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Alabama is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west.


Racism - Noun

The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

Now that that's out of the way let me start by saying I am not racist. I do not believe my race is superior. I am white and I have lived in Birmingham Alabama all of my life. Yes, racism is alive and well here. That being said when people mention the word racist here they believe that is the definition of a white person hating all black people. No where in the actual definition does it state anything about a specific race hating on another specific race. We have a decent amount of older white people who ARE racist against blacks.. Not all.. But a good many. Especially those who were around through segregation and before. However, ...more - Nicole514

I'm live in Alabama. Small town, in the middle of nowhere. The town is made up of maybe 500 to 2000 if you count the outer lining. It's pretty much made of two groups. Left side all white, nice houses. Right side all blacks, few houses mainly trailers. Whites don't really interact with the blacks unless it's a gas stations, football games, schools, or church. Not really racism, just more segregation. We do have the few white and black couples, but we just don't really hang out or talk to each other (meaning white black friendships not really exist)
There's no really you're not welcome here hill billy with no teeth marching around with a shotgun. It's basically, "Hey Jim, Hey Jerry, have a good day." That's about all you will get from a black white group of people talking, unless they grew up with each other and are friends or mortal enemies.

Now I'm not saying we don't have crazy whites and blacks saying racist stuff. But they usually live deep in the forest or ...more

I am a teenager from New York. I recently went to Alabama on an "exposure trip" to show kids from the northern states, that we are blessed to live in a culture where people of all races live together. I have to say, when I visited Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery, there were blaring differences between the different communities. I think that instead of just accusing or defending Alabama racist title, the people who live there should work hard to educate and forgive. Also, we learned a lot about the education system and how schools in the north are considered more "progressive" than schools in the south. Alabama should focus on educating their youth, because education is so empowering that it could reduce racist sentiment, and over time bring more wealth to Alabama. There, that is a solution for a newer, more equal America. Let's work on it.

I'm in Alabama right now as I write. My family is of Asian descent (specifically Filipino), and we're originally from San Francisco, California (an incredibly diverse place), vacationing in New Orleans. We drove to Alabama for a beach day at the Gulf Shores. We stopped by a Walmart to pick up some food for our beach picnic, and as soon as we walked in, I already felt really uncomfortable from all the stares and glares from the white families around us. My mom and grandma split up with us so they can grab a few things. When we met back up with them my mom told me that they were asking a Walmart employee where something was, and he rudely replied that he didn't know where it is and he refused to help them. The lady at the cashier didn't acknowledge us or say much. We left and got to our hotel, where the people in the lobby weren't very welcoming. When my family and I walked out of the hotel to walk to the beach, a group of white men (who were hooting & hollering at people, so they were ...more

I'm from California and have lived in different parts of Alabama off and on since 7th grade. I have never seen as much racism in one region of the U.S.A as I have seen here. I was a "white girl" coming from California and only wanted to hang out with "black" people because that was what I was used to in California. My high school in AL only had white and black people, no other races, and there were no biracial kids or couples either. The first time we got a biracial couple, the couple got harassed all the time. They were threatened on a daily basis. I actually went to high school, in a county, with one of the few segregated schools left in the state. I did not attend that school, but some of the kids that I went to trade school with did attend it. Everyday I had to hear someone call a black person the n-word. Even the teachers would say it. When you went to school events, black kids sat in their own groups and white kids in their own groups. I was one of the few ...more

By hating other races, you don have to be the majority to be racist. Latinos can be racist against whites, blacks, asians, etc. Blacks can be racist against latinos, whites, asians, etc. Same thing for white people and other races. - HiBye

This is a complex question but how can blacks be racist when we are not in a position of majority?

I am a fifteen year old white student that lives in Montgomery AL. I do not consider myself racist by any means, and my school contains many black students. I have many black friends and do not discriminate someone by the color of their skin. I grew up in a half black small town where if you are black you are a target and if you are latino you will be called "chico". I have friends who seem to be good people, but when a black person is mentioned it becomes n***** this and n***** that. I cannot stand the use of the n word and am hoping to move from AL to a northern state to avoid the hate. Also, in Al, some blacks hate whites like the KKK hates them. I am not allowed into a friends house when his father is home simply because of the color of my skin. Schools here are still the rebels and do not celebrate MLK day, instead they call it Robert E. Lee day. I also agree with the person who got 36 likes in that the state is still segregated.

