Albus Dumbledore

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Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.


Voldemort fears him the most because dumbledore his the powerful one and wise and help Harry and never gives up he Evan say his name well everyone is too scared and he stronger the ministry of magic and destroyed his enemy and he doesn't no that voldemort stole wand but in the deathly hollows dumbledore will fight as that snaps didn't need to kill him and so what if bellatrix is watching you don't to be like voldemort and his friend lucius witch is to scared of the dark lord so dumbledore got weaker in half blood and why didn't anyone help him and he is a legend to everyone and is a hero

Albus Dumbledore is correct to be here. He is surely the most powerful, smart, and wise character in the series. More than the teachers, or Voldemort. His wiseness shone out a lot. When Harry needed advice or was in trouble, he was told to go to Dumbledore. Dumbledore always had the advice you would need when you were in trouble. That beard and wise-looking face make him look even wiser. He protected Harry even when it infuriated Harry, and made sure Voldemort did not get him. And if you defeat the Elder Wand... well, that almost seems impossible. Dumbledore is very much the wisest.

Dumbledore is the strongest in the first book he said voldemort knew power that he didn't but that is due to fact that he wont use them not that he can't use then in the ministry of magic he wasn't trying to defeat him he wanted to let voldemort think he could defeat Dumbledore but he was only trying to prevent him from leaving and he was able to do so even when trying to protect harry as well

He is without a doubt the most powerful wizard of all time. He has been mentioned by many wizards as the most powerful sorcerer of all time. His only other competitor is Voldemort, and even he openly displays his fears facing Dumbledore. When they do duel each other, Dumbledore has been weakened and still easily overcomes Voldemort before Voldemort flees.

Dumbledore is for sure the most powerful. He has been around for a long time so he has had plenty of training and maybe fights with magic. And also since Dumbledore has the Elder Wand is is basically the strongest wizard now! Between knowing what he's doing and is and expert with magic along with the Elder Wand he is basically invincible!

The oldest and the most wise amongst the wizards, Professor Albus Dumbledore, is the most powerful wizard of all time. You-Know-Who faced him about two to three times but each time, he had to retreat, being aware of his infinite power. He is also, probably the only wizard surviving on the planet ( other than You-Know-Who, ) who is aware of each and every type of magic ever created. Adding to these, he has the strongest weapon ever seen by wizardkind - The Elder Wand...

I don't know what kind of moron thinks Harry killed Voldemort with a simple spell. His "Expelliarmus" didn't kill Voldemort. The Killing Curse rebounded on Voldemort. There's a difference, you know. If Harry didn't disarm Draco, he was a goner.
At the start, when McGonagall says that Dumbledore is too noble to use dark arts, there Rowling just says that Dumbledore is more powerful. For those of you who think that Dumbledore couldn't kill Voldemort even though he had the Elder Wand in Department of Mysteries, I think Dumbledore was trying to keep Voldemort engaged in duelling to make Fudge arrive and see Riddle by letting Riddle think he has a chance at killing Dumbledore.
Dumbledore for the win!

Hard to prefer between Dumbledore and Voldemort. It's your choices. Voldemort is the most powerful wizard. Dumbledore is the greatest wizard of all times, as he didn't miss use his power. Greatness lies within the good deeds you do!

He not only is here because he is a powerful man, but he has shown traits of bravery, honesty, wisdom, courage, faith. He admits that he makes mistakes. He knows when to stop. He is calm. He is one of the coolest wizards in history

Professor Dumbledore is an expert in ancient magic, like the protecting spell that lily potter used to protect her son (Harry potter). Voldemort considers this type of magic useless and his lack of ancient magic knowledge is what cause him to almost die, if it wasn't for the Horcrux. Plus Voldemort always fear albus

Dumbledore defeated a wizard with the elder wand and took the elder wand which is crazy. He's the most powerful wizard of all time. Voldemort couldn't defeat Dumbledore, no one could!

Not only was he powerful, he helped the world with his magic. To me, this alone makes him more powerful than Voldemort or any other wizard or witch that uses their magic to do bad stuff.

DUH people how many people have said that Dumbledore is the most powerful wizard? Like a 100 thousand different people! Even Voldemort knows it even if he doesn't want to admit it!

He was never truly killed and held the most powerful wand of all time. He defeated Grindelwald even while his opponent had the elder wand. He was the headmaster of Hogwarts. He was also asked to be Minister of Magic multiple times. He is awesome and has the most powerful wand of all time!

He defeated whoever faced him in battle and the only reason he died was because his instincts were slower in old age and it had nothing to do with his powers.

Ya so he's got a fabulous beard, but he's also got loving heart, and will always stand up in a bad situation. But I do agree he's got one amazing beard

Dumbledore much wiser and more powerful than Voldemort. His age is the only thing that may have held him up at the end.

There's a reason that voldemort is scared of dumbledore it's because he is the most powerful wizard of all time

Dumbledore is my favorite but he had the elder wand which voldemort didn't had but still he was powerful

Merlin should be first. He invented magic! But also Harry Potter shouldn't be on here. He's pretty much just like any other wizard.

Yes! I kind of expected Dumbledore to be on top, but I am happy the public agrees with me. There is a good reason Dumbledore is winning by 8%- he has almost all the good qualities you could name, especially intelligence, determinedness, kindness, and humor. I love Dumbledore!

Dumbledore defeated three wizards and one witch without his wand! He was offered to become the Minister for Magic and defeated the two most powerful dark wizards in magical history: Grindelwald and Voldemort. Plus he arranged for Voldemort's reign to end at last.

Dumbledore is boss the only reason he died was cause snape was told to kill him by none other than albus himself.

Dumbledore was a wise headmaster. He could defeat voldemort if he needed to and he also possessed the elder wand. Dumbledore will alwys be the most powerful wizard. Voldemort is a puny prat compared to the great powers of Dumbledore.

Just because I don't like dumbledore that much after I realized how he betrayed harry, I still agree he's the most powerful. he overwitted voldemort and many other wizards. he planned for a death he knew would come. he planned many things and he was so powerful.