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San Francisco is the worst. It is similar to living in French Canada mostly Jews who manipulate, tell untruths about a black person even though she or he will possess a four-year university degree.

The United States is merely the "United States" not a United People. These American residents are extremely afraid of me but I am not afraid of them because I know who they are: the children of slave traders. I simply feel compassion for their soles and lack of intelligence.

What can I say to a group of people who are brainwashing the world through the media: radio, cable television, Internet, etc. To hate others without hesitation.

I'm from the South, and California is still the most racist place I've ever been. The South has a bad past to live down, but it's integrated and we live and work together and we share a culture. Racism is dying here. The races are more separated in Los Angeles than any other place I've seen. Everyone I saw working was Latino, and the white people all just seemed to be wandering around shopping or eating. I saw almost no blacks at all and was told that they stay in their "own areas." There was very little interaction, and a big discrepancy among who was working what kind of job. I know the South has a bad reputation, but I've never seen that kind of separation down here.

San Diego is sick. Very blatantly prejudiced. But funny how the city is full of wrinkled, low class, drugged out whites who is jealous of black that looks decent and has more money than they do.

I was born and raised in Florida but have now lived in California (Bay Area) for most of my life. I still have family in my home state and visit there so I see the current environments and attitudes in both places. I will take California any day of the week over the extreme, withe-spread racism in Florida. Yes, there is prejudice in California, but nowhere near what it is in the South.

I am a black female and reside in LA. Its not that bad in LA because it's so diverse, but I happen to go to school in the Palisades, which is like the richest part of LA and there have been reports of hate crime in my school. Although its predominantly white and most families are republicans, not many are outright racists. Some express their racist thoughts behind closed doors and there are a few ignorant, zero filtered racists here and there but most people have enough common sense to know not discriminate. One of the best things about LA though is that if anyone is outright racist, both black and white will defend you. But on the flip side I do notice white hate at my school. I always hear black people claim about how much they hate white people among themselves, but still treat them equally. I don't know if its just in LA but white people here really seem to want to associate themselves with black people, which can me interpreted in many ways but I'd like to believe that they are ...more

California is EXTREMELY racist. Just because people act in such ways with a smile, others think it's not racist here. Me being a black woman, especially see it. There are a lot of hate crimes out here as well, mainly the Hispanics/Mexicans out here targeting the innocent black people. Google Cheryl Green and read her story. That poor little innocent girl is just one example. If you are black, with little to no money, this is not a place for you. It's very expensive to live out here, and even if you are educated and find a half way decent job, you will probably be paid less, and guess what? You will have a hard time finding a place to live, even in the gutters of LA. You don't want to be stuck on section 8, or receiving subsidized housing, living with these violent, dishonest latino/Latinas out here.

These gang members will kill their own people, while all of us are under attack. Blacks out here are very self-hating, and no good to even associate with.

To be honest, the ...more

It is very racist in San Diego, even though I have degrees and certifications it remains very difficult for me to obtain suitable employment. It is no secret that most medical jobs here in San Diego ask for those who are bilingual which is almost always those who are not black. It is a shame that you cannot live in certain places in San Diego either, I have tried to live here but it is very hard if you want to make progress in your life. I am not a racist individual, I hope that people will someday re-frame from their fears about blacks doing as good or better than themselves in life.P.S. I hate San Diego California with a passion.

Racism is not dead in America. It is growing, alive and well. It is subtle, however, but that does not mean it does not exist. Sometimes, I think at least a "lower level" racist is direct and so no guessing there. It's the charming, smiling, two-faced racists (especially in Corporate America) that we all have to worry about. He will smile, shake your hand, and then bury you professionally, just because you are not White.

There has been a few race wars brown on black, black on black, cop on brown and black, and etc. I have a great career here in Los Angeles, California, but this city is over-crowded, over-priced, and a very high crime rate. Once I leave this job, get laid-off, or retire - I'm out of here. I work for a major movie/T.V. studio that's been around since the early 40's and I'm the first black to work in corporate finance. Very, very, few blacks are hired for the nice better paying jobs. I may write a book on the racism I've dealt with here in Los Angeles, California. I'm sick of any racism from all races: Black, White, Asian, and Mexicans. I't just ridicules. I've looked towards Texas and Georgia, but it looks and sound as bad as what I see here.

California, is very racist or most states. Just follow the zip codes people. California like most states, it is just pure economics, the money you make and where you are suppose to live. See people understand, you reap what you so if you practice, racism as a country, it will be your ruin. Jim Crow laws are alive, and well. But let me say this, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Middle Eastern people we come in all colors. So White america is disappearing anyway. This is from the U.S. census 2013 check yourself
More white people died in the U.S. last year than were born, a surprising slump coming more than a decade before the census predicts that the ranks of white Americans will drop with every passing year!

