Top Ten Most Psychedelic Songs Ever

We know almost every band of the 60's made at least one psychedelic song, the Beatles, the Kinks, the Doors. So what is THE most psychedelic song ever made?

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81 Venus - Shocking Blue
82 Terrapin - Syd Barrett

Fantastic stuff from Syd...I would recommend all of his stuff...he definitely was looking at things in a whole different way, w/ only random connections to reality.

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83 Weekend Wars - MGMT

Useless song

84 Baby Night - Sweet Smoke

Psychedelic drums as well as guitar. A must hear!

85 White Bird - It's a Beautiful Day
86 The Sky Moves Sideways - Porcupine Tree

The flute, riffs, piano, vocals, atmoshpere, drums, guitar... everything is so trippy! - SevenTreeTool

87 She's Not There - The Zombies

Another great overlooked psychedelic song. The Zombies wee psychedelia.

88 Reverberation - The 13th Floor Elevators
89 21st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson
90 (Don't Fear) the Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult
91 Section 43 - Country Joe & The Fish
92 Bike - Pink Floyd
93 Fresh Air - Quicksilver Messenger Service

To me this song has a haunting feeling, just beautiful. Thank you

too hip

94 Where Is My Mind? - Pixies
95 When the Music's Over - The Doors

This song written and recorded by the Doors, was released on their second album in late 1967. This song is longer than most rock songs at the time, and this is a good thing. This song has elements of blusy psychedelic rock, and even progressive rock.

96 Defecting Grey - The Pretty Things

You could say the Beatles and the Floyd started it up but the Pretties took it one step further.Listen to classic albums SF sorrow and Parachute and you'll agree.

Sf sorrow,the first and best rock opera

97 Journey to the Center of the Mind - Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes
98 Walking On Air - King Crimson

Is very good song but it is not psychedelic

99 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here - Porcupine Tree

Mind Blowing. I felt like I was tripping while completely sober.

The best trip song

100 Chasing Shadows - Deep Purple

Great drum romp through the psychedelic jungle.

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