Hermione Granger

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The movies. Ugh, damn the movies. Guys, I must say that even though Hermione is very clever and talented, she is rather Mary sued in the movies. A lot of Ron's lines and even spells were switched to her. She doesn't know all the spells and in her sixth year, over complicated her potion to create some gooey purple mixture. She is powerful, but not THAT powerful in casting spells. She's better at book work.

Hermione deserves to be before Bellatrix! She is the top in their year! I don't think Bellatrix can top that! Hermione backs Harry up all the time by her running to the library all the time so that Harry can defeat the "Bad Guy! " For instance, in the second book she got petrified because she was running to the library to get information on the Basilisk! Hermione is a better witch than Bellatrix!

Hermione needs to be higher because she could do spells before she went to hogwarts. She is very talented wizard in the book for her age. She always helped harry with the knowledge and how to get pass certain things. For example in her first year she was the one who helped harry get to the stone. She always knows the answer to every question. She was compared to Harry's mother Lily during her sixth year at hogwarts by Professor Slughorn. Hermione is also very loyal to her friends.

Harry and Ron would never survive without her. Hermione Granger should be higher than Harry Potter. She Hermione Granger is one of the best witches of all time. She protects Ron and Harry more than anyone else. Hermione Granger should be remembered for anything she does for the two boys. I agree that Hermione Granger is more talented and powerful than Ginny Weasly. Hermione Granger has outstanding skill and knowledge and is one of the most powerful witch of her age

Hermione has to be the best. I mean she is so intelligent exactly like me. I get it what she said in the S. S that cleverness is not the most complex thing to do against dark forces but I think know it alls in a movie just make the rest of the movie tremendously awesome. ( know it alls rock)

Hermione was always better than Harry in Spells. Harry practiced spells with Hermione when he was facing the Dragon in the Triwizard Tournament. She always got points fro Gryffindor. She at least needs to be number 4!

Since the first year she used spells others didn't use in their last year. As the years pass, her wizardry became more and more advanced. And she is still young. Imagine what she will be able to do when she is over 50. Or when she reaches McGonagall's age. - Martin_Canine

She read as many books as she could which makes her clever and know spells and charms that other wizards and witches wouldn't know. As Ron says "were is hermione when you need her" shows that she was much more cleverer then Ron and Harry.

Hermione is more cautious than Harry but I think she is more skilled in charms, transfiguration and potions the only thing Harry is better at is defense against the dark arts

She is very talented. Hermione was always the top of the year and without Hermione harry would barely survive. Hermione always gave both Harry and Ron good advices which protected them.

I scoffed when I saw her name below Harry's. Harry does NO magic in the first book. ZERO! She's the one with the spells, the skills, the talent. After all, there's not a spell Hermione couldn't do.

Hermione is fantastic at every subject and spell! She is so smart! She should be number 3 or 4! Her knowledge in the 3 year is as high as a 6 year student!

Hermione has both the brains brawls and the talent

Hermione should be higher up than some others because in the novels, she keeps saving her friends. Had she not, nearly everyone would be deceased.

Hermione not only had strength in her heart in mind: she also is powerful enough to seperate her pounds from pence. As trivial as it sounds this is serious. She was powerful enough to remove herself completely from her parents mind: just to destroy something she didn't even know existed.

She is really, really much more powerful than Ginny and Luna. Many times Harry and Ron would have died without her. Like at the Devil's Snare, when only Hermione remembered than ryme that saved them. She is super smart too, and always earns As and got twelve O.W.Ls. And Hermione saved the day in chamber of secrets. She figured out the monster, and made the polyjuice potion. I love Hermione so much. She should be closer up on the list. Hermione is so awesome. Yes, without her, really, if you think about it, Voldemort would still be in power, because Harry would have been dead without her logic brain to save him. I say, Hermione is the best harry potter characters in movies or books, out of all the trios, out of everything! Go Hermione!

She always had spell when she needs magic. She read lots of books and try to understand it. Her magic was always very powerful.

Hermione's "the brightest witch her age". Sure, she's no Dumbledore, but she's up there with Harry.

Hermione has always been the top of her form. She always show brilliant skills in transfiguration, charms and defense against dark arts, herbiology (though I accept Harry was the best at defense against dark arts) without Hermione most would die in the 6 and 7 books.

Without hermione ron and harry rather die because hermione has so many spells and genius girl too

Hermione should be before Bellatrix! She is top in their year! I don't think Bellatrix can top that!

She is a brilliant and powerful witch for her age during Hogwarts. And deserves to be in the top 5

Hermione is amazing! She should definitely be at least on the top ten

Hermione Granger is the brightest witch of her age. Without her probably the whole British Wizarding World would've died! Without her Harry would've died in their first year! I CANNOT understand why she is 9th and not 1st or 2nd or 3rd or even 4th!

I think if Hermione didn't have morals like everyone else she would be the greatest witch