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The United Kingdom (UK) is a sovereign state which consists of the political and economic union of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It was a member of the European Union (EU) from 1973 to 2016. ...read more.


You British are racially cancerous and permanently intolerant towards us Irish and non-whites. Your evil country, is forever finished. British people of British origin, never integrate with other ethnic groups, in our respective nations. The British will always be Cancer, Racists and Terrorists until their evil nation will eventually and permanently cease to exist, especially with their evil History of all the Crimes they committed against Ireland and non-white nations, over the last 800 years. They will never address and acknowledge their own Crimes and remain an endless Cancerous Hypocrite to Humanity.

The British remain a racist and terrorist enemy towards us Irish and the non-whites.

I'm black and have lived in I live in UK all my life and I have to say in terms of racism this is probably where I feel the safest in Europe and largely with the exception of Africa the world. Obviously you do get the odd racist but people are not inherently like that here, I would say that there is probably underline institutionalised racism but people are not out and out racists. However in this day and age the racism against Asian muslims is definitely growing because of terrorist attacks, and it's completely unfair.

I watch top gear and holy crap do they hate America.

Who cares if a country hates America? Other countries don't have organizations like the KKK. Nuke yourselves. - IMadeThisAccountJustToComment

We only hate america because america is always taking the piss out of Britain for made up reasons

I live in the UK and I think it's the most lovely country ever. I mean sure you get a few racist people but there is no perfect country. I live in London and it's full of multiculturalism and really nice people. Many people love diversity and we celebrate everyone's religion. In my opinion I wouldn't say the United Kingdom should be anywhere near the top ten!

The British Terrorists, need boots up their arses, permanently. Keep out of Syria and other countries, if you do not want any more immigrants and refugees flooding to your own country (they are not after your so-called Benefits, they are fleeing your Anglo-American-Jewish NATO Terrorism).

Please stop overthrowing Governments from other countries, who you do not like and do not threaten your own evil country and the Terrorist West.

In the UK, we are far from racist! We care about protecting people from other race's rights so much that people are scared to do innocent things and sing songs like "ba ba black sheep", just in case someone is offended. It has become more common for people of other races to use their race as a get out card or a way of benefiting positive discrimination, showing just how much protection there actually is in the UK in enforcing people of all races and backgrounds to be accepted into society!

I think London is a beautiful place that is quite multiracial. I am a teen who loves that place and think it is amazing

As a white British person married to an Arab, I have to say that the UK is the most racist country I have ever been to. My husband is insulted frequently and cannot get a job (even though we live in multi-cultural Manchester, he speaks 5 languages and has a degree! ) I never knew my own country could be so horrible, but I have witnessed it many times and am now completely embarrassed by it so we are moving to Spain at the earliest opportunity. I think this sort of racism has always been in the UK; I just wasn't exposed to it before.

Their hatred has grown over the last decade and they use social media to share their ill ideas. They hate Muslims ( being Muslim is not a race, it it a belief but they generalise " Muslims" as if all the Muslim are the same) Bulgarians, Romanians, Syrians and mildly the French. They think political correctness is rubbish.

I have gone there once and never again, I am from Bulgaria and I had the worst experience. First thing is, I have slightly darker skin from where I am. And everyone thought I was from India. I was called racial slurs. - Handmaster

Brits are selfish cynical hypocrites, they are kind officially but behind closed doors full of hate, they think they are better and deserve more than other people.

They are unable to speak something else than their own native language. When you have made thousands of kilometers and you migrate to them, if you are not a perfect English speaker they look at you as a kid E.T. But when you've learned English and start having talks with them you then understand how much they are stupid and not able to correctly pronounce a word in Arabic language. Hopefully jobs is there.

Both France and Britain were responsible for the drama in the Middle East and they brought slavery over to the Caribbean and North America.

Their racist/terrorist country, bombed the hell out of Iraq.

Iraq, was defending their country, from invading Anglo-American Terrorist pawns (for the Zionist Jewish Bilderberg Group (secret shadow Global Terrorist Government and hooked nose Jewish Warmongers in the City of London Bankers), who planned the Iraq War in 2002, as part of the so-called War on Terror/World War 3)).

Before the Iraq war, it did not have a Rothschild Central Bank, unfortunately it has and with it the death of over 3 million Iraqi's and permanent control of Iraq's Banks, permanent Debt and the loss of its Oil resources.

Iraq, never had any Weapons of Mass Destruction and was never a terrorist threat to the United Kingdom and or the United States (both controlled by Zionist's). Iraq, also refused to pay a portion of the USA's debt, through the sale of its Oil Resources.

The United Kingdom, United States of America and Israel, are racists and terrorist states.

I'm just glad this isn't first. But it's difficult know what the right and wrongs to say; innocent things we sometimes say can be taken as being racist. I once said that if we didn't have mass immigration in this country the subject of racism wouldn't occur. I was then promptly called a racist. I didn't mean any harm, but I watch what I say now. - Britgirl

"innocent things we sometimes say"? Don't act like britain doesn't have racists in it. - Co0lk1d25

There is no way that you can be racist as innocent. Also, there will ALWAYS be racism. - floridiancat

Wasn't the UK responsible for bringing slavery to the United States in the first place? Not to mention the British Carribean, where slavery was a MUCH bigger practice than in mainland North America, even in the South.

Hundreds of years of oppression. Nigeria, South Africa, Somalia, India, Pakistan were all oppressed by the UK. British people still think they're better than everyone else.

This country should be in the top ten, racist degenerates that hates people for no reason

I'd say we are pretty accepting of different races, as long as they're English. Many people just don't like immigrants and blame all the country's problems on them.

I am disappointed that we are only twelfth on this list. If advanced forms of racism were taught in schools then we could get higher up this list. But we will never be able to equal the levels of racism in India, China, Russia, USA or its Zionist occupation.

Yes, British People are not racist really! I had many British friends long time ago and they were all good and conservative. - JohnPierre88

I am a teen who lives and was bought up in London.

Holy hell I've seen a lot of racism recently. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Yes they are conservative racist

London is a very nice non racist country