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Australia, officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands. Australia has a very warm climate and is very dry. The country's official language is English.


A lot of western countries have a past entrenched in racism, but has moved on from there and are the newer generations are much more accepting as a result of that. Australia, on the other hand never had that experience and doesn't see daily racism as a problem and believe that mild racism is okay!

America might be racist but Australia pretends racism doesn't exist there when it's actually prevalent to nearly the same extent there as it is here. At least here in the USA, we *mostly* acknowledge that racism is a problem, the main concern being how to solve it.

Australia can beat any country in racism with flying colors, Hope it would be 50% Non-White in two decades with huge influx of Asian, Indians and various third worlders and their new generations have no choice but to embrace & procreate with ethnic diversity. Having children of different hue and colors will definitely improves the tolerance and decrease racism and prejudice of all kinds drastically.

Agree with the comment below that as an Asian, one is at best a ghost walking about. One "memorable" incident: We stayed at a five star hotel (within the historic post office building). On the check-out date, there was a Caucasian lady behind me in the queue, when it came to my turn, the receptionist signaled to the lady *behind* me and let her do the check-out first. My "moment of shame" was luckily a brief one, as I was able to go over to another counter a few seconds later. If it's an elderly person, I wouldn't have minded - and the racial stint would be less obvious - but that was surely not the case!

At my work place the construction worker outside said awful things about me cause they are mad for a Asian working inside a office while they are doing manual labour. It's no my fault that they didn't study college to get the same job as me so to their eyes white people are the only one that should has decent lives and as for me Asian I must has a hellish life even if I work hard in studying every year.

I immigrated to Australia after so much work and money spent on the process. I have to admit I lost so much, but I also learned allot on the personal level after seeing how humans can be so low level and racist. Now I am back in my respectful country and will never visit this hole again

Australia is a horrible country man! Wait till you see the black aboriginals who are the original owners of the land! They've been oppressed since the begining of time! Their kids don't even go to school anymore! My black friend tells me how she went to the shops onetime and as soon as a little kid saw her, the kid started singing baba black sheep baba black sheep! Instead of the kid's mom to stop her, she actually moved right behind my friend with her child! Also I live in one of the states and in my superb I see posters like Invitation to an event; it reads 'Apes from Africa', Location; via Africa. This is like 2017 man! It's disgusting!

The Australian Government is by far the most Racist Parliament in World. As when comes too rights an support show little towards certain country's regardless of how long have been in country or have/own. Centre' ink is a good example as most people have come across have showed zero support an negative remarks, including emergency aid outside of centerlink such as superannuation where most other country's then those from New Zealand are not entitled too 50% of when on centerlink for over 6 months... Go Racist John Howard... Go Racist Parliament an Allies...

I am a caucasian light haired green eyed - yet to many anglo Australians I morph magically into some kind of hideous underling whom they seem to think if you do not have a anglicised name nor come from the United Kingdom is just plainly a wog. Whats amazing is you can see it in their faces the moment they learn that my name ends in a vowel and my parents came from central Europe. Its like they recoil and realise they have had a traitor in their midst. It changes people and all the "wog" comments seem to be less forth coming. I'm Australian not some kind of hyphenated Australian that many puritans like to box you into. Are so called "pure Anglo Australians Racist?...Bloody oath mate!

I've met a lot of Australians on my travels and they all seemed to have this superior "I'm better than you and you're like the stuff under my shoe" attitude. I am British from London by the way.

Since the 1788 invasion, Australia has always been a white supremacists' paradise. In the past they have committed an act of genocide on the island of Tasmania. And for nearly a hundred years implemented the white Australia policy, to keep non-Europeans out. The 'stopping the boats' policy is the same policy with a different name. They celebrate British colonial invasion every year called 'Australia Day'. Their treatment and attitude towards the indigenous population is very shocking.

I lived in sydney for a year in 2014 and during my experience I suffered some rude attitudes from natives. I'm latin by the way. The first one was trying to find out where to buy a train ticket in Central Station. I went to a shop in order to ask and the man who was there shout at me in very bad manners and not even explain where to go. After that I was in a shopping in bondi junction looking for some cloth to buy and a man along with her wife whispered somenthing like ''he is a thief'' then laughed and go. I didn't like Australia, not because of these experiences but because I think that cities are not so amazing as it is normally shown on commercials, videos and pictures. I noticed lots of homeless people on the streets, mad people talking alone. I can't believe how Melbourne could be considered one of the best cities in the world to live in! dirty, dark and old city. The river that runs through really stinks! To sum up, my experience in Australia was totally disapponting!

