Top Ten Most Prestigious College Football Programs

The Top Ten

1 Ohio State


Ohio state is a great college all around. Michigan, is like 1-9 against them in the last 10 years

Most intercollegiate sports of any school. That's impressive!

Shouldn't be no. 1. Here's how the list should be.

1. Notre Dame
2. USC
3. Oklahoma
4. Ohio State
5. Alabama
6. Michigan
7. Nebraska
8. Texas
9. Tennessee
10. Penn State

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2 Alabama

Most national championships; most conference championships in the toughest conference; the best coach in college football history; most bowl games & bowl wins; most 10 win seasons of all schools; the traditional king of the nation's best conference; always recruits well; large nationwide fan base; over 100 All Americas and the most members in the college football hall of fame. Very wealthy program also that can ensure they never get surpassed in facilities or prestige. Having 4 more national titles than the next program (Notre Dame) seals it for me.

They hold more program NCAA records than any other, the next closest program is... wait for it... Oklahoma! This State isn't even close to Alabama, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame!

This amazing team has shown up in every college football list, even being in the #1 spot in the Top College Football Programs of All Time list, Roll Tide

Better than Ohio State in almost every way... Over twice as many National Championships, Alabama plays in a tougher conference, more 10 win seasons, better coaches, and bigger dynasties.

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4 Notre Dame

Notre Dame and it's not even close. USC is a distant 2nd.

No Doubt, its Notre Dame.

Most Consensus Titles (11) tied for most Titles recognized by the NCAA (13) most Heisman winners (7) most consensus all-Americans (97) most College Football Hall of Famers (44) Highest all-time winning percentage (.733) and second most NFL draftees (485) and NFL Hall of Famers (10) statistically the greatest program in history


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5 Texas

The football state a lot of talent 12 million kids to choose from

Clean program and top 5 in wins. If teams lost points for NCAA infractions, OU and SEC schools wouldn't make the list.

Texas is absouletley the best with out a doubt m/ hook em horns all day everyday

6 Oklahoma
7 Michigan

Doesn't prestige come with winning? I'm pretty sure Michigan leads in that category. Also a degree from Michigan actually means something. After an Ohio State player gets drafted, flops in the NFL, assaults his girlfriend and gets cut by his team, all he is left with is an Ohio State degree. I have high school friends who were D students who have those.

Most wins in college football history, doesn't that mean something?

Hail to the Victors!

Winningest College in History, hard to get into, players don't flop as much as other colleges, and had TB12

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8 Nebraska
9 Penn State

Multiple National Championships, undefeated seasons, All Americans and by far, the highest graduation rate among its players! We Are..

Tradition. Beaver Stadium. Joe Paterno. 409.

10 Florida State

Florida State all day

I think that Florida State should be ranked very much higher they always get good young talent in people. Great NFL stars have gone to FSU Jamies Winston Devonte Freeman Dion Snaders. They should be ranked at least in the top 5 or in the top 3. And one of the best Colige Head Coches coached there

The list should be like this
1 Alabama
2 Michigan
3 Florida State
4 Ohio State
6 Texas
7 Clemson
8 Notre Dame
9 Tennessee
10 Miami

The Contenders

11 Miami (FL)
12 Oregon

Very underrated team and fan base. The Ducks love proving people wrong though

13 Florida Gators Florida Gators The Florida Gators are the intercollegiate sports teams that represent the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida.
14 LSU

Lsu is a top ten football program

15 Tennessee

We have six national championchips and 16 conference championchips. That is better than Penn State and Florida state.

16 Clemson

Top 5 program for the next 10 years

17 Washington
18 Michigan State Michigan State
19 University of Pittsburgh

Go panthers 9 titles here one day number 10 will come home

Pitt 9 National titles
Penn State 2 National titles
Pitts better no question about it

20 Brigham Young University
21 TCU
22 North Dakota State

4 straight national championships yo

23 Texas Tech
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