Most Prestigious Universities In the World

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1 University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

The most prestigious university in Cebu, Philippines..

2 Harvard University

This place is prestigious for a reason. This campus is full of history. - Lucas00

I'm surprised this don't rank first

3 Oxford University

What the hell is Jagganath University is doing in top 3 over Oxford?


4 University of Cambridge

I took a class there called, "The Brain and Learning." It changed the way I saw the world!

5 University of California Berkeley
7 McGill University
8 Yale University
9 University of Chicago
10 University of Dhaka

The Contenders

11 Columbia University

Sophisticated. strong in the humanities, science and engineering, medicine, public health, business and law. Beautiful campus in nyc, and a member of the Ivy League. Nobel prize winners, athletes, us presidents, scholars and humanists are amongst the faculty and alumni.

12 Cornell University
13 Jagannath University

It's one of famous public university of Bangladesh, I am proud to be a student of jaganath university...

14 Comilla University
15 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as BUET, is a public university in Bangladesh, which focuses on the study of engineering and architecture.
16 World University of Bangladesh
17 University of Chittagong
18 University of California San Francisco
19 University of Mannheim
20 Rajshahi University
21 Catholic University of Milan

The Catholic University of Milan is the largest private university in Europe and the largest Catholic University in the world!

22 University of Helsinki
23 Northwestern University
24 Stanford University
25 Duke University
26 University of Kansas
28 University of Lugano
29 Princeton University
30 Brown University
31 Emory University
32 Johns Hopkins University
33 University of Washington Seattle
34 University of Colorado Boulder
35 University of Edinburgh
36 King's College London
37 Bocconi University
38 Caltech
39 Dartmouth College
40 Washington University in St.Louis
41 Vanderbilt University
42 Georgetown University
43 Rice University
44 University of Pennsylvania
45 University of Virginia
46 University of Michigan Ann Arbor
47 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
48 Carnegie Mellon University
49 University of Southern California
50 New York University
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