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Arkansas is a state located in the Southeastern region of the United States. Its name is of Siouan derivation, denoting the Quapaw Indians.


I'm sick of getting dirty looks because I say something about how the guy held the door for the white lady with full hands but let it slam in my face while I've also got full hands and smirking about it as he watches me struggle. Or lets not talk about how the guy at the register goes out of his way to not hand me my change but would rather slam it down on the counter instead of putting in into my open waiting hand! Or about how they talk about me at the casino and speculate I'm too stupid to understand the game and too broke to play it all while I'm sitting at the same blackjack table 2 seats away within clear and obvious earshot and listening to them and how the dealer (who is supposed to be working by the way) is laughing it up with them! I don't have to deal with this in most other states. Racism is rampant here...

Also I came here from Kentucky, and it's not NEARLY AS BAD AS HERE

I'm Asian and lived in the state over five years for attending to a college. I have been so many places in the Unites States and have a lot of acquaintances and friends from over the world.
Arkansas is the most racist states. If you are non-white American, non Christian, or non conservative person. Please don't live in the place. Just visiting the place is no problem because there are a lot of beautiful places and southern hospitality are exist.
On the surface level, they are nice to other people, but when a legal trouble or a local community get involved, nobody help for non-white people because they are afraid of their community if they knew how associate with non-white people. I have had a lot of discrimination. In addition, even local people who used to be nice to you, they start to act stranger.
Behind the Christianity, there are a lot of dirty things going on. They use Christianity.
I am so happy to get out of the depressed place truly.

I was born and raised in Springdale Arkansas I did not go to school with any black people history said there was a sign at the edge of town telling black people not to be caught after dark my father's side of the family what I called real Hillbillies my great-great-grandfather was a preacher on the Illinois River family history says he invited people in for dinner and fed anybody that needed fed my great-grandmother was my main babysitter when I was very small my brother and I would get into brotherly fights my grandmother would tell you just don't do that to people she also took me to Sunday school and I remember the song Jesus Loves All the Little Children red yellow black and white they are precious in His sight this stuck with me when we would go to her house in Fayetteville there would be black kids across the street playing ball or whatever I had the Curiosity to not be racist or judgemental they seem to be just like me only of another color After High School I moved to Texas to ...more

Racism in Arkansas is not just against blacks - it's against all non-whites. I'm a native American women that lives in NW Arkansas and everywhere I go people assume that I'm hispanic and can't speak English. Another thing that drives me absolutely crazy is all the white families that think adopting a child of another race is something to do to fit in with Jone's; I realize not all those that adopt a foreign or black child are doing so for this purpose. It's just sad to see so many racist and ethnically uneducated people in one small area.

I am Hispanic and lived in the Northeast. We moved to Arkansas due to my husband's job. It was a really bad experience. The people will all say they are Christian but most are hateful hypocrites. They don't like people of different ethnic groups and they will not accept you if you come from the Northeast or other parts of the country. Some people were downright hostile when I'd go for job interviews. I can say that although there are some racists in the Northeast, it's much worse in Arkansas particularly if you are not from the area. At least minorities can get good jobs in the NE if they are qualified and good workers. In Arkansas, it was all about where you come from and nepotism. They also discriminate against children in the schools and sports teams, so parents beware!

I moved from Massachusetts to Arkansas due to my husband's job and it was the worst 7 years of my life - mainly because of the blatant discrimination against my daughter who was 12 at the time. I am Hispanic and she is half Hispanic. Although she'd always been a favorite back home with sports and had many accolades, the coaches repeatedly undermined her self- confidence and mistreated her. At first we thought is was "bad luck" but it happened too many times. The teachers were also racist and often made racist comments against certain children right in the classroom. When I complained the the vice principal, he told me to tell my daughter to "toughen up". They are not only prejudice against all non-whites, most of them hate anyone who is from the Northeast. If you are not white and Southern (or at least from a neighboring Mid-western state), you will have trouble getting a job, having friends and your kids will be constantly undermined and mistreated.

Well I tell you what?! Me being a black male, I lived in fayetteville arkansas. Almost 20 minuted from the damn KKK headquarters that is harisson. They are pretenders and they grin and hide their hate but they will get you. I hope they die and rot in hell

Here it is 2015. I live in Fayetteville and the KKK is very well represented here. They are ordinary folks in everyday roles who don't necessarily advertise ( unless challenged with "change") but don't try to hide either. Harrison, Fort Smith, and Huntsville have higher involvement in their areas.

