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Saudi Arabia, officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an Arab state in Western Asia (Middle east) constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula. The official Language is Arabic The capital city is Riyadh.


I am an American who arrived to Saudi Arabia almost a year ago. This is one of the funniest places on earth. Racism comes in all shapes in this country. They discriminate against people based on color, region, city, tribe, family, origins or nationality. We are not including that this is a male dominated society where women are nothing. They also claim to be the least racist and holiest place on earth.

I Born in Saudi Arabia and I can guarantee you that it is the worst nation not because of Islam.I am Muslim Also.They have a complex that they are superior then everyone.The law is non existent for Expat like me.I born here and I am 19 now the government don't give a single thing and the worst thing that they will charge you yearly if you don't transfer the sponsorship to saudi after 18 years of age.We can't buy a pickup truck or apply for cashier,data entry jobs and the list goes on and I am quite stuck here.I am thinking to relocate to other country but the government rules pressurize you with so many stuff that you will forget about that! If you are an Pakistani,Indian,or Bangali (Mostly they are the targets) they and you walking down the road they will beat and and the cops will put you in jail if you fight back they will deport you! You can't even file a complaint without Saudi and to get the saudi you have to pay money! I was walking down the road last month and a Cop just gave ...more

Last year, my uncle came and settled down in Saudi Arabia, hoping to find a job. Because he came from India, they didn't treat him like themselves. Just because you're not Arab doesn't mean that you get to be treated like outsiders. Not all are that racist: the people that he works with are very nice. Its just the government and I guess other people. They won't really let you own a property if you're not Arab.

I'm a Saudi citizen by birth and I have never meet a racist person in my life. My English teacher in the academy is british and he is non-muslim, I asked him about how he feels being here, he said that he is happy and treated nice. All people are treated equally here, no difference between white and black people. It's so sad that people are believing the lies from anti-arab and anti-islam media. - ImSulaiman

They have sexual relations with goats, donkeys and camels. It is a fact! Ironically they treat the animals better then their wives. This country is the root of all evil the most racist. They hate everyone!

They don't have sexual relation with goats, donkey and camels.

Yes they do treat animal good but not better than their wives. The religion does not have permit to show love in public

They are currently sentencing a teen for crimes against the government and punishing him with crucifixion.

How messed up can you get? The world should not associate with such scum!

I don't understand why media and major human rights organizations always turn a blind eye to this empire where servants usually from poor countries are beaten up and chained like animals

There are various videos that the Army has posted about them abusing goats for sexual pleasure. just Google it. It is no secret they have relations with animals and beat their wives. Anyone who says otherwise is lieing to themselves. Seriously, no idea why they like it but they do. there are countless videos depicting this inhuane animal behavior. The Saudi people are sick and depraved. Google it if you do not believe. Or just lie to yourself and sweep it under the rug like the rest of you sand dwellers do.

They are a embarrassment to the world. If it was not for their oil we would have built a wall around them and shut them out from the civilized population.

I'm from the KSA, and I admit that lots of us are racist. But for the stupid people out there, being Muslim is not a RACE, so why the hell are people complaining about our religion?!

And why don't people just stop generalizing?! Not every single person in the US, UK, or any other country is racist. Sheesh!

Saudis have sexual relations with goats? Haha this is the most childishly ignorant piece of information I've ever seen. I'm a foreigner living in Saudi, not once have I ever seen or heard a guy shagging a cow or a camel.
You haven't stepped a foot in the Middle East and you're making such big claims about one of its countries, your level of stupidity never cease to amaze me.


Some hateful people just trying to be famous.

A stain on the Muslim world - very racist society.

Worst place ever. I'm from London and have been verbually and physically abused in Saudi Arabia

Oh I didn't expect Saudi to be here I've been there and I'm Hindu and they all greet me and like me so

You can't even live a good life in this country, what's the point of life in Saudi Arabia anyway if you don't have any rights?

It amazes me seeing America and so many European countries on this list. Clearly many people live with an "ignorance is bliss" mentality.

Not just racist but arrogant too. Seriously disgusting attitude of the locals.

Without question, the most prejudiced place on earth.

Evil country, that is an ally of the illegal Israeli Terrorist/Racist state. Their country will one day return to just desert and all their racist Arab indigenous peoples will cease to exist.

How is The United States more racist than this hell hole of a country. - lannypetersong

Racism in Saudi Arabia must stop, they should start respecting people's heritages, nationalities and religion. Just because someone is homosexual, it doesn't mean that you have to get them executed! And Arabians also have to be more careful about what they say in public. P.S More women's rights and gay marriages

I think it is more religion and sexism in SA as opposed to Racism. from personal experience working there. They do not care that I am another color. They only care that am another religion.

Worst place I ever been for racism

Dispicable sexist and racist country. The worst of the worst by far that I have ever been to.

I have live here, and as a westerner, everyone will stare at you like you're crazy. They will avoid you simply because u aren't Muslim. Tourism isn't allowed in Saudi, the only reason Westerners ar there is because we are better educated in other countries so we can do better jobs and get paid a lot to do them.