Why are whites considered the only racist people?

I found this website by accident but was very intrigued by it. After reading the posts here, I am enraged!! I am a 32 year old white woman from Alabama. I will admit that there are some very racist white people in this state, but...and this is a BIG but, there are some very racist black people here too!!! I don't believe in using the "N" word. I have taught my children that this word is off limits. Not only is this a derrogative word used to describe blacks, but it makes the white people that use it sound ignorant.

I attended a public school and work in a medical facility where both blacks and whites work. I have seen and heard blacks screaming "racist", "it's because I'm black", and other such comments my whole life. They say these things when they feel like something didn't go their way. I then have seen those very same people treat blacks before whites regardless of where in line they were. I have seen them have "socials" where only blacks attended because it's for black people. I have been cursed and talked about behind my back for making a comment about "it happened because I'm white" while the very same people just said "because I'm black"!!

Come on people get real!! If you drive through communities where you don't see any white people, Did it ever occur to you it's because the blacks don't want them there? When a white cop stops a black person did you ever stop to think they are just doing their job? If the same thing happened to a white man when a black cop stopped him, whose to say it didn't happen because the black cop is racist? If the white lady refusing help and saying the "N" word (she shouldn't have used it) reacted that way because a black person robbed her, you wouldn't know she was reacting out of fear immediately she's racist. I say to all of you minorities blacks, Asians, Mexican, etc.... Who are you kidding? In every state there is bound to be at least one or more racist minority for every racist white person!!

Next time you open your mouth or type something about how racist the whites are, maybe you should ask yourself.....How racist am I?


Honestly We feel the same way here in TX. - visitor

I'm not calling you a racist, but some of your posts sounded like it, such as saying ALL of you minorities (and calling blacks a minority), and thinking that apparently thinking that they are ALL racist, that's just like another saying that ALL whites are racist. And I'm sorry, it wouldn't seem fair that a co-worker would single you out because your white, but you don't have to be just like that person (and it has nothing to do with skin color). Also, the part "it makes white people sound ignorant", it means that them calling somebody that to make them feel bad IS ignorant, and has nothing to do with their color of skin. - SliderRob31

yup - visitor

White people are rascist, face it, they don't feel comfortable or the same around us when walking into a store, and most if not all are just flat out fake! Hat or hood on or off, they automatically feel something might happen when we only came to get groceries, and dissapointing enough a lot of us are beyond educated and have never been incarcerated. Even though some may not have the assets a rich white family has and oppurtunities they have over us getting a job because being non white, I feel if i had a vagina, no pigment in my skin and blonde hairs with blu/or green eyes, I'd have more of a chance compared to being a brown naturally born african american male iam, that came from the same place they grew up, being here in Taxachusetts(Massachusetts) sucks, and I'm sick of it. - visitor

Because they feel something might happen, or because they're afraid of doing something that can be used as another excuse to call them racist, or doing something racist without realising it. - visitor

Blacks are actually the most racist people in the world. They are the epitome of butthurt. - visitor

Not all whites are racist, but most racist are white... Just the truth.. - visitor

You know it! - visitor

Do only racist people of all colors come to this site? My God will someone focus on how they or anyone can heal this rift or at the least do something or say something positive to help. If it weren't for the people touch by the racism from racist people no one would be racist... Hate begat hate - visitor

Totally agree with this. A black friend of mine actually told me he can't be racist. I mean seriously? - Danielsun182

Well me personally, I have never experience any racial slurs from anybody white or Latino, and I'm mixed race (half black, half white) and from North Carolina. However, I have experienced plenty of racism from black people, not all black people but some. I have friends of all races and love them dearly. I've been called everything from a "half breed" to "zebra" by those racist black people. Whoever says that black people can't be racist is dead wrong-anybody of any race can be a blubbering idiot! - visitor

Racism will always exist. Were all raised differently, with different views. What is racist to some is not racist to others. We are human. We all have to eat, we all have to breath in order to stay alive. Some may look differently, some may speak differently. But at the end of the day, we all need each other in order to survive, regardless of pigmentation. - visitor

I agree with this women. I live in Maine, I have been called WHITE TRASH, by people of other color more than I can count. And I brought my children up that the N word, the fa&**%&, Ki%$%^, Spi&* JE# and many others were swear words. But now I have had it. We have a lot of people here from Sudan when they get here Catholic Charities Of Maine give them 5.000 Cash a new van, 4 & 5 bedroom apts for 48.00 a month h & hot water included & for most all medical dentist eye DR's 600.00 food stamps. I never dreamed I would be writing anything like this ever! They only speak English when at DHS office or Housing. Now if were to move to another country I would want to learn the language it would make it easy for myself & the women are the worst they bump into and keep right on walking look you up & down. Laugh at you & talk in their native language. I am sick of it. I am a nurse who has busted my ass in the ER for over 35 years & when they come in I just start to ( HATE) my job, but I used to love my job. I was born & brought up in the USA so why do I feel like I am in another country? May God Bless All - cindy57

Everyone who is saying blacks are the most racist, ok have you ever stopped by a policemen for just being white? Nope. Have ever been racially profiled while shopping? Nope. I can go on and on. Ask your self who's the real racist here. I'm not a racist I believe there's good and bad in every race - visitor

Being stopped by a policeman or racially profiled while shopping isn't the definition of racism. - visitor

People who want to identify themselves as black, I have noticed, also like to fit into subclassifications and set rules for such. For example: "a real black man never shows emotions", "a real black woman has to have a big butt". It's funny that slavery has been over for some time but some African American culture can't seem to make itself free to have a skinny butt and show emotions if it wants... Is it because years of slavery have made it so that people can't free themselves? Or more deeply, are some of them still slaves to an uneven playing field in modern government? - visitor


THE SAME! - visitor

Tru. But people are usually racist because they've been brainwashed as kids, or because they're for example poor, so they want to be of 'higher rank' than somebody else, and then another 'race'(we're all the same race) is picked. - visitor

I've found the more intelligent or liberal someone is the less racist they are. However just to be clear intelligence and knowledge are two very different things. An idiot can get a college degree if he/she works hard enough. Voting liberal and thinking liberal are also two very different things. I've met plenty of democrats who vote democratic solely because it democratic. That isn't being a liberal. - visitor

Don't consider whites the only racists. I am a light skinned black person, get racist remarks from other minorities who think I get better treatment from the white folks. I love who I am, not going to make any apologies to idiots of any race. - visitor

Why: because you don't see other races walk down the street chanting white power do you? Whats kkk for.. black pant don't hear about them at all, latin kings nope nothing died out, but whos still chanting the racial slurs walking down my own street with police to protect them kkk dudes.. and you ask why are what? /// who started all this anyway oh yea slave trade was a never right... most whites are just as bad a hitler.. where does it say in the bible that man should be white..

In the bible man is man not white, black, Indian or anything man is man.. and oh yea I'm a mutt white black latin and chinese.. mom: black and Chinese, dad black and latin...

Anyone got somthing to say then say it. racist asses - visitor

What exactly are you saying. You do know that there is a difference between races and nationalities. If your mom is was born in China from black people then she is a black person from China. You say it like they are both races. What are you trying to say anyway are you taking up for this racist woman. - visitor

When have you ever heard black people scream black power. Black people try so hard to be other races but never want to be proud to be black. White people always call white people the n word and tell racist jokes but when we say something about white people then it's a problem. Whirs people hate to admit that they are racist. - visitor

You. Do know that by saying all whites are racist makes you racist, right? - Puga