I am educated, well spoken black male working in copier industry, in a job my manager ( who is the worst type of racist ( is ignorant to the fact that he is or just playing the role) don't think I should have. All of my customers treat me with respect which I have earned with my 25 years in the business.. my grief comes from the 4 walls that are the office that I report to... it's sad and heartbreaking to work in such an environment... but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger... its hard... they 'bitch' about Obama every chance they get ( and you are the only person of color in the room)...I am there to work I don't give a good ***damn about their political leanings... but I will have the last laugh...I have digital proof that my manager is a racist and that his #1 is a thief... let them keep pushing...I will show my hand.

I am a middle aged white man who loves the state of Alabama and whose family has been living here for many generations. I would be the first to agree that we have a lot of people who are openly racist. I think I am the only white man that admits he voted for Obama. Most of what I read on here is how blacks are discriminated against by white people and I'm sure they have reason to say what they have. I can tell you that without a doubt some of the most racist people I personally have been around are black people. They will tell you they hate all white people. So if you ever hear someone say black people can't be racist because they are a minority that could not be more wrong.

Alabama is a state that has failed to let go of the past. Blacks have not forgiven whites because they have not asked for forgiveness. Instead of embracing change, progress, and tolerance you have a white supremacists government (ALGOP) that uses all of its might to hold on to the past. Its a depressing place to live. Football trumps education, nobody wants to visit, the quality of entertainment is overshadowed by Atlanta and New Orleans, corporations are hesitant to locate here, college graduates leave for more progressive regions, and it is illegal to be Latin.

I am a current resident of Birmingham, AL and I must admit not everyone is racist, but it is a lot of ignorant people of all races here. I am a black female and I have friends of every nationality. The only people who I dislike are the simple minded people. My daughter was taught to love people for who they are, not to judge someone by the color of their skin. It is 2014, hopefully one day we will all wake up and realize that we all bleed red blood! If not, then life will continue to go on and those who remain to live with hate and envy within will continue to cause harm unto themselves. Alabama is no different from other states; ignorance is everywhere...

I am a Korean, American born from Long Beach, California. When I moved from western U.S. to the South it was so different. Lots of grass and trees and it was very cool winds outside. The environment of Alabama was beautiful, and delicious Southern food. But whats worst about Alabama is the people... Why? Because most of the black people keep bothering me of that I am Asian and what race I am, they thought I was Chinese, or Japanese, and they even try to communicate to me speaking languages from Asia horribly. They don't know that I speak English, just because the way I look. The people there are mostly scary, racist and always sassy like women do. In middle school every one would say the N word, which makes me wonder what that word means. Honestly when I first arrived to that state I never heard that word in my life. Black people are so racist which is kinda sad, and weird. They didn't want racism but they are being racist now today! For me riding the bus... the back of the bus was ...more

Alabama would be the number one racist state if it wasnt for the long jail sentences for hate crimes.

My fiance (who is African American) and myself (I am Persian) were driving from Ohio to WA, we had to drive through Alabama and I was so worried. I knew that Alabama was a racist state (I am Canadian and the fact that even we know this should be enough of a fact that Alabama needs to change). Anyways, we were stopped by a white cop, I decided to record the entire thing in case things got violent. He looked at the car with all of the stuff and dogs, he asked if we were moving to Alabama, we said no. He said it is illegal to drive on the left lane and that he would give us a warning. I think he was just glad that we weren't going to move there and wanted us out. On that note, we stopped at a gas station... I never have seen so many white people in one area. The gas station's bathroom was connected to the pub that was attached to the building. I got so many people glaring at me, I am a pretty gutsy person but I honestly was scared that they would start something. I have a temper so I ...more

Sorry you had that experience. Don't understand if you were traveling from Ohio to Washington how you end up in Alabama.

Not everyone in Alabama are racist. I have lived out here for almost 11 years most of my neighbors are African Americans. Who cares about race anymore? Seriously grow up before you judge and condemn Alabama because of of a few bad apples.

I worked for a police department in Alabama and found that racial profiling was part of policy in procedure.

Born and raised in Huntsville. Think the rocket city would be less racist? Think again. After ww2 my dad's side moved here as part of the space program. Their cats were gutted. My father was shot at with pellet guns and once set on fire just for being German. No joke. In the early 1990's while in high school I was nicknamed "Nazi" by some of the lesser educated. Funny how stupidity can be passed down from one redneck to the next, like a case of bad fleas.