In closing, San diego is very racist, they just hide it. These cities do the math your self, Fall brook home of head of skin heads tom metzger, east of that is santee I mean klantee, these areas are 90 percent white, La Jolla of located in san diego 100 percent racist areas. So ...more

The only place I have ever worked where I was let go because I did not learn product knowledge for a complex financial product for a sales position in 1 day. California is racist. They are liberal with regard to lesbian/gay issues but NOT at all in regard to race issues. They usurp the benefits of the civil rights struggle for their agenda.

I don't know about the rest of the state but Porterville is EXTREMELY RACIST. I lived there for 5 years and I might have seen 3 interracial couples. The whites are extremely critical of latinos and vice versa, my roommate who was from El Salvador was driving home and he had to stop and take a call near where we lived and the neighbor came out of the house and yelled "ya better keep going n***er". Visalia and Exeter are worse, I've come across at least 50 right wing racists the times I went to Visalia, and one of my friends (a Mexican) got pulled over in Exeter and given an outrageous ticket for going 1mph over the speed limit. And personally I'm white and people were constantly accusing me of racism. In that area its basically all races hating eachother and its sad.

Some parts of California are racist but its mainly the police who are the racist oppressors. But also I live in bakersfield California it's the most racist city in California.

Racism is very prevalent in California. It is not the overt racism, but the more insidious covert form. Do not pay attention to the liberal rhetoric that people may preach in California, but pay attention to the way they behave. Where do they live? How many minority friends do they have? Who have they dated in the past?

California is so racist it's not even funny. The Mexicans are aggressive to the whites, the blacks are aggressive to both, and the Asians only interact with themselves. It's a huge knot of tension

As a minority, strait forward racism is easier to deal with than the people that hide it, or people with fixed expectations. Politicians use race to divide people into conflicting groups. With political propaganda this has spread across the country setting racial relations back 40 years.

California is known as the passive aggressive racist state if there ever is one. Everyone ignores everyone who is not their own race. It then becomes a bit more complex when minorities make it big, not all of them but a lot of them. Will only talk to whites, because they feel like things will work to their advantage if they mingle with the white folks. White cops are the worst here, I've been discriminated to hell every time I'm pulled over. I've even had a white motorcyclist ram into my rear bumper on the freeway. The cop was white and the motorcyclist was also white. I'm sure you can image what happened here.

California is racist, not in your face, it's more hidden though. Los Angeles and San Diego are heavily segregated racially and socio economically. Racial tensions are very high in some parts of the state, Hispanics are racist against Blacks and Whites, Whites are racist against blacks, Asians are racist against Hispanics, etc. This may be a liberal utopia to outsiders, but for those of us who actually live here, we know about the racial situation. Most of us won't talk about it openly of course, when you live in such a diverse place you have to keep your negative views about other races hidden behind closed doors with family or friends.

I've felt more racism in California than any of the top ten. I've lived in several of them.

Born and raised in Cali. Lived in San Francisco, East Palo Alto, Santa Monica and presently living in San Jose. Racism does exist in less vocal terms as what is happening in the southern states. Black folks and Hispanics living in there segregated areas, White's in the suburbs along with the Asians. It seems that the Asians feel discriminated by the white establishment, yet in turn they talk "crap" against the Blacks and Latinos like they are better than them..

Especially San Diego county the Mexicans hates black men and kill them every three years in Escondido ca or stab them there. Nobody stops them from killing black men in Escondido ca every three years don't believe me type up gangs killing black men in San Diego county nobody cares about us blacks out here their murdering us it's a hush hush business.

California is very racist. Confederate flag waving Rednecks in the interior. Neo-Nazi Gustapo police in many of the cities. And pure contempt coming from many of recent immigrants towards blacks and Mexican. I black have multiple degrees, make good money but am still treated like I just crawled out from under a rock.

Racism in California is very apparent. It's more of a passive aggressive racism add opposed to the blatant, in your face racism that seems to exist in other states based on other people's comments.

I believe CA. is the most diverse in culture stemming from just about the whole world. Everyone and his brother wants to live here, I was born and raised here and it's a never ending cycle of new families with rich heritage being beat down from hatred, because that's what people do when they're uneducated, they only know what they're taught, hate, and loving just takes too much time to learn. So... there's my two and half cents.

Too me California is still the racist state not only is the government racist but the courts are so racist that they don't function the judges and clerk interfere with cases the police use drug on people to make think that committed a crime