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France, officially the French Republic, is a sovereign state comprising territory in western Europe and several overseas regions and territories. The European part of France, called metropolitan France, extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to more.


I speak English but not French and I understand that a French don't speak English. Anyway I'm working with French and all our meetings are in English (even in France) and there is no problem. Does the British grandmother speaks something else than their mother tongue? No. So what's the matter with that? Full stop with this stupid issue.

France is one of the best countries to live in, lots of foreigner (me included) are living there, in center of France more than 300,000 British are living here in this peaceful landscape. Lots of African people are living in any cities, we have decided to stay here and to see our children growing up as real French.

Having visited France on several business trips, it's definitely a very racist country especially after the terrorist attacks, I was walking with a colleague in lille and saw 2 women hurling abuse at a muslim pensioner and the gendarmarie just strolled by as though it was acceptable, so me and my colleague walked over there to his assistance and they just continued shouting terrorist! at him, so we stood in front of them and said if you were in Britain you would be locked up for racially aggravated abuse, they eventually stopped and moved away the man began to cry and told us he was born in France and this is happening more and more since attacks in paris and nice and he's considering moving else where in Europe to get away from these racist people he once called friends and fellow countrymen. I think racism in any country is sad!

France cannot be considered as a racist country, some xenophobic persons can exist but few and especially from non French origins people. It 's what I noticed working there nearly 1 year and travelling everywhere through the country I also notices lots of different represented nationalities, more than anywhere in continental Europe.

France is a great country, birth of human rights and known for its large number of nationalities living there with few problems compared with other parameters you can encounter in other areas. Patriotic certainly like all countries which deserve to be patriotic.

France is one of the greatest melting-pot, France has in the 70's welcomed more than 120 000 boat people from Vietnam.
When major part of the other countries and especially some European countries where pissing in their pants...
I'm soon of these boat people and I have to thank my country, a great country: Thank You France.

Racist people are those one who are commenting France/French has racist. Put your vomit away.

Racism in France represents a few percentage of people, and in most of cases people with foreign origins are more racist against new migrants.

Definitively among the less racist countries in Europe and the most higher rate of foreign origins with few tensions compared to the high number of represented countries and number of people so different.

If French people were racist I would have leaved this country, but I am still here and I do really want to stay. For me some European countries like France, Sweden, UK, Germany, Belgium and all Nordic countries are absolutely not racist. Some isolated groups of inhabitants could have some xenophobic attitudes but absolutely less compared with the major part of all the world's other countries.

I haven't been in France, but I speak French as a native West African. I used to watch French T.V. a lot but their hate towards Muslims and black people have turned me off. They hide their racism into laic they pretend that they're against any racism when in fact the black people who live their can't find jobs and apparently it's worst for Arabs and that before all these terrorist attacks. All their politicians are corrupt and unlike in the United States where I live now, in France people can be openly racists, I've heard a lot of French comedians who are black or Arabs mock the Asian community and accent, although I'm black for me racism is racism. And the white people over there of course mock and hate all other people, the black, the Asians, the Romans community and all the religion. They want everyone to become atheist even though most them are religious but in T.V. they fake it.

The racism is rare in France, much lower than the average.

With 117 nationalities, France is the country of Europe where you will find the highest number of different people coming from those 117 countries.
So France racist?
Some few people living in France surely are xenophobes, but which one?

I'm living now in France, after some years in 3 other European countries, and I can confirm here that French are not racists.
True that there is Marine Le Pen, but I can see here and there some comments from non French, that she is politically too much left side...

I confirm also that Germany and Sweden are really nice countries to live in, when Italy is ok for living and making business but you have to do with stupid Italians.

If French people were racist I would have left this country, but I am still here and I do really want to stay. For me some European countries like France, Sweden, UK, Germany, Belgium and all Nordic countries are absolutely not racist. Some isolated groups of inhabitants could have some xenophobic attitudes but absolutely less compared with the major part of all the world's other countries.

"I live in France and I am French since my birth. French people are the most racist people I know. In addition they are xenophobic and hate foreigners, especially blacks and arabes. White supremacists are very present here. Skinheads do not hesitate to demonstrate in public and are extremely violent and hateful. They dislike M├ętis because they see them as traitors to the white race. You could be beaten and punched by one of them, if one day you feel like coming here... Especially since they are hypocrites and cowards. They will not hesitate to beat you if they are in a strong position but ignore you, look at you badly or in the best case will make you believe in their benevolence to better get the Mickey out of you after. Believe me here 's a real hell for non-white people or foreigners"

If you try to speak English with them, they will crucify you!

I am French and I am Muslim. I had to flee France because trust me, they are the mopst racist nation in Europe for Muslims. They hate Islam and their History confirms it. The worst is that they says that they are a country of Democracy... but trust me, it is the opposite. I am French so I know what I am tlking about.

A permanent and incurable cancer to Africa and Asian nations, as a result of their racist colonization and terrorism outside Europe.

France is one of the most racist country in Europe, racism in France is pernicious...

U talk in English they don't respond and they think they are the best in the world

After the Paris attacks, people had been scared of Muslims there, so when you are traveling to France, make sure you are save from racism

France is not racist at all and neither French.
- A Prime Minister: Manuel Valls - Born in Barcelona - Spanish,
- A ex-President: Nicolas Sarkozy - Hungarian origins,
- A President of the National Assembly: Claude Bartolone - Born in Tunis, Sicilian origins.
- A Mayor of Paris: Ana Hidalgo, born in Spain, Spanish origins.
Etc.. Etc..

In 2015: Goldman, Omar Sy and Simone Veil are the preferred personalities of the French.
Goldman: French singer - Jewish. Polish father and German mother.
Omar Sy: French actor - Mauritanian and Senegalese origins.
Simone Veil: French lawyer and politician - Jewish.

It is impossible to see that in another Country except USA? No
And certainly not in Europe.

France is the country of Human Rights.
And it is one of the most open and tolerant.
51% of French have foreign origins.
But of course like every where some are xenophobe.

PS : We are all humans with the same race, so racism between us ...more

Do people making bad comments here are the same who are attacking those fantastic country and people?
It looks to be.

France is indeed very xenophobic in general and extremely patriotic.