Harry Potter


Actually, I think that almost every one in this list is a great one, especially Dumbledore, Voldemort, Bellatrix, and Minerva. But, Harry Potter, only 17 years old, killed Voldemort, a great wizard with much more experience. Thus I should say that Harry's a winner.

Hi this guy's name is Harry Potter. He survived the Dark Lord... Hmm... EVERY SINGLE HOGWARTS YEAR. He also... Hm... People could never defeat him. Sure Dumbledore fought him once but Voldemort rose up. Sure Snape could lie to Voldemort's face but did Harry use his trickery to fight? NO. He actually used brawn. And how can you say Voldemort's strong when Harry killed him with a simple spell? Harry also got an O in his OWLs and is a future Auror. He's powerful alright.

Voldemort was the greatest dark wizard of all time and Albus Dumbledore was the greatest wizard of all time and Dumbledore admitted that Voldemort was stronger than himself. And since Harry defeated voldemort that makes him the greatest wizard of all time so he should be on the top of the list.

Harry is good. But the only reason why he beat Voldemort is because Voldemort was not the true owner of the elder wand so he could not bring out its true power! Plus everybody and their mother helped Harry! Do you believe he could have done all of what he did on his own?

Harry Potter battled Voldemort three times and won. Yes some of it was by luck but despite the fact that Voldemort was older and new more spells. Also his mother is a muggle born and he have ancestors from the Deathly Hallows so I think the two bloods types are mixed with his DNA power level. Lastly he was able to unleash that power when his godfather was being attack by demon Tera and they were a hundred their.

Harry is so powerful. For example, book number three. I mean, casting a Patronus Charm on only his second try?!? Come on, that's pretty impressive. And fighting off Voldemort at 11? Also impressive. Fighting off Pettigrew... Fighting Tom Riddle... going through that Tri-Wizard Tournament... Fighting in the department of Mysteries... Harry fought a lot. Also watched so many people die before his eyes. His own godfather too. Very strong kid... I'd love to be like Harry, or at least know him in person. The character, not the actor. Although it'd be nice to know Daniel Radcliffe...

Harry isn't that powerful, sure he beat Voldemort but that was because Voldemort wasn't the true master of the Elder wand so his killing curse rebounded on him. And Harry is a skilled enough wizard but I still think Hermione is better and more skilled.

Seriously people, NUMBER SIX? WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING? HE WAS THE ' CHOSEN ONE! He should be 2nd, NOT VOLDEMORT! Voldemort only want power, greedy and noseless dude! Jingle bells, UMBRIDGE smells, losers go away, Draco's hot, VOLDEMORT'S NOT, Hogwarts all the way, hey!

While Harry hasn't yet graduated from hogwarts he can hold his own against full grown wizards and death eaters. He is under no circumstances as strong as Voldemort or dumbledore, but considering his lack of experience he is indeed a VERY strong wizard

Harry Potter defeated Voldemort but he's two places behind Snape? If Snape was better than Harry he wouldn't have been a death eater- he would have taken over as lord severus snape or something and killed Voldemort.

I think harry potter is the most powerful wizard, at least second (next to dumblebore). He defeated THE MOST EVIL WIZARD OF ALL TIME... Only at an age of 18. The mental strength he shown to admit his own death is a winner.

Harry should be ranked in second place after Dumbledore since he was the one who defeated Voldemort and was also the master of the elder wand, which Voldemort wasn't. He was also the only known master of death.

I guess Harry Potter is the powerful one. He is THE CHOSEN ONE. The only boy who survived from a killing curse.. The boy who killed You-Know-Who with a very simple spell. He is only young and a true Gryffindor because of the sword from the Sorting Hat on the Chamber of Secrets. He was also very brave to solve mysteries.. HE is the best..

Even though in the movie Harry may seem like he doesn't know what he's doing I think personally that he is knowing what he is doing and he is really strong, so I think he should be a little higher that 6th...

I think he should be number 1 on this list. He escaped Voldemort more times than anyone, one of those times HE WAS FLIPPIN' ONE, he could do things at age 15 that even adult wizards couldn't do. He defeated Voldemort at age seventeen with a single curse. Even Voldemort and Snape didn't survive Voldemort, the (second) most powerful wizard, so yeah Harry should be #1. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Harry is an average wizard. Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, Snape, Hermione, and Ron tied him with Voldemort. Harry's power through his scar just barely tipped the scale

He was a frustrating hero to love but I like to think that with all his experiences that in time he would be considered one of the greatest wizards of all time.

Harry potter should be number 1 because he was able to beat Lord Voldemort (let me remind you that Voldemort killed Albus Dumbledore who was the "strongest" wizard alive) and he survived the "KILLING CURSE"!

Harry Potter may have survived the Killing Curse as a baby but it's only because his mother's love had protected him. I think he's a strong wizard because he dealt with the grief of his dead parents; Lily and James Potter, Sirius Black, and Dobby. He fought his way through all the fear and pain that troubled him in the past and is now an extremely powerful wizard.

In the first book, he had defeated Quirrell and Lord Voldemort from stealing the Philosopher's Stone.
In the second book, he solved the mysteries and bad luck heading his way, by defeating the basilisk with the Gryffindor sword.
In the third book, he learned the spell, Expecto Patronum, led Sirius Black, his godfather, to freedom with the help of his best friend Hermoine Granger, and found the truth about Peter Pettigrew.
In the fourth bo-
Crowd: SHUT UP!
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Survived Lord voledemort
Taught D.A.
Best quiditch player
Protruanus charms invisibility cloak
Advanced magic
Killed voldemort

Harry Potter is should be 3 because in the third movie or story Hermione said that the spell that Harry did only a powerful wizard could of did it

Harry potter is not powerful by birth...he is powerful because lord voldemort gave him the power and right to defeat him

He defeats Lord Voldemort at the age of 17. He can do advanced spells at a young age for example the patronus charm. He is the chosen one and will live on to become a better wizard than Albus dumbledore who favoured him above other students greatly. He possessed the elder wand for a short time until he destroyed it

Harry's actually not very powerful on his own. He just has enormous luck and the power of love, which are the things WHICH make him powerful.

Harry Potter, should be top of the list! He destroyed Voldemort! Look at all of the books and see what he does, he was an underage wizard!