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Germany was formally united in 1871 under the initiative of Bismarck with King Wilhelm of Prussia as emperor. The previous 'Holy Roman Empire', basically a continuation of the empire of Charlemagne/Karl der Grosse was dissolved in 1806. more.


If only visit Germany you will feel German people are nice and friendly. But my view has been changed after I moved here since 4 years. They will not hurt you, basically they treat you not too different from German ( I still met few German people openly show how they don't like me as a foreigner, but it's not common. ) so they are polite... But deep in heart, they are very very cold. They have no interest of other foreigners. They don't want to make friends with foreigners. The neighbor say hallo to me but no one wants to talk with me. The coworkers have small talks sometimes with me but I never got invited to dinner together or visit them. Most German don't like foreigners but keep their opinions under the politeness. Some German can be very nice but still, it's so hard to make a closer relationship even with those nice German people. There is a invisible wall around their heart.

Germany is by far the most racist country there is. Germans are extremely arrogant and full of themselves. They never ever accept criticism even if they you know that you are 100% right. They can't stand the idea that some other nationalities are actually better than them and they won't allow you to prove that practically. Even if you try, they will not give you credit or admit that whatever you are suggesting/recommending/doing is actually valid. Not to mention how attached they are to their language, they consider approaching them in English (which most of them speak although they call it Denglish because it is an ugly mixture between Deutsch and English) a huge insult and they take it really personal. Many of the services provided in Germany ( Telecommunication, train system etc.) are not top notch like what people may think and the Germans themselves know that but when you complain to their so called customer service representatives, they will treat you in the most arrogant way ...more

I have been living in Germany as a student and I'm suppose to do part time job. I never get a good job because I'm an Indian. Still I work in the kitchen. Though I've ability and experience but I can't be a waiter in Germany. Some places offer me as a waiter but want to pay less than a kitchen worker. They can't believe to make a foreigner girlfriend or boyfriend. They like to keep it in themselves. To get a job you don't have no priority even if you complete education in Germany. They will say to go back to your country and work there. I have friends in USA. They started their part time work in USA as a Waiter and also so many good jobs. I undoubtedly can say it's the most racist country in the world. I feel really uncomfortable.

I consider Germany the most racist and cruel country in the world. I am native German and my parents are German, too. I decided to marry my husband, who is neither German nor of another European country. The German Embassy does not give him a visa, because he has to learn German in his country, which is a country, where these are only 3 German schools accepted by the Embassy. We are fighting since 2013 for him to join me in Germany. This is against Human Right, but no one here in Germany respects them. Nothing has changed since 1945.

Sorry people but that is simply not true! I am myself German but did not grew up my whole life in Germany so I can relate to my experiences abroad. Everywhere I have been it is a matter of integrating yourself into the culture you are living in! It is not only the Germans but also you who has to show some interest. If you think Germans are cold than move somewhere else but leave us alone, it is our country and we can be as we want! I was in school for a few years in Germany and everyone with migration background seemed to be adopted very well into our culture and have been seen completely equally from our teachers or students! If you don't know about our country or haven't grew up here just be quiet.

"I ve been in Germany so many times (6 times) and I ve never felt so hated. People living there are so narrow minded and think their country is the best of the world. There are still a lot of white supremacists living in Germany. German people not just dislike foreigners, they hate them."

I don't recommend any body to move to Germany!
Awful and egoist people. The German supremacy is deeply implemented in their minds.

As a foreigner (especially if you are tanned/Dark skin) you will desegregate. I does not matter if you are looking good, have a good education or a good job. A dirty junky German will always come first.

And one important thing for the males of you. Trust me German womens are the most boring and not attractive in this world.

Have been living here for more than 6 years and never felt that they accepted me. My German is as good as a native one (spoke German even before coming to Germany) and this is one of the things. If you speak English you are a tourist but if you speak German then you are an immigrant, hence foreigner, hence Ausländer. I am white skin, even whiter than most of the Germans, brown hairs/ eyes but it doesn't matter (from Middle East). If you are not German then your inferior to them. Specially girls. They show that they like you and when you talk to them after 3 sentences there comes the most beloved question in Germany "Where do you come from"? and then suddenly you see that the girl vanishes in air. They always think that every other country sucks. Compare them a lot with Americans and make fun of them a lot (because deep in their mind there is a rivalry between them). As long as their are teaching you (and boy they love to teach people because it gives them the sense of being ...more

I am german and unfortunately most of the germans I have met in my life have racist views upon other cultures, religions etc. Especially towards muslims, arab and turkish people as well as partly against people with a tanned/ darker skin. For that I feel deeply ashamed of my country sometimes. As for the refugee crysis it has revealed germanys true face towards foreigners.

I am foreign student from India.

1. I have "semesterticket", I can travel any Bus that travels in my area. The bus driver didn't allow me inside, although I had a valid semesterticket. I could't argue because it was being late. Wrote to the authorities, they told me to wait for the reply, three months already - no answer.

2. Where I work, I have to deal with elderly people. When I stand on Information desk, they look at me with a strange view, more like angry look and ask other "Mitarbeiter" even though I can speak German very well.

3. Disco - waited on a long line. Showed my Identity card to the bouncer. Told me he needs Passport. Went home on a taxi. Came back with passport - sorry not today. There were many people standing behind us. They were allowed.

4. On a bus - a young guy comes to sit behind us and spits. "Do you want to call a police? Go ahead! This is my country, I can do anything".

5. Shopping center - a guy ...more

I am living in Germay and I can say that Germany was, is and will alway be racist..

I live in Germany and I am an Immigrant. Germans are only Racist towards Immigrants if they are in small groups. When, for example, in a school are a lot of Immigrants they don't say anything about them, but in Schools with lots of Germans the German Stundents and Teachers become brave and Insult other ethnics and Religion. It is disgusting...

They are extremely racist, I was lost and alone. I needed direction but everyone looked angry at me and turned away. That is all because of my tanned skin and dark hair.

I believe Germany is a very nice country and comparing them a whole nation with a person who was clearly insane is rude and racist and personally I would be strongly offended. I think Germany is one of the nicest countries to live in, because of them being multi cultural, open minded and caring, for example we let 400,000 refugees in and we give equal chances to everyone that lives in Germany and in our open minded society.

Most Racist country is the world. Hitler is alive inside most if their souls.

It, s been 3 years that I live in Germany. The young Generation are 99% OK with foreigners but The old generation!. If you try to ask an address they turn away and start to walk faster. Sometimes I tried to ask a question and I started "Can you speak English? " They reply in Germany We live in Germany, we don't speak English and they laugh.

I'm from India and Germans hate me because my tanned skin. Awful people.

Germany isn't racist. I am a Vietnamese in Germany and when I asked for directions, they just gave it to me. People always smile and let's forget the Nazi past. It is diverse and there are many international students.

I was attempting to start a business there but gladly I didn't.

I wonder if Hitler's racism rubbed off on them

Germany racist? no way! the people are very open minded and I never felt badly treated in any way. it's a nice place and I will visit Germany again plus I was very surprised about the multiracial population there.

How is this a question. Why isn't Germany on the top spot..

Germany is a big country. Come to Berlin there are very few racists here. - ChatonNoir

This is what happens when you import a bunch of people from third world countries, can't you see the connection?. Multiculturalism creates racism. Two large groups can't live together. The German government is literally making one of the largest nationalsocialist community.

I have a friend who got beaten up because he is middle eastern, terrible people, and country