I do not believe you, I grew up in Huntsville too, and the German rocket scientists were practically worshipped as heroes here. In fact they hoisted Werner von Braun up on their shoulders and paraded him around downtown during the Apollo missions.

Where I live in the state it is mainly segregation. At my school blacks mainly sit with blacks and whites with whites. It's not that I don't like colored people it's just how it is. Of course there are some white kids that think they are "cool" or "gang" if they sit with them. It's not that all blacks where I live act like this but it's the majority. This doesn't matter to me. I don't know why it matters to people who don't live here. We just like separation. They took segregation away from schools but it still exist in that way. Either way separation doesn't bother me.

I was born in the state of denial called Alabama. They are just plain haters, against blacks, Spanish, poor whites you name it. It's a seriously Fascist state. Not america. Should have been Occupied after the civil war. The wrong people are still in power. As always its about inequality.

I'm a white guy, and once was driving thru Alabama when I realized I had little gas left. I drove out at a gas station, went to the counter. There was a man behind the table, one other customer, a black, and myself. The other costumer was in before me, but the moment I went in, the man greeted me, and said: "Good day, how may I help you? " I replied that there was another customer, but he looked like he didn't noticed and refrained what he had said.

Went to an Alabama football game it was amazed that how the white people in the crowd cheered for their almost all black team. However, when things got rough, so did the langauge. They would yell and scream at these kids like they owned them. Lots of racial slurs!

My group of 5 friends (one of which was black) were driving to Florida for a trip. Passing through Alabama, we were stopped for speeding. The cop came up to the car with his flashlight, and was peering through the windows. It was all going fine until he spotted our black friend in the back seat. He immediately shined the light on him, and said, "Put your hands on the back of the headrest in front of you where I can see them". Realize he said this to no one else. As the cop wrote us a ticket our black friend was the ONLY one that was told to do this. His hands remained there until everything was done. It was pretty messed up. Luckily after the cops left we all had a sense of humor about it, and we're cracking jokes about how racist that encounter was. Mainly we referenced Dave Chappelles stand up. We were all from Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and WV. People are definitely more racist when you head into the southern part of the USA.

Here the police will harass you just for being black

White people who are police in shelby county throw almost 90 percent of African -Americans in jail, and 10 percent Hispanic. Yes, there are KKK members in Shelby County. Is that racist or what!

We were on our way to Miami Fl to a Church conference and we were stopped by redneck police and sherif in AL because we had too many luggage on top of our car. We had 4 for a family of five and we stayed on vacation for two weeks. We'll they searched all our luggage and our SUV entirely. I explained to them that my husband was a Pastor, they put him inside the cop car and I started praying my teenage son told me they can't search us without a warrant, I explained let's just cooperate as much as we can after 30 minutes they let us go. We are a American-Mexican and couldn't believe the injustice!

Alabama is racist in the corporate world with jobs and promotions and don't try to get a loan. You will definitely need to know how to pray when living in the south. Hold your head up and know who you are and you will make it.

I am a young white female, recently graduated and attending UA. My boyfriend is black and it is a shame how many people disapprove of our relationship. Mostly older white people, the only younger people who don't like it are the ones whose parents cultivated them to be that way. I have friends of many different races and the majority of my own family do not like my association with any other race.

I am Asian-American with Portuguese and White blood as well. When I had to land in Alabama once for a layover. I went to the coffee shop to buy a drink. When I brought my drink to the clerk, he said, "Sorry we're closed right now." Even when the people in front of me had just bought something and it was in the middle of the afternoon. So I just put my drink back in the case and walked away. Later I passed by the shop to go to the bathroom and of course I saw people buying stuff. It was only 7 minutes after I attempted to buy a drink.

The most racist city in Alabama is Birmingham. It is over 70% black and if a person is white, he had better watch out. Whites are hated in Birmingham, so it is extremely racist -- against whites. Up until I had to work out of there, I assumed that the racist card was no longer valid since I have not seen very little racist action against the blacks except in scattered spots. All-in-all, Alabama is a place where black and whites help each other except a few black radicals in private neighborhoods. We help love each other and ready to help in love and concern. The ones who voted Alabama as a racist state must be racist blacks or people who do not know anything about Alabama.