Gellert Grindelwald


This is the list on how I think it should Go. There are some names that aren't on this list and it mystifies me as to why.

Voldemort - for the reasons stated. I think he's a shade more powerful than Dumbledore. -

Dumbledore - for the reasons stated. Although Age has likely dampened some of his abilities and the Elder Wand might have a great deal to do with his power. Which makes me think he's not quite as powerful as Voldemort. -

Grindelwald - for the reasons stated. -

Severus Snape - He definitely needs to be higher than McGonagall. If he had been truly fighting against McGonagall, I have no doubt that she would have been dead long before the other Heads of House arrived. Capable of using the Dark Arts, yet can love enough to conjure a Patronus. The Only Death Eater Able to, I might add! -

Bellatrix Lestrange - Pretty obvious, Voldemort's number two. Deadly, dangerous and powerful. -

Dolohov - This guy took down Remus Lupin! A Wizard who is ...more

The greatest dark wizard second only to Voldemort

Pushing Prime Dumbledore and being enough of a threat for Voldemort to personally eliminate even after Grindelwald spent 50+ Years in Azkaban puts Grindelwald above Snape and Minerva, but below Voldemort and Dumbledore (either of whom have a case for the top spot).

Grindelwald wielded the Elder wand, has fought Dumbledore and has been stated to be one of the two most powerful dark wizards of all time. He should be higher than Snape and Mcgonagall.

He should be before snape because his duel with Dumbledore was considered to be the greatest duel in history so they must have been pretty evenly matched.

He was exceptionally powerful. Dumbledore stated that before Voldemort, he was the most powerful dark wizard in history. In his time, he brought the entire world to it's knees.

If Dumbledore was more powerful, then why did he say to Newt that he couldn't take him on himself. I think only Newt's creatures could defeat him.

With Dumbledore and Voldemort on a whole other level than other characters.

He should be number 2 he is an amazing wizard and almost won in the duel between Dumbledore he could defeat Voldemort (though with extreme difficulty) and if he was educated at hogwarts instead of Durmstrang he would have one in the duel. People underestimate him just because he lost to Dumbledore. He is no doubt the 2d most powerful wizard in the entire Harry Potter universe!

I think I do not see this character in any movie, or, at least, I do not see him cast any spell in movies.

Stronger than Snape, Minerva, Harry, Even The Dark Lord who only seconds Dumbledore is in the 5th position. I mean he might not be as evil as voldy but he's more skilled and efficient. I mean u can't rank Snape and Minerva over him, pe

He's not that powerful and besides, he stole the elder wand and didn't win it

All is said already, he most certainly deserves to be at least third.

He is of course stronger than snape ; vote for making him stronger!

Battle mcgonagall and we can see

He could beat Voldemort in a duel

Gellert Grindlewald only barely lost to Dumbledore. Dumbledore himself saying he was only a shade stronger than he was. I would put him at the 3rd strongest right after Voldemort.

Grindelwald created an army which he would have used if not for dumbledore's extremely close victory.
Dumbledore is top of the list but even he was scared of grindelwald. Voldemort couldent get anything out of Grindelwald about the elder wand when he is the most competent mind invader ever.

Amazing strong voldemort is weaker

He is way stronger than Voldemort. His skills are far better than Voldemort but the only thing is horcruxes otherwise he's more feared wizard than Voldemort

How is this guy not #2 or #3? Unlike Voldemort, he actually owned the Elder Wand and engaged with Dumbledore in the best wizarding duel of all time!

Come on - Gellert Grindelwd is behind Snape and McGonagall? The wizard who was near-par to Dumbledore? Really?

Grindellwand is so brave "kill me Voldemort! " he said No to Voldemort one of the only people to say Voldemort

He is another voldermort and yer he is behind an old teacher and the correct fourth place

Totally the best! He kills a lot of innocent people! Yay! - Trueslytherininthehouse!