People think that Fayetteville is a progressive city - well, it is compared to the rest of Arkansas. There is a lot of money here, college town, and nice, affordable places to live. But with all the recent migrations to this area from the aforementioned areas and places in Podunk City, Texas; you are getting a u-turn back to the ole south. I have held jobs and been a student at the University where people in high places have expressed racial bigotry and openly. I as well as others have been openly discriminated against when trying to get help from college professors at an alarming rate. I've been repeatedly harassed by people for no apparent reason other than being black in ...more - nwaexpat

I live in Arkansas, I am white and I can tell you without a doubt that we belong here in the top ten. It really is sad because just like everywhere else there are good people who are not racist bigot Donald Trump supporters. But if you can find one of them out of 100 people you will meet when you come here you got lucky. Like needle in a haystack kind of lucky. Peace

I moved here from Delaware, I grew up with all races... These people in Arkansas are beyond racist... I hear the N word daily... It floors me how comfortable people are with saying whatever they want. I hate ignorance & I am looking forward to moving out of Arkansas

I'm Japanese and me and my wife live in Texarkana Arkansas,
It seems pretty judgmental here and slot of racial assumsion.
I'm not from here and I never seen anything like it and any other states I have been. I have had someone ask me if I was black or biracial. It's people never seen a Asian person before. It's kinda strange I never had this problem with Oklahoma they would think I was native-American Indian. I going back home my wife hate it here to everything so racial I texarkana Arkansas.

We lived in Conway, Arkansas. For about a year. My dad was white and my mom was half Japanese. People were constantly mistaking my mother for being Mexican. And the liquor store we went to, the employees would talk to my father, but just stare at my mom. - LotusFlower

I grew up there. I don't even go visit anymore due to my family constantly discriminating against minorities and homosexuals.when I asked them to stop in front of my daughter I haven't been treated the same since. Even my grandma told me that I was going to burn in hell and that my own daughter is going to hate me when she gets older because I'm just a hateful person. I remember my cousins going and jumping people in high school because they were black. I remember there being a fight that contained most of the middle and high school the same day that was solely over race. After 5 years in the army and getting away from that place there is no way I will ever move back.

I've lived in Arkansas my whole life. I live in a town called Morrilton and I am going to be a junior in high school after this summer. I've always played football and basketball with black people and I consider them my equal in every way. I am a football player. Every season we play Harrison. We get into a fight every time we go there because of the intense racism against our players. (by the way I'm white) its terrible there

One half of my kindred, who are "white" and have lived in Arkansas since the early 1900s, disowned my mother because she fell in love with, and married, a black man; and they disowned my grandmother as well, because she chose her daughter over hatred. I've not actually been to Arkansas, but I know that is where racist people who are "white" disown their own family members over this idea called "race."

Arkansas is BY FAR the most racist state. Mississippi is a close second. I live in Memphis, but my family and I rented a nice cabin in the Ozarks, and it was a great experience, except for all the confederate flags and the 2 SEPARATE MEN who came up to my family and said "If you see any n******* come and tell me and I'll come get them." What the HELL is that, Arkansas?

Any state that jumps from a 9% to a 19% republican majority in an election involving a black man when virtually every other red state (other than Louisiana) narrowed significantly is blatantly racist.

Are you suggesting people who do not vote for a black president must be racist? Are you pulling the race card? - criminaljustice1977

I live in Arkansas and it is a really racist state, it's more of a "very" separate but not equal state, blacks and whites are not only divided within the insides of towns, but the Whole Northern part of Arkansas is like 95% white

I live in searcy, Arkansas and GET THIS! It's NOT a racist state. It's a very small state with a small population. So it really isn't common to see Mexicans or Asians. And plus, we don't always react like it's a really BIG DEAL. I used to be friends with a Russian girl named Sophie. She was a really nice girl and I was curious not confused like you say Arkansans are when that see someone from a different culture. And there are MANY black people here as well. About 99.9 percent of the people I know NEVER and I mean NEVER made a big deal about it! In Arkansas people are very nice and friendly. And there are racist people in Arkansas. But not everyone.

Searcy is just more accepting to diversity because of Harding. If it wasn't for Harding then it would be the same as other places.

Likes seriously if you aren't white then you are not human. I'm black and still in school but even though I am a teen all the rednecks stare at me

I love Arkansas. I really do. But Arkansas does have some racists in it. For one, the KKK headquarters is in Harrison, Arkansas. Two, there is a KKK radio station in Harrison. Three, If you live in Harrison and have most of your life, you most likely have not seen a black person. I do not live in Harrison, but my mom did for a period of time and didn't see them much.

Isn't calling everyone that lives in Arkansas racist, or hillbillies stereotypical?

I grew up in Arkansas, and I'm surprised that it's not further up on the list than #6 right now. There were hick towns that I visited in high school with my basketball team, and our coaches had to escort the black players out of the school gyms as soon as the game was over, especially if we won, because the white parents, students and faculty would yell racial slurs at us and threaten us. And this was in the 2000s, not some far off decade. This was when Jena 6 happened.

Headquarters of the K, Arkansas is a proudly racist state where the black to white citizen ratio is so skewed it's racism will never be fully recognized. There just aren't enough minorities to have a voice about it. The whites don't even know how racist they are. To them, they are just normal.

Arkansas target Hispanic truck drivers for inspections and drug intervention checks at such a high rate over white drivers. That's why there safety scores are so much higher and they lose work and white truckers get ´╗┐the work.

I've lived in Arkansas for about five years now and I hate it. The people are horrible and I can't stand the climate. I'm original from Montana and people are so much nicer up north. I'm a true northerner and I can't wait to go home.

Go to Harrison Arkansas should be number one. I been there and it's said racist plays and I'm white.