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South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.


In this country foreigners are seen as people unable to understand Koreans and Korean culture simply because they are "different". Koreans see themselves pretty much as a unique folk with unique characteristics whereas in the same time they are still very ignorant about other cultures and races. International marriages, blacks in Korea, etc are still taboo topics in Korea. Whoever has lived here long enough would know it.

Koreans are ignorantly stupidly racists in general. They act pathetically insecure and inferior to Western/European nationalities while act extremely rudely superior and brutally discriminative to remaining races. It seems that the racism in Korea is originated from a combination of factors such as their cultural and historical insecurity, inferiority and most of all ignorance.

Some places were all right, like tourist places around Seoul, but one step out of that and people will make fun of you (especially if it's a group of them), and some old people just tell you to leave.

A really racist country, they hate the foreign people and especially the black people when they want to teach in S. Korea they didn't accept her because she was black there were news

If you're not Korean, you're not wanted there. Especially if you're of dark skin.

Very racists to people who have darker skin such as black people a very racist country

Why this country not in 3 or 4 place most racist countries?

Lol why is Korea this far down? Should be in the top 5

What! No way, South Korea is a great country, I was appalled when I saw the hate comments

They don't like black people. Haha this always happens. Most hated race of all.

Korean-only bars. Should be way higher than 96th. - peaceswagtv

Very Racist to all races except Korean.

Obviously they hate Japanese people

Because they like to copy other country like music, fashion and others but treat other people that's not Korean with no respect. hate South Korea the most! I never ever go to there. you thing you smart enough?!

So racist people. They look up to western and they feel like they have changed because of their plastic sugeries, so funny people with funny stupid faces with monolids. They're insecure of they're monolids so they undergo through ridiculous sugeries just to look normal and superior like the western people. Funny they look like they have down syndrome yet they look down on others with black toned skin.

Racist country by culture and the belittlement of countries that they consider poor. Especially when they bring the ''GDP'' stats, They will use the nation most notable resources and use it against them in a racist and stereotypical manner to prove how inferior they are.
Study made world wide puts South korea in the 30-39% of its Population intolerant against foreigners.

South Korea into believing the story that is not based on facts to the public, is to spread it to the world. It has been advertised as their own people are excellent best in the world. This is less friction, Koreans immediately a problem occurs and go to another country.
Los Angeles riots and the Virginia Tech shootings is the one example.

Blackface still broadcasted on T.V...won't hire if you're not white or asian and says so specifically.. thinks a lot of black people that go there are just from africa, need I say more?