If asura could beat a god, then kirby could beat him by just inhaling him and also a bonus by obtaining his powers! Also if kirby sucked up kratos, then kratos couldn't rip out of him, kirby is extremely malleable and if he can take planet size explosions, then he can take a sword from the inside so kirby is #1! Also he could survive the flame of olympus considering he can survive planet size explosions, which can be over 53,540 degrees fahrenheit! Watch the Death battle and you will be convinced. As well as being able to run 900 mph (in his normal form, not wheel form)and throw a frying pan out past the planets gravity, around the sun and back. Also kirby is basically a baby so if he beat up Kratos then he can beat up anyone. Also he could absorb the flame of olypus and become mega fire kirby or something.

Kirby may not be immortal or a god or anything like that, but he is at least a TRILLION TIMES MORE POWERFUL than that loser Asura. Sure, Asura can destroy planets and crap, but he doesn't exactly control the MULTIVERSE,(Magolor) and Kirby has killed creatures that do exactly that. Guess what Asura did? He only killed the creator of ONE UNIVERSE. Honestly, saying that Asura is more powerful than Kirby is a load of BS. Kirby can destroy planets too, his warpstar flies something like 22 trillion times the speed of light, he can eat basically anything, and he can possess (and enhance) the powers of anything he eats, so basically, he can wield his own powers AND an enhanced version of Asura's powers at the same time, so good luck winning this one, Asura!

Seriously, he defeated several deities, horrors from beyond space and time, and even managed to defeat extremely powerful foes that had the power to change reality as we know it, even if he had major handicaps. Even without the ability copying skill, if the minigames are to be considered the real thing, give him a second of concentration, and he can break a damn STAR in half. (A real star, not one of those he rides on)

There is one problem with the Asura argument. By the end of his game, Asura is a human. With no powers. Kirby, on the other hand, is a BABY of UNLIMITED POWER! Just look at the Game Over Screen in Return to Dreamland. He was just blasted by a being possessing the most powerful weapon in all of the universe, and he is just asleep. Just asleep. Also, SSB does not count, despite being the greatest game of all creation, as that game represents characters in their non-cannon state. And even if Asura could beat Kirby in his present state, just wait until Kirby is 2000. He will kick Asura's godlike ass.

Kirby can take anyone on this lists power and use it against them. Even if Asura is a god all that Kirby has to do is suck up Asura and he has godlike powers beyond even Asura's. (Since when he steals powers, he is able to use them better than the person he stole them from. )

Many people are saying that kirby could easily beat anyone on this list, even asura... to those people I ask: you're kidding right? Everyone thinks that kirby is the be all end all because of his copy ability/inhalation ability. That's false. Kirby's normal inhale doesn't even permit him to inhale MINI BOSSES in his game: everyone on this list surpasses the power of the mini bosses in kirby's games. However, I already explained that in my last comment. My goal is to convince you all that even kirby's hypernova ability isn't as powerful as you all think it is. By definition, ( from the game developers of kirby: triple deluxe) it says that by consuming a miracle fruit, kirby's inhaling ability becomes a :"veritable black hole." Pretty powerful right? Well, not really for a lot of characters on this list. Asura, sonic, shadow, superman, thor, Goku vegeta etc have all proven to have survived and escaped black holes, meaning they could also escape the power of kirby's hypernova ability.

You see, Kirby has this ability that allows him to scan an enemy and copy his powers without swallowing him. Because of this, Kirby can match and surpass ANYONE he goes up against. ClassicGameGuys also did a calculation on how fast his warp star is and determined that it can go roughly about 400 BILLION times the speed of light.

Kirby has immeasurable strength. Can go 400 billion times the speed of light and shrugged of an entire universe collapsing on him he could beat asura but it would not be a stomp

I would've vote for Asura but Kirby can take his own powers and beat him up with them plus have so seen his crash ability. It wipes out everyone who is fighting him all at once

He's defeated Star Dream, which by the way is considered the most powerful being the entire universe. That makes Kirby the most powerful being in the universe. KIRBY IS THE MOST POWERFUL CREATURE IN ALL EXISTENCE!

He's obviously more powerful than Kratos. Kratos is just plain overrated, that's all. God of War is a game about an incompetent man who kills his family and puts the blame on the gods. Also, Kirby could absorb his power and kill him with ease.

There are MANY other characters which have gone on to greater feats. Mario I think survived a supernova, Sonic survived the timeline of the world being reset, and by calculating the Light Dash in Sonic Unleashed which is the speed of light. Into how fast is Super Sonic, Super Sonic would go over 75x over the speed of light. Shadow the Hedgehog was able to lift the Black comet which according to ScrewAttack ( Please don't judge me, I didn't know the real weight. I just knew it now, and I've done absolutly NO research) it weighs at least 950 MILLION POUNDS. Using concrete as minimum base.

I have to say Kirby is very powerful for his size (literally). I know that many people said Kirby doesn't deserve to be in 2nd but come on, he's STILL a BABY. If he grows up, he will be very very very powerful.

Cue the butthurt Kratards, but Kirby takes this. He survived a planet explosion, cracked a planet in half, redirected a sun sized meteor using regular cannonballs, survived the reentry of orbit, fast enough to keep up with meta knight, has a pocket dimension in his stomach, his warp star goes FTL, killed a literal death god, killed multiple planet busters AND their undead forms that are stronger, by becoming hypernova Kirby he becomes a living black hole, is strong enough to throw a giant monster many times his size on a giant frying pan to the sun and back, the list goes on and on and on. Kirby makes Kratos and Asura look like Barbie toys. DEAL WITH IT.

Kirby is a proven case of why you shouldn't judge books by their covers. He regularly kills eldritch abominations, can survive in the vacuum of space, can punch planets so hard they crack, and has a literal black hole inside him. Of course, Kirby can use his sucking powers to eat his enemies and steal their powers. Kirby has also directly broken the fourth wall, such as in Kirby Triple Deluxe where he is able to use his hypernova ability to eat the health bar of Flowery Woods and Queen Sectonia. He can also eat lasers with his hypernova ability and spit them back to the sender. If someone tried to fight Kirby, he could just eat the opponent's health bar and get an instant win. - Mai_sentry

He can absorb all the other peoples power so lets say a very powerful character Asura well Kirby can take his powers and easily defeat him because Asura will have no power it was taken by Kirby The end - reed2009

Kirby is the MOST POWERFUL VIDEO GAME CHARACTER EVER. enough' said. Well, maybe not enough said. Kirby can even inhale asura. Game over.

Kirby's feats are insane, he's managed to defeat multiple beings simple mortal entities have no hope against. It's implied he's only an infant version of his species, the Star Warrior, but already shows power comparable ot the strongest Star Warrior in history, Galacta Knight, by splitting planets in half. Who knows how strong he'll be when he grows up.

Kirby literally has infinite power. He through a pan around the sun like a boomerang! If you throw something that has weight at light speed, you have infinite power!

Game Mechanic cannot be depended on, It is made to balance the game give players a bit of a challenge. Die to the innumerable waddle dees. Imagine a army of Kirby. I search for a forum for this.