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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


The States is not even close to being the #1 racist country. The fact that people are so aware of the race issues America faces is because the country is so hyper aware and tolerant of racial discussions. You'll know you're in a racist country when discussion about racism is brushed aside or squelched.

My vote is the people voting for the US area have either A) Never been there or B) Have never traveled outside of North/Central America. You want racism? Check out Asia where every sunscreen and moisturizer is whitened and the opinions on blacks is so backward you'd wish you were in the Jim Crow era. Where no one can be a citizen unless they are of a certain race. Where black is straight up worse than white. Where tanning is considered disgusting. Where you can't even own land unless you are a natural born citizen. Where every legal dispute between a native and a foreigner is ALWAYS found in favor of the native despite proof to the contrary.

You want historical racism? ...more

I am an American citizen by birth and I have never met any racist person in my entire life. I have friends that are Asian and Jewish and I don't care what they believe in or what race they are because they are my friends. Don't get me wrong, we have screwed up in the past a lot. We have killed and or displaced thousands of native Americans, enslaved countless Africans and detained all of our Japanese descended citizens in detainment camps just because we went to war with Japan. But more recently, since the civil rights movement, most Americans have become smarter and realized that we really aren't the best if we treat everyone else like trash. Racism still exists in America, but Only about 1% of Americans believes hat they're race is better than everyone else and discrimination will unfortunately always be around as long as people have different opinions. But we don't imprison blacks and whites in separate prisons anymore. We don't force blacks and whites to live in separate ...more

The quantity of racism might be the same everywhere. But the quality of racism in America is particularly grotesque. There is a reason why social media is littered with examples of Americans behaving badly. Germans might huddle together and ignore you. Brits might speak ill of you when you are not there. But Americans, uniquely, go out of their way to provoke violent confrontations in public. It is their way of asserting control over others. They will shove their racist beliefs in your face whether you are a citizen, resident, or tourist. And if you don't flatter them constantly and agree with their stereotyping, they will get aggressive. They will yell at you for not understanding their regional accent, dressing differently from them, listening to music they disapprove of, or having an unexpected response to scripted social interactions. They will also call the police on you for the most absurd and petty reasons: such as having a BBQ, using the pool, or even entering your own home.

I've lived in USA for 10 years and experienced regular racist attitudes and acts (stares, arrogance, insulting) towards me when I was in places with mostly white people. I don't go out often to these places as I feel uncomfortable, I know I would be more discriminated if I were an active and extrovert. But the most striking experience was witnessing racism towards people who look like me and live like me, and even more towards people of dark skin, immigrants who are not white and etc. Learning this from news and witnessing it in front of your eyes is terrifying. I wish other non-white and non-"christian" countries had the same attitude towards whites who live in or visit those countries.

The fact that Donald Trump is getting tons of support is proof enough.

Sadly I have to agree. I was born in America, and even though I can't imagine living anywhere else, unfortunately that might become a reality. I am also Muslim. Life has always been tough, being different, wearing a hijab, especially since I'm Somali. But recently it has gotten worse. A few months ago my family attended YMCA and this guy came in. As soon as he saw my brother shooting hoops, be got this disgusted look on his face. His basketball nearly hit my brother many times, and when he attempted to give him back his basketball after it landed near him, he accused him of trying to hurt his kids and demanded he be "thrown out with the trash." Living in a slightly more than average wealthier community unfortunately gives us the experience of living with such arrogant people. They think that if they have money, they have everything. And with the press not helping at all, our parents have been discussing moving to another country and even though I might miss life here I won't hesitate ...more

The USA never really healed after Civil War or Civil Rights Movement. World please note the USA failed horribly at multiculturalism, so don't mimic us. There is racism all over, including minorities that are racist against the white. The southern hatred for all culture outside super religious bigotry is spreading across the USA and starting to even work in liberal areas. After Trump won, we really see that the USA has a huge racism issue they have to tackle and we have seen hate crimes going up since 2015 and now after the election. USA is one of the most racist countries to live in, expect a few liberal cities or secular conservatives areas.

People say that only darker skinned people have to deal with racism here. Really, it is a struggle for everyone. I have European ancestry and people will call me names that I cannot type on here without someone getting triggered and reporting me. And I am only 11! I live in a more country like area! Not the hood!

On the other side, darker skinned people have to deal with a lot. Police officers here are always assuming that they will do something illegal. Why? Because their dark skinned. In my opinion, that is messed up and needs to get fixed.

Now it is not like people are throwing bombs because of someone's race/religion. I am just trying to say that in the U.S., sometimes you feel insecure because of your race/religion.

US is in my opinion the most racist country in the world. Most of them, doesn't matter if white, black, latin or Asian descendant, think they are the best and were there first. At the same time they forget all about the Native Americans, who lived in America for ages. Even in their prisons they have to separate the inmates by race, otherwise they gonna kill each other.

