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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


I live in India and here the people with fair skin hates me because I am a brown. Even in Indian film industry (Bollywood), they never show any black Indian as an actor.

India is the most racist country in the world. And the most disgusting one at that because of all the hypocrisy. They have no qualms discriminating against fellow countrymen based on unbelievably shallow traits such as skin color or where one is from. Experts in ganging up and bullying and ostracizing easy targets. They have the most violent and disgusting level of discrimination in their minds. But they dress up like westerners nowadays and hide behind their coats and nice-guy looks and add to it the utopian colors, veils and drama from Bollywood. Then they go to every country around the globe, and act rude to the people there, and try to impose their own disgusting culture where ever they go. And the funniest thing, they are the first to cry against 'racial discrimination' against westerners! And they think very badly about black people, which is unbelievable and shocking to me given the history of India. Westerners may be racists to some level, but I think they are a lot less ...more

Whenever I see Americans talking of color based racism in their country, I wish people of my country would also talking on these 'cause color discrimination is obviously greater in India. No one will feel sorry for a white american guy for marrying a black girl but people around you will feel sorry for you for marrying a black person. And not just color discrimination but all kind of discrimination e.g., gender, caste, religion...pick any category and India tops that. Indians are biggest hypocrites, they always talk about morality and judge other people out of their cheap code of moral and for them, corruption is okay but a little kid caught of picking pocket should not be spared (not even handed over to police without blue beating), dowry is a norm here and people feel sorry for a baby daughter and visit BABAs and MOLVIs and pray to god (all gods) for a baby son. A hindu may anytime question the nationality of a muslim citizen here without seeing if even he do love his nation or not. ...more

You won't believe that the Indians are mad of fair skin, which they consider as something superior. Despite the fact that the ethnic appearance of an average Indian is dark, he/she doesn't acknowledge it. The North Indians hate the South Indians for being darker, and a dark South Indian hates his neighbor for being dark.

I'm from India, I was bought up with these disgusting views, that skin color determines how good or superior you are. I feel disgusted and teared even thinking back to how ignorant I used to be. I met my American love and then the exposure to outside world is what changed my views. I started seeing how racist I was and everything changed for me. I started seeing beauty in people of all colour. Black women, Black men, Asian, Latin, Indian, White, every race is beautiful and deserve basic respect as a human. I appeal to all my Indian brothers, sisters, please lets start changing our views. Our hate is not good for our society and progress, nor it is fair. It harms people. Please stop racism!

I am Indian by birth. Even our parents tought us to dislike people of other race, especially those who are black, dark skin, smelly low caste Indians, etc. So, I vote for India as most racist.

This is true, Indians are so racist, I encountered so many Indian racists and they always think they are superior to any race they are not humble...

India is a very bad country when it comes to respecting black people. I went there for a week to visit my friend and they treated me like garbage

India should be number 1. I live in India and I am an Indian. I always have a hard time at my school because of my dark skin. Students at my school bully me because of my skin color and teachers are racists as well. People are always running after white people, and making fairness creams. Honestly, I love India, but racism is the only issue that I think should be eliminated. Before that, I'd rather live in Pakistan.

Here is the problem with this list, EVERY COUNTRY IS RACIST. In my opinion all countries are equally racist. It is a natural human tendency to assume that your country/nationality/religion is the best and all others suck. Not that this is a good thing, but it happens everywhere pretty much equally, and even so most people aren't racist no mater where you go. Also, wouldn't saying that another country as a whole is racist be a bit discriminatory in itself?

I think India is the most racist country in the world. White people don't like to talk to dark skinned people. When dark skinned people walk past white ones, one can see the disgust in their eyes. Even in a family, dar skinned one's always are given the least importance. - Wreck_it_Shady

You really need to pay attention to your disgusting comment, you yourself are being racist. What disgust are you talking about, what you call disgust is what is called memories of the injustice done on us Indians by you white people. - AbhijeetHind

Even though it is known as a land flourishing of culture and harmony, India is one of the most racist countries in the world. Most of the people over there treat dark skinned people like servants, while worshiping white people. Also, there are those fair and white ads that tell you to be more white. Jesus Christ India, what happened.

India is a country where a person with a little dark colored is hated and he is bullied verbally. A Nation who don't bears a African black in their country. People who love to be white or to marry a white colored. Should be on umber 1 spot

The Country is Racist and everyone in it knows it.
It has a lot of diversity and racism comes from caste, creed, color, religion, sect, society and any and every small thing... !
It is a SHAME!

Racism is in India's blood & will always be. No matter what ever you do.. being an lower cast I've learned to live witb it, Sad but true.. :(

They worship White skin and money. Period.

India is the most racist country in the whole world.
I live in India. It is true that there are many castes within the country but it is also true that there are also sub-caste

No religious tolerance in this country. Even though most of the people in India are born they like fair skinned people. I think its funny lol.

They like to mix with whites. they don't like Asians especially the developing countries.

I am an Indian, I used to be proud of it but these people are always racist their are stupid. India is 100 percent racist

India should top this list by some margin.

They love to point fingers and always play victim. Australia is a specific target for these Indians and their media. They're always blowing things out of proportion and overreacting. If Australia was so racist as so many Indians make them out to be why do thousands and thousands move there every year? How many immigrants does India take? How many refugees does India take? Why do Indians treat Africans like dirt? India is the most racist and hypocritical country in the world.

The Caste System is one of the most disgusting things of any culture. It's a shame, India has so many great things about it's culture such as the language and music, and the caste system ruins it. If you are born a low cast, like a shudra or hopefully not an untouchable, you have the worst kind of discrimination, that's close to if not just as bad as the KKK. Inequality is disgusting as it is, but caste takes it to a whole other level.

I live in arunachal pradesh, a north-Eastern state of India. Last year our school took us for a tour in kolkata. We met many people while we went to different places in kolkata. It seems pretty funny that many people don't even know where is arunachal prafesh. They used to act like that we are aliens for them. Calling us Chinese, Nepali. Just because we look different doesn't mean we are different. And while our journey in train also we faced many difficulties. People giving us dirty looks. It wasn't really a great experience.

People are so judgmental here... there is innate racism towards caste color region religion etc