That's my country. I used to be racist all the time until I was aged 14. I hate this country a little bit because I don't see black-skinned people. Where are they.

I think Australia is top most racist country in world, in Australia racism is institutionalized its not just in public mind government preaches it.

To Black people, The most racist country is USA I think. But, to Asians, It's Australia I think.

Yes definitely Australia, very racist country. Only people I can feel comfortable around in Australia are other international people. I have seen people trying so hard to fit in with Aussies, they change their outlooks and behavior to match, but cannot change the color of their skin. Australia makes you feel like, I could have nice a time, if I was born white.

A country proud of its abhorrent racism, as well as the genocide of the natives.

Australia should be #2 on the list. Everyone knows how racist Australia is. Some Australians love to call their country "multicultural", showing inter ethnic dating and marriage stats to basically prove it, shutting down any accusations of racism. However, the truth is that "multiculturalism" in Australia is mostly just different groups of White people, mainly British, dating and marrying each other. There is extreme racism towards Asians, Middle Easterners, and Africans in Australia. They have the some of the most hardline immigration laws in the Western world. Recent polling also shows that over half of Australians want to ban Muslims. I could literally go on and on. I also don't agree with The United States being at the #1 spot. Interracial dating and marriage in the US is increasing, the country will look like Brazil by 2060. Rap and hip hop is the dominant genre of music and black culture is openly embraced. Social justice and PC culture is the norm there.

Australia is by far the most racist country second to the most retarded backward India of course. I've been to 9 countries so far including India, USA and most European countries and China. Australia I would rank it a very toxic world of 19th century.

I can honestly say that Australia is not a racist country. Not only is it one of the most ethnically diverse nations in the world, but every citizen has equal rights and racism is looked down upon tremendously. People can be taken to court over racism. Yes, it is true that Australia did not recognise Aborigines as native until 1969, but that is understandable as racism was still accepted back then. During the 20th century many countries, not just Australia, were still growing up in that respect.

As an Aboriginal Australian, I have copped it sweet since childhood about my ancestry, and have a gut-full of the racism by anglo whites in this country. White privilege on show here everyday of the week, even though Aborigines live in absolute squalor. The Australian Constitution does NOT recognise its own first nations peoples.

Well 12 years ago when I moved to Australia, I thought Australia is the place to be. It is an amazing country by all means. However, if you are a muslim expect you are being intimidated in the media and social media all time. We are all obligated to pay the price of being muslims.

We have been accused of draining the wellfare system ( I earn 250 K per year and my wife earns 100 K). Blamed for the lack of education, not accepting Australia values, forcing Halal certificates on other fellow Australians. Even though I am a PHD holder and my wife owns and run our chemist.

The fact that u blame the entire muslim community for a terrorist group that inflicts so much damage on muslim countries and muslims than it does on Australia.

Some of the Politicians like Pauline Hanson, only gained her seat in the Parliment by attacking muslims day and night. Did she propose any plan to boost economy of course not! Oh she managed to force companies that have a Halal certificate on ...more

I know, I have been there for a business trip and the people there were as racist as hell and some of them swore at me. I was getting a souvenir at a shop and the cashier said to me that it was an extra $10 because I was Asian. That was a bad experience for me. I wil never go there again.

As a Papua new guinea person I get mistaken for being aboriginal or TI and every time I go to the shops or anywhere I always get typical white Australian people looking at me like I am about steal something or blow up the building or whatever. Especially Townsville because in the suburb Vincent there are a lot of aboriginals there and of course there is violence, drugs, drinking or shooting and personally I hate that suburb. So basically both aboriginal and white are racist

Is Australia a racist country you ask? Is there even such thing as a racist country? If so which country is a racist country? I can certainly tell you Australia is not one of them, far from it in-fact. A common misconception is most Australians are decedents of British convicts who were sent here in 1788 but most Australians today are usually children of migrants. We were a country built on the foundation of different races and nationalities.