The police gun down the citizens they pledge to serve and protect on video with no justice for the fallen victims. And they are dispropotionately Black and Latino. Disproportionate educational and ecomic opportunities for minorities. Racial discrimination in employment. Intolerance and discrimination of Muslims. Systemic racist laws that target blacks and other racial minorities, resulting in incarceration rates that quadruple whites. I could go on but why... we all know America is not the land of the free or the home of the brave. This country was built of slave labor and is proud to be pro-gun! Doesn't sound free or brave.. It's all one big Jedi Mind Trick. The most racist place on earth. Even the liberals are racist here..

America is country with a history of racism. - egnomac

The states is pretty tolerant of almost any race. They let anyone come in as long as their willing to work or get a education.

Most people are just trying to live their lives without stepping on toes. It is a extremely multicultural country. No idea why it is even so high up on the list.

I bet most who vote for USA have never even been their. If they had they would have realized fast it is pretty friendly people.

I am white and grew up in the USA. I have become so disgusted with how we are and what we've done to the minorities in our country. I've been all over the world from China, to various countries in Europe to South America. Nothing compares to the USA. Israel is close though. Let's start with invading, YES INVADING NOT DISCOVERIN G.. t he country Native Indians lived in, out numbering them and killing most of them off with violence, guns and disease. Fast-forward to 2016..our government officials are spraying them with firehouses like we did African-Americans in the 60's marching for their right to vote, all on Thanksgiving to add more insult to injury over a treaty that whites violated. Next let's take a look at how whites abused and tortured African-Americans from slavey, to Jim-Crow laws (which are still in effect in many places) to the blatant and subtle prejudice and discrimination they experience daily. Whether it be the toxic cesspool of systemic racism in corporate America or ...more

America is pretty racist and I think it should be on the list, but I don't think it's the most racist. People probably voted for America because of experience, but there are countries that are WAY worse. South African government encourages white genocide. India treats dark skinned people like trash (even worse than America treats blacks).

Even though Barack Obama is African American president, white people still are against black people

This country is so screwed up really the midwest and the south is redneck as hell but honestly If I were a minority I would get back on a raft or boat and get out of there it is all about who has this who does that bad morals and concepts and that land of the free is a BIG LIE watch how quick you get dogged out when you don't agree with there messed ways or views almost everybody is stuck up and sugar coat and down play every situation Don't let me get started on the uncle Toms they are the worst completely brain washed and they can dish it out but can't take it so sensitive when it comes to constructive criticism - mountainhawk

I'm a student in the United States and I'm Asian. During school I hear some racial slurs coming out of children's mouths and is very uncomfortable some of them are, "do my eyes look like Asian now? Saying that asians have small eyes but that's not even true at all and there is even a sign in the school that says racial behavior is not allowed and the teachers do nothing about it they are so uneducated about racism it makes me so mad

As a Middle-Eastern teen, I feel alienated walking the streets of Dallas, Texas, I feel either ghosted, or have my complexion and language spat upon by every white "Human" through every corner of every street, be it a little girl or an adult male.

There's just no reasoning with how twisted some residents of my town are. Even when I try to prove I am a good non-Islamic Christian... they just wouldn't let words cross out of my lips.

But hey, you can't blame 'em, the media gave our people a bad name. Even when I personally despise terrorism.

Another interesting note to make here in America. When foreigners do come to America they tend to adopt white Americas ideology against blacks in an attempt to not be associated with them. This includes West, South, North and East Africans. Through media and other outlets - they paint black people as being savages and dangerous people. They paint pictures like black on black crime is 95% of blacks killing each other. It doesn't matter what country you go to that so-called race of people kill each other. They will put this on the news but will fail to show the world that in America 83% of whites are killed by other whites. Foreigners know the more you loose your culture and accept white Americans culture the more accepts you will get unless you are African or black in appearance. - truthseeking

America is extremely race obsessed and race oriented.

Non white will always be discriminated anywhere they want a white dominant country but I guess with all this immigrants they are feeling a little attacked. Many are nice but many can't still accept it. They say immigrants take their jobs but I feel sorry for those people because if someone with no education and does not Speak the language can take their jobs then I feel sorry for them.

America was the only country that refused to end slavery... It took a Civil War. Spain and England ended slavery without a war. Why was that? Maybe because the pilgrims who came to this country were some of the most intolerable people alive... They didn't escape from Europe... Europe threw them out!

If America were so racist, why does America have Blacks in some of the highest ranking positions in any industries? Why are do they specifically enjoy so many benefits and privileges which bring them up in society and life? Why do they represent 40% of the media/entertainment industry, yet only 10% of the actual population? AND that is all while committing 90% of the crime! Yes, America is racist against Whites.

The fact this country still has KKK organizations in plenty of states says a lot. The racism is not as close to as it was in the 20th century but now Donald Trump is president and ethnic minorities are still being treated like dog crap its hard to say any other country is as racist as this redneck filled nation.

Even if the world was attacked by aliens, Americans still wouldn't get that we're all the same. You can literaly feel the tension between the different ethnic groups there. Not just racism from white people towards black people. But just almost everybody there seems to have prejudice against people of a different race than themselves. Watching people there interact when they don't have the same ethnical background almost always feels like sitting in a small room with two people who just had a major argument. So uncomfortable and just sad.